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Rihanna's Belated B-Day -- Booze & Cupcakes

3/11/2009 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RihannaRihanna had a damn good reason to hit the Hollywood club scene last night -- she was finally attending her long-delayed 21st birthday party ... complete with loads of booze, a couple of decoys and NO Chris Brown in sight.

Sources tell TMZ the whole thing went down in a private patio at Coco de Ville. We're told a five-person party ordered everything from Grey Goose to Jack Daniels, a round of "fun" shots, some champagne, and a cupcake tower for the birthday girl.

TMZ has also learned Rihanna had planned to use a couple of decoys to keep her exit a secret, but TMZ cameras managed to get a shot anyway.

RiRi turned 21 on February 20 -- 12 days after the brutal fight with Brown. Relationships are complicated.


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She should really go back to Barbados. No one really wants her here. Plus her family is there. Wouldn't you want the support of your family after you got your ass beat publicly? Normal people would!

1863 days ago


Rihanna is looking old and tired. She needs to leave Chris alone so she can get her Mojo back!

1863 days ago


To sum up my thoughts on RiRi (WTF?) - she's OVA! We are soooooooooo ova her,her music and her not standing up for all the young gals that seems to think that she is still their role model......dump HER!!!

1863 days ago


TMZ is wrong like always. Just dug up all Rumors Those were 2 years ago, get with the program TMZ.

Brown's Manager Releases Statement on Text Message Rumor

It was reported yesterday that Chris Brown's manager Tina Davis was the woman who sent a lengthy "intimate" text message that fueled the alleged altercation between Brown and girlfriend Rihanna. Davis' camp says this rumor is false!

Davis' attorney states, "There are no emails between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown of the type which have been described in media reports. If the source of the false rumors is identified, legal action will be taken."

The attorney also claims the relationship between Davis and Brown has been nothing but professional.

The two are rumored to have had a relationship in the past.

1863 days ago


Some of you people are so stupid it's crazy.You sit by and talk about what you do know.If you didn't care why comment at all.It's real easy to call her stupid,we you don't know what she's going through or how she's feeling.Give them a break and get a life.

1863 days ago


TMZ you guys are slipping, I saw a way better picture of her in the truck on EOnline.

1863 days ago


to all you people who think this is no big deal it is. them two bring the worst out in each other and that is why they beat each other up. No man should ever hit a woman unless to defend himself for his life. A man is so much stronger than a woman. and once a man beats a woma he will continue to beat her and he has no respect for her. Love should not hurt so they don't love each other just another object to own. and what does Fox News have to do with any of this (sounds like a stupid liberal) trying to talk or make sense.

1863 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

That's all I see now,

Just a face that says, "Beat Me, Beat Me"!

1863 days ago


I got a date wit Rihanna

1863 days ago


I don't get this girl. She's made millions and now she is acting stupid. So typical of the noveau rich. Does she think she is above scrutiny. She stays with this guy and not only is his career over, so is hers.

Listen babe, expect future record sales to drop big time. Where is your family? They are living off your dough so they I guess they can be counted out to won't bring you to center. You have done a modified Britney and now your father better step up. People are loosing respect for you miss rihanna. Does not matter what that douchbag did. The ball is on your court and you fumbled it on purpose. Who is advising you? You know what I do when you come on the radio, I switch.

1863 days ago


I don't see why a person would stay out until 4:00 a.m. To do what??

1863 days ago


it's a little late too be celebrating your birthday all most 3 weeks after her actual birth day she could have celebrated while she was on vacation with chris or shortly there after it's not like she has a real 9 too 5 job like most people she does nothing all day and she wasn't healing at the hospital she must have forgotten about her birthday lol

1863 days ago


Anyone who defends her and/or Chris Brown is just as worthless. People felt sorry for her tell she decided not to do a damn thing about it. She dug her own grave so let her die in it

1863 days ago


The girl has to do what she feels is right for her, but unfortunately with her being so well known going back with Chris will send the wrong message to her young fans. The message will be that it is okay for someone to beat on you, and if you love them, they say they're sorry, etc. you let them stay in your life. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is NOT okay for anyone to have to endure this type of treatment. I think both of them are worried about their reputations, and careers much more than the seriousness of what he did to her. He's a spoiled punk who obviously needs anger management and to pay the consequences for his immature actions. What a jerk!!

1863 days ago

RiRi's Awesome    

HAHA you haters are pathetic.
I'm so glad she's out and about :) don't worry Rihanna people are just being lame
I mean if snoop dog can rape young girls and still get millions then why should you taking chris back make you fail?
XDD it won't
Can't wait for your new album :D more singles bby ;D and you still have A lot fans supporting you :D

1863 days ago
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