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Gisele Babysits Tom & Bridget's Son

3/11/2009 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Tom Brady no where in sight, super stepmom Gisele kept an eye on his and Bridget Moynahan's son, John, while at a park in Santa Monica on Tuesday.

How do you say mommy in Portuguese again?


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Chuck Whitley    

Its amazing how they can sell these woman in the magazines and make us all feel ugly and inferior when you look at Gisele in regular clothes and no makeup and realize she is really not pretty at all.....just an average Joe like the rest of us.

1997 days ago

gag me    

Come on Bridget kick her azz, look at her, trying to act all like she's his mama or something. Makes me wanna vomit. Seriously Bridget, do it! Punch her in the ugly face.

1997 days ago


If he's filming Entourage, why isn't this child home with his mother and her family? Gisele probably tipped the press AGAIN to photograph her with Bridgette's child. You don't see that many pictures of Bridgette with her son because she's not calling the press every time she takes her son out. They were on OK magazine probably for the first picture to get the photographers away from Bridgette and her son after he was born. But why is the new wife photographed more with Bridgette's son than his own father?? If Tom isn't there, Bridgette shouldn't have to hand over her child to someone who is not the parent and will never be anything more than just the sperm donor's new wife. The marriage won't even last long. Don't get too attached Giselle!

Giselle couldn't get a man to marry her but found someone hit in the head too many times to not figure out she's the biggest mistake he's ever made. Leo wouldn't marry her. Then the month they break up, she's already photographed on a beach with surfer Kelly Slater. Then did everything she could to destroy Bar Rafaeli's career and relationship with Leo. Bar had nothing to do with Leo breaking it off with Giselle. Giselle nagged for years about getting married and having children and Leo didn't want that. Giselle banned Bar from any Victoria Secret's fashion shows if she was working. And was always throwing herself around into family events with Leo's mother and always being photographed with Leo's mother. I also heard Giselle was throwing herself at Tom but then told an interviewer no I can't because he has a girlfriend (Bridgette).

1996 days ago


This is what Americans really wanted: Tom should've had married Bridget Moynahan because, afterall, she was carrying his child and that's ENOUGH REASON to marry someone. The real reason why they broke-up in the first place and the fact that they cleraly DIDN'T LOVE EACH OTHER anymore wasn't important. A pregnant woman must have a husand because that's what God wants, no matter what Tom wanted. They would be, of course, a very unhappy couple. That would reflect on they way they would raise John, and he would grow up weird and could possible become a murderer - Columbine's style. I repeat: for American's, love isn't important, as long as people's morals, dignity and IMAGE are not affected. Everybody should do exactly what's written in the Bible, even though that would make them really unhappy. Doesn't matter, as long as they LOOK HAPPY. American way of life. Good thing I'm French. By the way, we all love Gisele in France.

1996 days ago


only thing I'm jealous about is all her money. she is just plain butt f in ugly...

1996 days ago


Know one seems to mention how happy John looks in these photos. Does that not matter. Look at the smile on the boys face.

1996 days ago


To the person who said that Gisele called up the paps for this photo opportunity: talk about stating the obvious. This is the woman that moved out of a secluded apartment in NYC to the free-for-all townhouse on Barrow Street so that the paps can camp outside her house, and of course later she'll say "oh please leave me alone, I want to be left alone". I also did find it suspicious that a photo appears every time she's with John. And looking at the more recent photos, you can tell that she was aware of the photographer. At this point, as long as she loves the child, that's all that matters. We don't know what happened with Tom and Bridget so I don't want to say Bridget was the innocent hurt one and she did nothing wrong. The only thing I'll credit Bridget with is, if she's the "D list actress wanting publicity" that a lot of people make her out to be, at least she behaved like a lady and didn't go on talk shows and say nasty things about TB during the same season he was the QB du jour.

1996 days ago


no 83 - "Know one seems to mention how happy John looks in these photos. Does that not matter. Look at the smile on the boys face" - Yes. And credit to all 3 adults actually for making it possible, ulterior motive or not.

1996 days ago

Bobby D.    

Brazil is nothing like America. We do not harbor Nazis. Our streets are not home to legions of trannies and murderers. Crime is Brazil is the worst in this hemisphere, including Mexico. Brazil is poor. There are millions of tin roof shacks just like Mumbai or Juarez. In would advise every American to skip travel in Brazil unless you can carry a handgun. Brazil is a toilet of disease and crime. Tourists are advised to stay off the beach in Rio for fear they will be kidnapped or robbed. Brazil is nothing like America.

1996 days ago


Man, do you people have issues. Seriously.

Stepmothers are no way disposable within a child's life. Gisele is married to John's father and she probably wants to have the best possible relation with him -- and taking him to the park does not imply that she wants to be his mother. Bridget must probably hand over her son on specific days, and if Tom Brady can't be there for him, I'm glad Gisele is willing to do her part. There's criticism when she takes the boy to the park and there'd probably be if she prefered to stay away from her stepson.

@55 - Er... In Brazil the language is Portuguese. Thanks for the obvious geography lesson, though there's no word stating the she is Portuguese. It's like saying US Americans aren't really English (as England is in Europe and the US in North America), but hey, I guess they speak English with different accent and a few words as well. And there was no home to wreck: they weren't married and she hadn't had the kid, it's just like a lot a people's stories out there but with glitz, glamour and media coverage.

Well, finally, puh-lease! Just take a different angle, or a different fraction of a second and who knows the difference it could've made in that photo? I bet you people, even with makeup, look as bad as Gisele without it. Let's have the paparazzi get a bad one from Bridget to see all hell break loose on her.

1996 days ago



1994 days ago

We only have ONE Mom!    

We can call a parent's spouse anything we want, but the fact is:

step-parent = legal stranger

1990 days ago


Gisele looks more like a dude than Tom does I think he likes men, he should come out of the closet since he married a man.........ewwwwwwwww without makeup and with her body covered up she is terribly ugly and gruesome looking Bridget is so much better looking with or without makeup. She had no makeup on in IRobot and looks a hell of alot better than Gisele. OMG

1974 days ago


Ive read a bunch of comments from people saying Gisele is too skinny which to me sounds REALLY FUNNY ... Considering that most people posting here are originally from the nation of Obese people (Common everybody knows America has the highest number of OBESE people)
Anyway if the kid is happy theres nothing to be petty about right?

1592 days ago
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