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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Together ... Or Not

3/11/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Together or Not
Sources connected with Rihanna and Chris Brown tell us there's friction in the two camps -- over whether Rihanna and Brown should be seen in public together.

Rihanna's people are on high alert to make sure no one gets a photo of the alleged victim and the alleged felon together. They believe at this point it would be "extremely damaging" to her career. That may explain why we got video a few hours ago of Rihanna leaving a club at 4:00 AM without Brown.

On the other hand, Brown's peeps want nothing more than the shot showing that they're tight.

And then there's this ... a number of people who interact with Rihanna both personally and professionally want her to cut Brown out of her life for good. They resent him and are outraged at what he did.

Relationships are complicated.


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He is only a teenager? He was sleeping with his 40 year manager
before Rihanna? He beat Rihanna bloody because she was jealous of
his promise to meet up later with his ex that night? Chris Brown has all of the
characteristics of a closeted homosexual including his fixation with an older
woman (mother complex) and obvious anger and hostility towards women as an abuser. He
need's to go to prison, be someone's bitch, and take it where he has
wanted it all along. There are all too many closeted homosexuals in the hip-hop community trying to cover their true orientation with macho, tough guy personnas. If the black community was more accepting of homosexuality there would be less for women in general to fear.

2030 days ago


I couldn't careless whether or not they are photographed together; in fact I think their next "round" should be televised so at least they will make some money. I understand they are young, but where are Rihanna's handlers, parents, friends, etc.? This is a young, beautiful, successful role model for many young black woman and others too. Staying in a violent relationship is the last thing she should be showing these girls is the right thing to do. Oh want a private personal life? Get out of show business!

2030 days ago

Beat Down Brown is Going Down    

The best thing ever happened was TMZ publishing her picture. The best thing ever happened is the media telling on him and talking this up. They shine a light on stuff people want to keep hidden. Al lthe interviews he did and all the lies he told are all out there now. His dirty cheating and double-dealing all out there. And when his boys like Diddy start coming out from under rocks, people all know it is the cash money Period. Kanye and Usher spoke the truth, then had to double back. Jay Z has her body guarded 24/7. Chris is just a hard core thug. I hear Rihanna was pressured and threatened with lawsuits and violence if she didn't help him and go thru with the new album. On top of all her pain and confusion she was being threatened because all them record producers and song writers she's got to work with are people who work with Chris too and the money train was gonna stop. This is like being held a prisoner or a slave. It is just as bad as Katie Holmes and those cult people that Tom Cruise is with. When is the media going to rreally tell the truth about how they threatened Rihanna after she got beaten?

2030 days ago


I could care less about these idiots now, if shes going to let him beat her and get away with it, fine thats her business. Its not up to them to set examples for every kid in America, but I think that they are both POS for caring more about their careers and how this whole controversy is going to affect the cash income. Even before this incident happened I thought they were both minimal talented kids who happend to fall into a good thing. I would not care if tomorrow he was arrested for bashing her head in again.

2030 days ago


They do not make a good couple at all!I never thought they were a good match.I think Chris should just jump her because he never cared about her and she is butt ugly no offence.They were soo good without each other.As I woman I agree Robyn should just find the strength to stay by herself and not get into any type of relationship at this moment.She needs to love herself first and change because she is not perfect herself and I know she likes to fight and instigate drama.When they finally become honest with each other and cut things off for good they and everyone else will be truly happy.

2030 days ago


I also think if it is gonna be hard for them to be together because they cannot be seen side by side,that is a sign that the relationship is not gonna function normally and they are just wasting their time.I promise you what they are doing now is all for nothing.

2030 days ago


Rihanna has had this very public unfortunate experience but this has lead to an amazing opportunity to stand up as a advocate for victims of domestic violence and empower women who might otherwise think they had no voice. What kind of message is she sending by even considering 'taking back' the man who abused her?
Chris could also 'spin' this by advocating anger management classes or something similar. It's obvious he has a problem--now show what can be done about it.
When life hands you lemons...make lemonade.

2030 days ago


Thank you Jim!!!!!

Rumor has it that the text he received was from a guy.......................Brown is gay!

2030 days ago

Eldrick Woods    

What ever!! C'mon people, get over it already! Let them live their lives so you can live yours! Amazing how emotional people are about this! It's laughable that Oprah wants to make decisions for these people. They are old enough to make their own choices and they have. Leave it alone already, it's a free country!

2030 days ago



2030 days ago


Chris Brown and Rihanna's careers R.I.P.

2030 days ago


These two people are both young and in love according to their hearts
and there ain't a damn thing that none of us can say to neither one
them, point blank!!! This is something that they must work through
themselves, on their own time, so just STOP IT!!! Everyone of us has
something to say, but to be completely honest, NOT ONE OF US could say
just how we would respond to a situation like this until we are in
it!!! Love is a powerful emotion, so let's get real, just like them!
This is their reality and can't nothing we say determine the outcome,
so let's let them do them, no matter what this may lead to!
One (Love!!!)

2030 days ago


It must be noted that Rihanna is not American and therefore she is alone and intimidated by big moguls such as P Diddy - How can she resent Chris when people like P Diddy are trying to get them back together. I mean really every one she is alone in the USA from rags to riches - this poor girl must be frightened and anxious about the next step she would take because who nows on whose toes she might step. Everybody in the music business is supporting Chirs and telling her to give him a second chance. Even her parents are afraid to reprimand Chris publicly because they must have received intimidated calls. It is only her fans that advise her not to go back - now if you weigh things up - who has the most influence on her decisions? think about it.

2030 days ago


I feel so bad for Rihanna and i hope she is ok!!! BUT i have to say something i dont know everything about this, but i must say this...DOES THIS NOT FEEL MADE UP!!! Becauses if u havent notice They are still together and another thing is they are gainning so much press. Now im not saying that it was ok for him to even put his hands on her, he should have walk away we all say that, but this story going around them recording a song together, HUH!! LETS BE HONEST!! They got to be kidding around or someone just making up stuff, but how do u have time to make records for an album when u going through this situation!! I just can not by into mess and she goin out party when she just went through all of this... THIS JUST DONT SEEN RIGHT OR TRUE!!! I know its going to court and all that but recording records and goin on trips COME ON THERE IS SOMETING UP WITH THIS AND I SORRY IF IM WRONG BUT THATS HOW I SEE IT!!! N IM NOT SAYING HE HAD A RIGHT TO HIT HER CUZ HE DIDNT NOT, BUT PARTING IT UP N GOING TO THE STUDIO... THATS JUST STRANGE.

2030 days ago


he is jus using her to clean up his career.

2030 days ago
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