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Gisele Babysits Tom & Bridget's Son

3/11/2009 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Tom Brady no where in sight, super stepmom Gisele kept an eye on his and Bridget Moynahan's son, John, while at a park in Santa Monica on Tuesday.

How do you say mommy in Portuguese again?


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What a cute and happy-looking little boy! He's so adorable! It (almost) makes a non-momma want to have a baby of her own!

2054 days ago


She is a beautiful German woman. Brazil is very much like the United States, it is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-racial. With the common language of Portuguese. If beautiful Gisele lived in America she would be German-American. Brazil is nothing like the run down, poverty-stricken countries of South America. Brazil is utterly unique and different and every American should visit Brazil to see what I mean. They have lots of Italians, Germans, Swiss and British descent people in Brazil. It is the most diverse nation on earth.

2054 days ago

Black Teef    

Maybe you can polish a turd???

2054 days ago


I see nothing wrong with this picture. Tom & Gisele are married now which means that child will be seeing a lot of her. He looks happy, well cared for, unlike a lot of poor underprivileged children in this country. And WTH is wrong with her looks???? I bet none of you look half as good as her. Looks are not everything in a relationship; it's what's on the inside that matters. TMZ is noted for posted unflattering photos. I bet she is a terrific lady and they both seem to be having a great time in the park. A lot of children have step-mothers, so WTF people. Get over it...

2054 days ago

The Dude    


2054 days ago


Nanette, do you really think most women are not good step-parents?? The women I know are great and look out for their new children as if they are their own. I don't necessarily like my son's new stepmom either but the truth is, she loves him and treats him as if he were her own and that's all I can ask for... even if I privately think she's the biggest beotch on Earth. You people need to open your hearts a little more

2054 days ago


I'm sure Bridget is loving this! NOT

Tom is an idiot, Bridget is a 1000% better looking than that so-called "model". Giselle is seriously fug. That's ok, Brady looks like an overgrown 12 year old boy. Bridget honey, you dodged a bullet there. Take the child support and run!

2054 days ago



2054 days ago


Do you know why supermodels are thin? cause the fashion industry is run by gay men who like 12 year old boys so they pick models that look like little boys... i can't belive no one sees that... you are all idiots i would only do her from behind i dont wanna look at that ugly face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2054 days ago


The answer for you call is " mãe" our "mamãe".
And come on ....she´s only human ! She´s absoluttly gorgeous, but even american celebs and models are very differente with and without make up....and the photografer catchs some terrible angle of her...

2054 days ago


ok people, I am not a fan of hers but you have to give her props. Look at the smile on the kid's face, he's not scowling like you see some of the other celeb children who are scowling ALL the time. She's trying, the kid's smiling, and here's evidence that she is trying to be the woman she could be..,

2054 days ago


"another average euro chick"....some people are simply retarded. she is Brazilian. Brazil is in South America. i.e. Brazil is not in Europe...retards!

2054 days ago


you people are pathic, as a step mother myself I have taken my step kids out and picked them up from school. I am also on their emergency contact list from school, I don't think of myself as their mother, I have one of my own but I am a part of their lives and think its great for all involved when the parents are all on board when it comes to the welfare of the child. So give her a break, she didn't just marry Tom she became a step mom and with that comes a lot of resposiblity. I think she looks good.

2054 days ago


If she was never shown playing with the kid everyone would think she was a bitch. If she does do her thing as a step-mom and take him to the park people are freaking out that she is trying to "take over" as his mother. She can't win! Leave her alone and let her have a relationship with her husband's child.

2054 days ago


Not this couple again. Can someone tell me why they're so important again? And she's spending time with her stepson, without her husband in sight. Oooh, call the cops! I think that child is very lucky to have 3 loving adults in his life, and hopefully Bridget can find herself a loving man and the kid has 4. Tom Brady isn't bad, he's also not by far the paragon of virtue. He's just a gullible white boy who thinks he can be a Brad Pitt or a Leo DiCaprio by acting all cool and going Hollywood. He just doesn't realise that attitude is something that comes from within. You either have it or you don't. This guy doesn't. After his football career is over, given his poor communication skills and obvious lack of mental intelligence (barring being a QB), I don't see him having a future in any kind of showbiz. Gisele is lucky she found a man that she can mould. Most men she meets are smarter than her, she had to work for their attention. Here, she found a good stable base and all she has to tell him is "you're banging the world's richest supermodel while other men in the locker room can only talk about it".

2054 days ago
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