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OctoMom -- We've Seen the Birth Tape!!!

3/10/2009 8:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

octomomOctoMom Nadya Suleman hedged today when Dr. Phil asked her if the videotape of the births had ever been for sale -- "not certain," she said. Well, we're here to tell you it was for sale, because we saw it ... and we were asked to make an offer.

Harvey Levin saw the tape last Thursday. It's edited, but shows the births. Nadya told Dr. Phil the person who shot it was a close friend. When you see the video, it's clear the friend was annoying the doctors and nurses by getting in the way.

The agency that was brokering the deal told TMZ it was showing the video to various media outlets and would accept bids, but the agency put a temporary hold on the deal on Friday.

Let's put it this way. We've seen enough births now to last us 'tll 2011.


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And people annoyed that she's living in that house off of donations, wake up. She got paid by outlets like Radar, Dr. Phil, CBS morningshow, etc., the money went to her dad, her dad bought her the house and she walked away from 3 mil in hospital bills because she has "no income." Not to mention all the student loans, the payments from SSI that she got for her "bad back" -- I have to laugh every time she picks up her 50 pound 5 year old. She's a deadbeat and a fraud and when the initial interest in her dies down, I wonder what this loser will do for money.

OJ simpson would be so proud of this lady.

2017 days ago


This story makes me sick as does the "Mom". She is playing the system and is playing Dr. Phil like a fiddle. She doesn't even make any sense when she speaks! I have watched his show for many years, but have lost all respect for him and his judgement. He's begging for her. A woman who is enjoying every minute of this publicity. I feel sorry for these babies....but there are "MANY" babies who need help....many people who have played by the rules, who have lost everything and living on the streets, under bridges.......when is Dr. Phil going to help these children. We're being ask to help a woman who is ungrateful, who has NO judgement and is obviously sick. Before this is over she will be filthy rich and those kids will grow up to be just as dysfuntional as she is. Her self centered self is just where she WANTS to be.........wonder what part of her body she'll have plastic surgery on next.???

2015 days ago

Mob Justice    

The reality is that her children would fare much better if someone would just KILL HER!!! That way, all of the money she has received will go directly to the kids and won't be wasted on jacuzzis for her bedroom and other things that SHE DOES NOT DESERVE!!! She is a despicable person and deserves the wrath of an angry society. I live close enough to her that it is possible I will see her in public. I have promised myself that if it happens not only will I spit in her face, but also knock her out with a single punch and wait for the authorities to arrive with one big happy grin on my face! Legal fees you ask? I'll just set up a website like her! I have a feeling that many more people would be sympathetic to my cause versus her selfish narcissism and exploitation of her children for profit. I'll say this one more time, I hope someone kills this stupid bitch!

1977 days ago
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