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Nelson Bro to Wife -- Get Outta My Hair!

3/11/2009 6:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew NelsonMatthew Nelson, the long, blonde haired guy from the 90s band Nelson, is pulling the plug on his marriage ... and get this -- the former rocker is the one asking for spousal support.

Nelson filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court on Monday, citing irreconcilable differences with his wife Yvette Stefens -- a former model who also played in the 2005 Lingerie Bowl.

Matthew and Yvette were married in 1995 ... about 4 years after the band had already ceased to be relevant.


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I agree with what Mike is saying -- you can't cry "equality" AND "give me money I'm just a girl".

and yes, I'm just a girl :)

as for the tool in this article, his grandparents were super famous, his dad was super famous. despite the genes, inheritance and potential coat-tail riding, he and his brother never quite hit pay-dirt. and, just by the way, it sounds like his wife didn't either... lingerie bowl?... in 2005?... really? I'm sure the term "spousal support" is a relative term here.

2018 days ago


He's not capable of getting a JOB?! Not even as Degeneres' stunt double?

2018 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

They ought to have named this thread "Get Outta My Hair Plugs". Both nelson dudes have been having hair plug surgeries for years; they're actually on a DVD for some hair clinic, promoting the idea of hair plugs...

2018 days ago

Smell ya later    

I live in Nashville and last year around May or June I was at Green Hills mall and saw who I believe to be Matthew Nelson. I know it was one of the Nelson twins... and like I said, pretty darn sure it was Matthew. Anyways, He was walking in the mall with a young woman and she looked all of 25, if that. They were both dressed casual (he had green madras shorts & a green t-shirt that looked like it was from Abercrombie) and he had his arm around her. I was on the phone with my dad at the time and was like, "OMG Matthew Nelson is walking right past me." My dad said, "Who the hell is that?!" and I said, "RIcky Nelson's son dad... one of the twins." The the point of my story was, the girl he was with was DEFINITELY not his wife that he is getting a divorce from.

2018 days ago

hop on top    

"about 4 years after the band ceased to be relevant"?????

Nelson was absolutely NEVER relevant. They were always a joke. And horrid musically.

Relevant my ass. You need to take a music education class if you think that piece of crap band was ever "relevant."

2018 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

And what did his wife get for her appearance in the Lingerie Bowl? Could not have been much more than a VS gift certificate.

2017 days ago


He really needs to coiffe that do!

2017 days ago


I know Matt and Gunner well enough that both of them gave me their Cell numbers and they are regular customers in our music shop in Reno NV, They've bought ALOT of guitars from me, They are both GREAT guys and super cool and respectful and they ARE very talented, I sat down with them in our shop and we jammed "LOVE & AFFECTION" a few months ago, and to hear them sing such great harmonies, No effects, No mixing, They are PERFECT and alot of fun to hang out with. Sorry to hear about Matt getting a divorce. I can honestly say FIRST hand whoever said they had no talent obviously has NO Musical sense.....Sorry.....

2017 days ago


Met Matthew and Gunnar on a RCCL ship in January-they are traveling around doing a Tribute to their father. Both guys are just about as down to earth and sweet as can be. They are musically talented and don't have all of the B.S. in their lives.
Best of luck to Matthew. BTW-a lot of men ask for spousal support if the wife makes more money!

2017 days ago


TMZ you are turning into Entertainment Tonight.... who cares.... I thought dude was dead...

2017 days ago

Not a fan    

OMG! What a pair of pathetic loser twins! They must be desperate for money, since they obviously don't have enough talent to make enough on their own. Any man that needs to sue his wife for money may as well be a castrated wonder. I heard the evil twin Gunnar was selling his "mojo" on low can you go?

2017 days ago

northern gypsy the wife making more $$$ than M.N ???
sad...really sad...with all of his family would have thought he was financially sound...

2017 days ago


He looks like Ellen DeGeneres

2017 days ago


Actually, I don't think the family has a lot of money. From my understanding Ricky was pretty badly in debt when he died and didn't leave the family much. I believe David has done some investing for the family but who knows how well those investments have panned out. As for the spousal support, I believe Yvette is still a successful model. She probably makes good money and I'm sure he probably supported her when his band was more successful so why not? He'd have to prove he has less money than her when it goes to court - we may hear more yet about the Nelson family financial meltdown.

2017 days ago


What's with all the people bashing the spousal support? No one says a thing when the man has to give it up? Equality, anyone? If a woman asks for it, is she a "f****** wimp"? I pay spousal support to a woman, I guess she should get off her lazy ass and get to work, too? Many woman act like this is their god-given right if a marriage men should too.

2017 days ago
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