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OctoMom -- I'm Only Partially For Sale

3/10/2009 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman might make a film debut -- but it won't be for a porno.

OctoMom: Click to watch
OctoMom did an interview with Dr. Phil where she addressed both her sex tape offer and her birth tape being shopped around, and while she shot down the porn and its counteroffer, she wasn't as clear about the other.

As TMZ first reported, the birth tape is DEFINITELY being shopped.


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baseball bat..........................her face

2016 days ago

love it!    

She is so irritating, I don't get why Dr.Phil is doing anything for her, or having her on his show. He's just as irritating as she is and they should both disappear!

2016 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Who cares about watching her stupid birth tape? What is the interest in that? I don't get it.

2016 days ago


Disgusting. Take all those kids away and give them to couples would love to have children but can't have them!

2016 days ago


I can't believe he is hawking for her.It was so obvious on his show that she is a liar.He asked her about the a reality show and she said "oh,no",then realizing it may come out that she is shopping for one she said "It would depend on how it was done",and she repeatedly says she will consult her older children about certain things-who in the world asks a 7,5 and 4 year old what to do? Dr.Phil has lost all credibility with me and he seems to be drinking some Nadya cool-aid.

2016 days ago


Shut her....and Dr. Phil the "f" up!!! Piece of media trash. Crawl back underneath your rock Nadya.

2016 days ago


The new house is STILL TO SMALL

2600 sq ft. for 14 rug rats, several adults at least and the nursing brigade..

2016 days ago


leave her alone and comment on your own lives.. don't judge, it's not nice and there is always karma to make sure you are nice

2016 days ago

Slug Lips    

Please...for the love of Pete....somebody find a deranged chimp to gnaw those foul lips off!!

2016 days ago


My GOD! This abomanation had enough nerve to say that she refused the offer of FREE diapers for her kids for a year because "They're cloth diapers There great for the environment but they leaks"! You lazy BITCH. And the tell a bold face lie, within the same sentence- "No, I would never do a 'reality' show, but if it''s done right...'. You selfish, lying a$$h@%!

2016 days ago


I think she needs to make as much money as she can for her kids... why do you people mind if she makes (money) it in the "show biz" industry... Good for her... You people suck! And Good for Dr.Phil for helping her :-).. I wish I was OcTuMOM !! But I'm a DUDE so I cant get Knocked UP... :-)

2016 days ago


Is it just me, or are her lips getting bigger and bigger?!?! I still don't believe that ALL the money donated is going 100% to the children, as she says. I've seen the new clothes and sunglasses, etc, etc. For her children's sake, I hope she DOES do everything in her power for them, but I just don't see it happening. She'll continue to be greedy and crazy! Just like her latest publicist who quit said. Oh, this is what Nadya says about her latest ex-publicist: Nadya explains, “I have a little problem with trusting too much, and so I trusted that his interests were in the best interest of my children, and it turns out they were not. His choices and his unethical, unprofessional behavior negatively affected the kids,” she says. So I guess she is claiming that she FIRED him?!?! UGH! I'm SO glad she is getting help to care for those children!! That way, hopefully, those children will be PROPERLY cared for!!

2016 days ago

Knock It Off    

I love her. I wish she could have my baby and live happly ever after.

2016 days ago


phil and gloria is like big brother watching you

2016 days ago


This person has the ugliest fish lips this side of Donatella Versace. I can't understand why anyone would choose to get blown-up lips like that. At least Angelina's are natural. I hope the babies resemble the sperm donor and hot this witchy looking hag.

2016 days ago
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