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OctoMom -- We've Seen the Birth Tape!!!

3/10/2009 8:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

octomomOctoMom Nadya Suleman hedged today when Dr. Phil asked her if the videotape of the births had ever been for sale -- "not certain," she said. Well, we're here to tell you it was for sale, because we saw it ... and we were asked to make an offer.

Harvey Levin saw the tape last Thursday. It's edited, but shows the births. Nadya told Dr. Phil the person who shot it was a close friend. When you see the video, it's clear the friend was annoying the doctors and nurses by getting in the way.

The agency that was brokering the deal told TMZ it was showing the video to various media outlets and would accept bids, but the agency put a temporary hold on the deal on Friday.

Let's put it this way. We've seen enough births now to last us 'tll 2011.


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well she needs to read this book called monster within the family
you can get this book at amazon or borders or bn or gointo your local bookstore and order it.

1990 days ago

Just wondering...    

Okay, so I'm against this woman too. This is just a classic example of someone abusing the welfare syatem. Plus, where is her mom gonna live? Cuz her new house is too small. Anyways, I saw a comment that said she should kill herself. Okay, thats over the line. She's still a mother and someones daughter. Her children love her. Please, even if you're joking, don't say things like that. I almost lost my best friend due to suicide. It's not a joking subject and no one should tell someone else to go kill themselves.

1990 days ago


At what point does this become illegal child exploitation, Harvey??

1990 days ago

idaho potato    

This woman is very nice and she fired her 'representative' who was acting in HIS own best interest. Now he's going around bad mouthing her. If you hear her speak and not get info from gossip sites, like this one, then you would not judge her so harshly. Everything is going to be OK. Everyone take a chill pill. It's easy to throw stones when you've never talked to her. Give her a chance as you all would want others to give you.

The parents on "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" pimped out their kids and are profiting very (VERY) well off of them and nary a bad word (or stone) is thrown at them.

1990 days ago


87% of you claim that you wont watch this video? YEAH RIGHT! You all KNOW if TMZ put this video up you would watch it. At least tell the truth!

1990 days ago


Keepsendingherdonationsucker: actually, pigs are highly intelligent, & very clean. Kind of cute. She is an amoeba, lowest form of life.DNA gone awry. She is a mutant. A highly plasticised mutant. Proof that money cannot gaurantee beauty. Brains weren't an option.Brain transplants not an option at this time. Not even for taxpayers money. So Nadya will have to settle for being a brainless piece of plastic............the only part of her stretching, , being her bank vault...her uterus........well worn by now., like a useless old tit. Keep posting................I support you fully.

1990 days ago


I have had 2 C Sections; NO WAY would I want to have had them taped. I have also had 2 'regular' births. AGAIN< NO WAY would I have wanted to have those taped, either.. Ugh.. It is disgusting that she would want to try to sell that tape. ... I wonder about her mental stability...

1990 days ago


To No. 69: John and Kate can't be compared to Octomom. John and Kate are a MARRIED COUPLE; Octomom is a single woman.. I enjoy John and Kate's shows... They know how to discipline their children. I wonder about Octomom..

1990 days ago




1990 days ago

idaho potato    

She's not selling anything! RELAX! TMZ says it so it's true? Ha... HA, HA, HA. She's really very sweet, caring, and trying to do the right thing for the children. Good will come of it all. Stop being such bores.

1990 days ago


Idaho Potato. I have heard her speak, several times. She is full of sh-t. . You are such a potato head.

1990 days ago


OMG - TMZ - can you just drop this story all ready!!! SO WHAT?!?!?!?

1990 days ago

spare me!    

It's times like this that I thank god for the fact that I don't own a television! There's not even the slightest chance that I might accidentally switch to any program showing this footage!

1990 days ago


At first, she mad me livid. What a selfish decision.

But, having seen her on Doc Phil (yes, I watched...embarrassing), I think I believe she wants the best for those kids. Probably a fabulous woman and mother, maybe better suited to be a foster parent...but with the absolute best of intentions.

I'm about to move from Canada to the Bahamas. And in both countries I've seen so many children in need that I can't bear the thought of bringing children into the world without proper care....but there are more abused children than most want to admit. Instead of turning a blind eye, remember, she WANTS these children, and loves them...however misguided her reasoning.

1990 days ago

idaho potato    

Regarding #72: I don't care if there are two parents or one parent, Jon and Kate are making big, big, (BIG) money off their eight children. They've also received hundreds of thousands dollars from people who want to help them, not call them names and belittle theim. Jon and Kate made so much money from selling the lives of their kids and from donations that they bought a hugh new home, cars, etc. etc. etc. No one calls Kate a b**** after she gets twice-weekly manicures along with daily trims or weekly haircuts and color. Kate had six fertilized eggs implanted with the hope of getting one baby, but all six took. Nadya had six fertized eggs implanted in the hopes of getting one baby, but all six took and two twined.

So, let me get this right, two parents = angels and one parent equals sh*t?

Don't wonder anymore about Nadya. I've seen nothing but love for her children demonstrated. Nadya and her children will get love and neighborly support from others, not you. If you're not going to help, move to the side. You're blocking my compassion.

1990 days ago
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