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Nelson Bro to Wife -- Get Outta My Hair!

3/11/2009 6:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew NelsonMatthew Nelson, the long, blonde haired guy from the 90s band Nelson, is pulling the plug on his marriage ... and get this -- the former rocker is the one asking for spousal support.

Nelson filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court on Monday, citing irreconcilable differences with his wife Yvette Stefens -- a former model who also played in the 2005 Lingerie Bowl.

Matthew and Yvette were married in 1995 ... about 4 years after the band had already ceased to be relevant.


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First of all... I know Matt and I know that he has supported her and gave her the world on a silver platter and she has done nothing but ride on HIS family name. Second of all, He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and he would never hurt anyone. So before you all judge him maybe you should get all your facts straight. You have all my love and support Matt. Hold your head up high. You did all you could and put up with more than most would for long enough. You can not even begin to understand what it is like to be in his shoes and I sure hope all you naysayers have a life full of roses and never have any issues

2014 days ago


Oh, come on--this is probably either just standard boilerplate for the divorce--both parties file for divorce/spousal support/equal division of assets when the papers are originally filed, OR it's a pre-emptive measure, since Matthew Nelson has been working pretty steadily and earning money, and he knows his ex-wife will ask for spousal support from him. Both Nelson brothers have been on the road consistently for years (I know because one of my best friends is a big fan and sees them several times a year), so I doubt Matthew is hurting for money.

For the person who lives in Nashville, it was probably unmarried Gunnar that you saw, since he owns a house there.

2014 days ago


Man, Ellen really looks bad in this picture!!

2014 days ago

mrs g    

It's about time! He has been treated like crap for a long time. Glad that he is finally moving on with his life.

2014 days ago


i cant believe he cheated on her!!! i knew them both personally and they always seemed completly in love. they always made me believe in true love. i know gunner was extremely jealous of his brothers marriage and always tried to create drama. the latest news ive heard is ellen has been seen around town with two young women at different times. im shocked he can even get one. i always wondered what she saw in him. true colors are certainly showing and im very disappointed in him. i guess its true when they say you get what you deserve. i would hate to be the girl that has to top yvette.

2014 days ago


As a favor to a friend, I attended a Nelson concert with her back in was the best 2 hours of sleep I've ever had. ZZZZZ!

2014 days ago

who cares    


2014 days ago


Sorry folks. She's the douche bag. Stealing his money for years. He wants kids. She's a bimbo. I know them both, and she cheats on him . Everyone that knows them knows it.

2012 days ago


Dana, you are right on all counts. She is a bimbo and hasn't been relevant for years. In spite of the many comments here, the Nelsons are continuously booked and still make decent money. Matt wants kids and she was more concerned about her body. He has supported her sorry ass for years, has paid for her "looks and body", and the money she now makes, she makes from a business that HE paid for. Matthew Nelson is the nicest guy in the world and spousal support is commonly asked for by both sides in CA divorces. Things are usually divided 50/50. Even now, he is being a gentleman and refusing to bash her while she has not been so nice. That's to be expected she has never been nice about anything. She was only good to spend his money.

2012 days ago


I can also say this. Matt is a great guy. He has put up with her cheating ways for years. I can also BET that she leaked the story for some extra cash. She is a publicity whore, always has been always will be. Go ahead TMZ, Tell us, WHO LEAKED THE STORY??????

2012 days ago


I met the twins at a casino show a couple of years ago. Before meeting them, I'd seen pictures and joked about the "Ellen" resemblance, but trust me, in person they are all man and don't resemble Ellen in the slightest. Gunnar seemed quieter/shyer; Matthew was smokin' hot and also one of the most charming guys I've ever met. If his wife cheated on him, I do feel sorry for her--he's a keeper. Hope he has the best of luck in the future; he's a sweetheart.

2012 days ago

I know everything on this subject    

so heres the deal. he is NOT asking for spousal support ... crazy rumor. he makes a GREAT living. his wife hasnt gotten a modeling job in over 10 years . shes almost 40 years old and has been a gross gold digger to Matthew for years. she is a horrible woman and is mad matthew finally decided to dump her cheating ass so she put this stupid rumor out on the internet. please believe me when i say that SHE is the one who has no money, and it is sad Matthew will have to pay her alimony cause she is a worthless piece of trash. I swear on my life i know what I am talking about ... and fyi /// this is a horrible pic of matthew her is waaaaay better looking than that stupid pic they found of him.

2011 days ago

Get a LIFE    

I think it's really sad if not pathetic that most of you have nothing more to do but bash someone on something as personal as one's divorce. The divorce rate is at more than 50% now and many of you have gone through the same thing. Imagine having to live that same experience by having one's name and integrity questioned and scrutinized in a public forum? The reason being simply to be the entertainment for the masses of people like you that don't have exciting enough lives. Turning a sad situation into a fictional soap opera in order to belittle someone going through one of the most difficult things that someone can go through. Simply because a celebrity is a fair target for nameless folks to live vicariously through them and which gives these nameless people permission to bash them for simply living their lives. I've personally known Matthew for many years and he's a nice guy who treats his friends and family with loyalty and compassion. He doesn't deserve this lack of respect on this trash board. If you don't know all the REAL facts then save your energy and step away from the keyboard.. 99% of you probably can't tell which twin is Matthew & which one is Gunnar.

2011 days ago


I agree with the above. They obviously deeply loved each other if they were together that long. It's very rare now a days. You can't compare short relationships to long ones. I personally know Yvette Nelson and have to say she's the most genuine,honest human being I've ever meet. She unfortunately gets misjudged all the time because she's stunningly beautiful. She's so not full of her self, is real, smart, sweet and does soo much for animals. Please try and respect them both and stop with the nasty comments.

2010 days ago


I photographed Yvette Nelson for a Maybelline Make up ad for France and Italy just recently and she was really sweet, down to earth and normal. unlike 99% of models that are nice on the surface but you eventually see manipulative on the inside. She has a great reputation in the business . I also can tell you even without a stitch of make up she's an absolutely beautiful girl. Amazing features, skin and a beautiful body.

2010 days ago
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