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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Together ... Or Not

3/11/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Together or Not
Sources connected with Rihanna and Chris Brown tell us there's friction in the two camps -- over whether Rihanna and Brown should be seen in public together.

Rihanna's people are on high alert to make sure no one gets a photo of the alleged victim and the alleged felon together. They believe at this point it would be "extremely damaging" to her career. That may explain why we got video a few hours ago of Rihanna leaving a club at 4:00 AM without Brown.

On the other hand, Brown's peeps want nothing more than the shot showing that they're tight.

And then there's this ... a number of people who interact with Rihanna both personally and professionally want her to cut Brown out of her life for good. They resent him and are outraged at what he did.

Relationships are complicated.


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I have been saying this for the longest, this guy could care less about her. His career is over and he would do anything to take her down with him. He believes all of this is her fault and he feels he is being blamed for her actions. Buddy, sorry. Your stupid to "FIGHT" a women. And the sad thing about it is she is just stupid to believe this idiot cares about her.

2022 days ago


Like, I said last night, where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharton. I want TMZ to show up at their homes and ask them this question, is there any reason why a man should hit a woman? Should a man defend himself if he is hit by a woman? I dare someone to ask them that question.

I know Chris's camp is paying a lot of money to folks to keep them quiet. How much is Jesse and Al getting to keep them mum.

Listen Sean Puffy "Dumb" Diddy. We need to boycott you too. Sitting on the Ellen show defending your hoddie. I say, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott. Hit them where it hurts and I not talking about between their legs. I am talking about in the pocket where I hope the green starts to disappear.

I got a word for RhiRhi too. If you go back to that monster - then you deserve to get beat up. Yes, I did go there. If you are that stupid - then go and get your behind whipped again and again. Ain't nobody going to feel sorry for you the next time it happens - that is if you live to see another day. Chris will kill you and that is a wrap!

2022 days ago

Beat Down Brown is Going Down    

I think most of the "leaks" about them being back together came from his camp. I do not think they are together. I think when she needs a bodyguard with her 24/7 and is never alone with him in Miami, it is obviously for business not love. Puffy is dead to me. He pressured her to come to Miami hoping they could lay tracks together but she was too damaged physically, to sing! They were never together in Miami the way people are when they are making up. It was a lie, and Puffy was part of the lie for Chris. It is all about the money as far as Chris is concerned and all these recording people are parasites. Rihanna was made to feel she would suffer professionally if she didn't play along. But the fact is, her friends are right. She will suffer professionally if she gets back with him. I don't think she has. And I don't know if I believe all the spin about them working on a song together for Chris's CD. Maybe they were planning to before the beating, but maybe not now. There's a lot of chatter coming from his side, none from hers. She better really think about this. She can do the right think or she can become a joke. The high spirited, strong, sassy image we love about Rihanna is either an honest image or she is a fraud and a joke.

2022 days ago


What I like is P Diddy on Ellen telling us nobdy knows who hit who. Translation: is RiRi hit Brown, pummeling her to an almost unrecognizable state, is justified. Diddy's just as bib a LOSER as Brown. This is what you call GHETTO TRASH!!

2022 days ago


Move on, this story is over, You need to leave them alone and hope she don't sue you for illegally purchasing her picture from a dirty cop then putting her battered face up on your site. That victimized her just as much as what Brown did. You never cared about Rihanna in the first place.

2022 days ago

Ike and Tina - Reunited and it feels so good!!!    

I'm glad to hear someone has her best interest in mind. She absolutely should not be photo'd with Chris and the fact that his camp wants that shows they are not only piss poor at their jobs, but they are trying to use Rihanna to her own detrement. And why hasn't Tina been fired yet? Chris is not showing that he has learned anything from this.

2022 days ago

Joel P.    

Shoo @ #9

You said it! This "back together" story is bogus. His camp wants to perpetuate it because it is the only way for them to salvage the money they have invested in his sorry short-lived career.

She feels pressured and doesn't want to hurt him but wants him out of her life. So her camp is doing him a favor knowing full well that the moment she announces that she has seen the light and is leaving him, her popularity and career will skyrocket.

This is a total PR move think of all the leaked announcements coming from Chris' camp "they're engaged/married"; "the duet"; "the book tour";..etc.. they are trying anything to $alvage their $inking $hip. Rihannas' camp will go along as long as it does not permanently hurt her future. The moment that happens, watch for her 'press release announcing they have permanently split and she is seeking counselling---the public will cheer her on and her popularity will soar.

2022 days ago


You know she is a role model for the young ladies of the world.

To be a positive role model would be leaving Chris Brown (at least for now). (Let him get his act 100% cleaned up, Otherwise, she better w/o him). Travel the globe as an advocate against domestic violence.

Staying with Chris Brown is creating a neg. image of her. Chris Brown's image is already neg.

She has one choice for me to support her. It's the POSITIVE one.

I'm praying she sees the light.

2022 days ago


I knew how this was going to play out...she hit him first, he beats the piss out of her, she's guilted into forgiving him because she hit him first, she takes him back. I think taking him back is extremely damaging to her career and most of all, her life.

2022 days ago


you got it spot it on. this is a total pr move. sooner or later she's gonna dump his ass to the kerb the way he deserves.

2022 days ago


You people don't know what is really going on with them. You sound so stupid second guessing. P Diddy talked to them he may know what really happen and you jettsettrash sure as hell don't know. You guys are made because Rihanna didn't come out and tell you her business. If I were her you would never know.

2022 days ago


opps sorry i mean # 19

2022 days ago


This don't have to hurt her career but the media who claims to care about her are going to try to hurt her career because she is not playing by the media rules. The media wanted her in front of the cameras crying and cursing him out to give them more drama. She did not do that now the paps and tabloids are mad at Rihanna. So pathetic.

2022 days ago


I think Chris Brown & his camp are USING this girl to clean up his image! A lot of reports say this girl started the fight. You know what if he was a MAN he would have just walked away! NO earthly reason to pummel another human being especially someone you supposedly "love". The media reports that they are together just make me sick! I would have much more respect for her if she never had another thing to do with him EVER. She deserves better.

2022 days ago


I think this is ridiculous. My opinion is that NO ONE has the right to hit anybody which is why I don't understand why They keep painting Rhianna as some wallflower. The reports state that she hit Chris Brown FIRST. Was it right for Chris Brown to hit her? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But I think that EVERYONE in this situation needs to take responsibility for their actions in this. If the two of them want to work out their problems and stay together, then let them. People do it everyday and they are no exception.

2022 days ago
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