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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Together ... Or Not

3/11/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Together or Not
Sources connected with Rihanna and Chris Brown tell us there's friction in the two camps -- over whether Rihanna and Brown should be seen in public together.

Rihanna's people are on high alert to make sure no one gets a photo of the alleged victim and the alleged felon together. They believe at this point it would be "extremely damaging" to her career. That may explain why we got video a few hours ago of Rihanna leaving a club at 4:00 AM without Brown.

On the other hand, Brown's peeps want nothing more than the shot showing that they're tight.

And then there's this ... a number of people who interact with Rihanna both personally and professionally want her to cut Brown out of her life for good. They resent him and are outraged at what he did.

Relationships are complicated.


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Michael Madsen    

Hit me three times... you've got a gambling problem.

2050 days ago


Brown is whacked. He only cares about $$$$ and his career, not the fact that he used Rihanna as a punching bag. Rihanna, toss this looser to the curb. You are a shinning star and Brown will only drag you down. Boycot Brown!!!!!

2050 days ago


I think that Rihanna is stupid for getting back with Chris. He's going to end up beating her to death. Plus Rihanna isn't setting a good example for all the women that have been abused in the world today. RIHANNA IS MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE!!!

2050 days ago

Dizzy Lizzy    

If Rihanna does release a "love" duet with Chris Brown, I will stop buying any of Rihanna's music - for eva, eva, eva. I am totally outraged and sickened by this whole mess, and find it incredible that anyone in their circle of hip-hop celebrities would support this relationship. I agree with some of the other posts - this is going to ruin Rihanna's career - and a punk like Chris Brown is not worth that. Rihanna - save your life and career and Dump Chris Brown!

2050 days ago


THANK GOD! This is the best news I've heard about them yet. For a minute I was thinking that they shared the same friends and management or something and no one was thinking about what's good for HER only him. I'll keep praying that Rihanna wakes up and smells the coffee in that she's being used.

2050 days ago


What you don't understand, because you see Rhianna and you see how beautiful and talented she is, you see her with money, nice things, and a business that she didn't just wake up one day and have her head almost shoved thru a window. If that were the case then you can bet she would see her self worth, press charges and tell Sissy Chrissy to kiss her ass. You, the public, missed the beatings to her soul. The times he and previous men in her life convinced her she was less. Less worthy, less smart, less desirable. And you sit there thinking.. but look at her why would she believe that? Because that is the cycle of abuse, maybe there is a personality flaw in abused women that makes them easier targets than others, maybe it starts when we are children, but all I know is this... unless you teach your daughters (and sons, there are abused men too) that they NEVER deserve that, that they are enough just by nature of being themselves, then your daughter might never know that her worth isn't reliant on her perfection, on the opinion of another. And if you are blaming the victim... then YOU are part of the cycle of abuse. YOU are saying she isn't enough, YOU are teaching your daughters and sons the domestic violence, verbal and emotional abuse are ok because some people DESERVE it.....So think about that before you open your mouth. Think and use this news event to teach your children that abuse is never ok. In my case I use it to show my sons that even as much as Chris Brown claims he is against abuse, and I don't doubt that in the least after he spent years watching his own mother abused, that the cycle of abuse was engrained in him. He didn't get help to deal with his anger issues the first time he saw them. He instead said, "I would never be like him"... children who see abuse repeat the cycle unless they LEARN. I want my sons to learn, I want my sons to grow up not just saying abuse is wrong, but saying... I am predisposed to potentially be an abuser therefore I have to think before I act, I have to stop myself before I react and ask myself... is this potentially abuse, am I crossing the line". So use this time, use this moment, use this event... not to blame the victim, but to teach your children. Think about your own reactions and remember, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ABUSED, even if they return to their abuser. It means they have yet to learn to love themselves and to value themselves as much as they value others.

2050 days ago


Rihanna, open your eyes and close your heart to this abuser Brown. He is a whacked out punk. Leave his ass now before you end up dead.

2050 days ago


Chris should not take her back.

Chris, listen to me. If she provoked you once, she *****WILL***** provoke you again!!!!

2050 days ago


His career is already damaged, can you honestly see him onstage and NOT getting booed off! If she would look past her blinders she will see that her career is now also in jeopardy..Sorry, but no amount of cash money is gonna bring back your good reputation..Like mama always said, you made your bed, now lie in it!!!

2050 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Listen people - you truly do have the power. These punks are rich because YOU made them rich. Don't just write hopeful messages to these losers - turn their cash flow off. And do it to anyone who support this human garbage - like DIDDY. This guy's become super rich off your backs - and he supports Chris Brown - think about. Turn off their cash - keep it in your pocket and buy YOUR Honey a present.
People Power. IT WORKS!

2050 days ago


Yeah, I know I would want a relationship where he beat me (several times, too) and wanted to kill me, and I don't want to be seen with him, but his people want me to be seen with him. And I have to spend my time worrying about how it looks to people because I know it doesn't look good (that's why I stay clear of pics with him), but I loooove him. And I wonder all the time if he'll hit me again, if I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing or even look at him the wrong way, but I don't want to say that because I'm with him, right?

That's love.

2050 days ago

Kevin in Atlanta    

You actually called him an "alleged felon"? An alleged batterer maybe but he has not been convicted. So there is no allegation if he has been convicted or not. It is a known fact he is not a felon. I hope you get sued for libel! Lazy LAZY LAZY Staff person! ask your boss he is a lawyer!

2050 days ago


As far as I'm concerned her career is already over! At this point, they should be proceeded as if its a salvage mission . Maybe if she dumps him immediately and do a few PSA's she can be on Dancing With The Stars next year.

Also, they object to them being seen together (which is smart) but not to a freakin' duet(which is beyond dumb)? Who are these people?

2050 days ago


Watching this tragedy playing out, and being able to predict what's going to happen reminds me of watching the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline debacle from the beginning and just KNOWING what was going to happen in the future - then seeing it played out before our very eyes.

2050 days ago


Listen, its their lives that they are fooling around with. Let's just pray that 1st Rhianna didn't make a life threatening mistake by taken Chris back. 2nd, let's hope that Chris at least realizes that beating on a woman WILL be the demise of his career if it happens again (maybe even this time). He's already lost alot of support from DJ's and Fans. If he does this crap again, I beleive the he will be DONE forever. So maybe altleast his career is worth him keeping those hands to himself.

2050 days ago
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