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Chris Brown Withdraws From Kids' Choice Awards

3/11/2009 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownChris Brown is officially letting Nickelodeon off the hook, and taking himself off the list of nominees at the upcoming Kids' Choice Awards.

In a statement, his rep says:

"Chris very much appreciates the support of his fans and the honor they have paid him in the way of nominations for Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song.

Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding the incident last month has shifted the focus from the music to whether he should be allowed to be among those nominated.

While Chris would like to speak to his fans directly about this and other issues, pending legal proceedings preclude his doing so at this time. Once the matter before him has been resolved, he intends to do so."

A rep for Nickelodeon tells us: "We are confirming that Chris Brown has decided to withdraw his nominations from the Kids' Choice Awards. We agree with and respect his decision, and are looking forward to presenting a great event for our audience."


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I think all you loser should get a life. no one know what the hell went on that night and a picture can tell a million lies and who can believe the media? you will only know what chris and rire want you to know so to all you haters your time is coming.

2019 days ago


Stop Stop Stop, i am so tired of reading and hearing comments on whether Rihanna should stay with Chris, leave them alone. Yes he is a punk for hitting a woman, but she loves him enough to stay with him. This is her decision. Everybody got all the answers for their relationship and probably half of yall commenting have never experience a relationship like this one, so shut the heck up and let them live their lifes. Removing himself does not change anything. He is still an excellent entertainer, and you can not take that away from him. Case in point all these athletes that abuse women, you still go to see their case, so stop.

2019 days ago


This reminds me of the early stages of OJ and Nicole. And then he killed her. I hope that this has a much better ending.

2019 days ago


OMG, will people just get over it, MILLIONS of women are in abusive situations on a daily basis, this isnt new but we are acting as if this is the first time that this has happened, why are we trying to be the voice of Rihanna when she has made it clear she wants to go back to him. NO shes not stupid, shes just immature in the whole love thing and really believes that he loves her. It's just going to take HER to see that its not healthy, our opinions only matter to her as to what she allows the public to see. As for Chris, he made a HUGE mistake as do many other men. If he was raised in a household with a positive male figure that showed him how a man should treat a women and a mother that showed him why women should be respected, and a community that encourages talking out your problems, then maybe he wouldnt have made this decision. He is a GREAT ARTIST and to throw dirt on his craft becuase of a personal matter is ridiculous, we listen to artists that do drugs, get arrested are whores and take advantage of women in so many ways, but NOW we want to be one big ANTI violence campain. Hitting girls is wrong, DUH. Rihanna is an adult and has to Live her Life by her own decisions, and Chris Brown is a awesome artist and performer and I will still buy his album, unless he come out with a song called "Yeah I hit that ho"LOL

2019 days ago


I am glad that he withdrew. I DO WISH that everyone would quit making Rihanna a victim again. She has not even spoken out it has all come from his camp. I am sure she is going through a very hard time. CB has been out and about. Rihanna has stayed out of the public since this happened until last night so everything being said regarding her is hearsay. I do find it amusing that is turns out he was the one cheating all along when all his fans were putting out a lot of slander about Rihanna due to a cold sore on her mouth. Shows how uneducated people are. From the minute this happened it was WHAT DID SHE DO OR HE COULD NOT DO THIS - then the photo showing it did happen - it cooled down for a bit and now she is a victim again. I believe she has had enough from everyone and needs time to think as she has been brutalized by someone she loved and they have the same friends and work with the same people. I feel in a lot of ways her people are letting her be thrown under the bus to try to save what little is left of CB career. Everyone needs to QUIT VICTIMIZING HER and KEEP THE FOCUS ON CB.

2019 days ago


Stop giving Chris a hard time. #37? He didn't just swat at or slap Rihanna. He punched her, choked her, and bit her like an animal. The fact that she forgives that sick stuff is just a sad commentary about young people today and the fact that her family is too afraid to go and rescue her from this crazy guy. They want her money so they don't want to tick their cash cow off by saving her life. Brown is a coward and he has a VERY violent streak that no duet and no amount of I'm sorries are going to stop. He WILL do this again. Not to mention the 19 year old kid is screwing his 40 year old manager. Kid needs therapy as does Rihanna. For now, both are on my "never support again" list/

2019 days ago


I'm happy to see that his handlers have advised him to do something morally right for a change. I truly pray for him and Rhianna during this time. I was a partner to an abusive husband and it was incredibly difficult for me to leave the relationship. I know that everyone has an opinion, but until you go through it, you can never know how difficult it is to resolve your feeling in a situation like this.

I wish the best for both parties involved

2019 days ago

oh brother    

I'm sure Nikelodeon asked him to remove himself

2019 days ago

Joel P.    

Did he jump or was he pushed? Was the Kids Choice Award people about to withdraw the nomination...hmmm? Come on TMZ spill it!!

2019 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Boycott Nickelodeon! What's next... OJ winning the Kid's choice awards?
When Chris Brown pulls HIMSELF from the awards - what the Heck does that say about the Network?
Obviously the people running Nickelodeon are as confused and imbecilic as the so-called Talent they promote.
It's a csae of the uneducated hiring the uneducated promoting the uneducated.
If you were looking for the definition of LOW LIFE, you needn't search any further.
Please Nation - stop giving this Network your time.

2019 days ago


#54, Peps. If you think he wasn't going to win, you are sadly mistaken. Did you see the nominees in his category? LMAO!

2019 days ago


Chris Brown is a punk-ass bitch. I hope his skinny ass rotts in prison.

2019 days ago


I know that's a PR stunt but they need to run him out and Rihanna too. Bad example for young kids. You don't have any kids by this man, you are not tied down and your family and friends are trying to give you advice. He is going to kill you the next time. you need to be smarter than that. you are a Caribbean girl. What's wrong with you. We don't put up with nonsense like this. You need help and you better seek it. Don't you see he doesn't care about you, just himself. self-centered bwoy.

2019 days ago


This guy has a lot of problems, and I feel really bad for that young lady. Hopefully she will wake up and realize he isn't going to change..especially over night. I hate to see her end up like many abused women do.

2019 days ago


I think its ridiculous how people comment, check who comments them, goes back, comments again, adds in the inbred, trailer trash comments etc....ha ha who has time for that? too funny

2019 days ago
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