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Hunter Tylo Forgives and Forgets

3/12/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hunter TyloHunter Tylo filed legal papers last year claiming her boyfriend abused her children -- but all is well now, at least according to her.

In the legal papers, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Tylo claims her daughter told the family doctor that Corey Cofield was "yelling at her and her sister and hitting them with a belt." The daughter also says Corey made them do "excessive push ups," making them stay in push up position for 20 minutes.

Hunter also claims Corey once trapped her in her bedroom and grabbed her by the throat, "hard."

Corey denied all the allegations, but the judge granted the restraining order in May. In October Hunter had the order terminated, claiming he "has actively been taking parenting classes and has attended family and couple's therapy."


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I'm against any kind of abuse. However, this woman is a fruitcake, so who knows what the truth is? Try staying in a push-up position for twenty minutes. I think there's a lot of exaggeration here.

1990 days ago


Classes and therapy are a joke when it comes to abuse. And there's something wrong with a mother who could even get close to a man who abused her children even once. She's pathetic, and he's a jerk. I feel sorry for those kids.

1990 days ago

not- buyingit    

Does Not matter if he is black or white or purple, you Never go back to a man who has abused your children. Fool!
Hope we never heard of one of the kids ending up in the hospital or worse. RUn like hell Now woman.

1990 days ago


Corey Cofield is Black. There are pictures of them together on various sites. Her boobs are halfway to her knees!

1990 days ago


I can't believe she would forgive him after doing that to her kids!! FREAK!! Kids need help and a voice sometime..but it doesn't help when your own mom don't stick w/ the plans of keeping him away!!

1990 days ago


Her nicknames in the Bold and the Beautiful chatrooms are "Hung Far Low" "Tayboobs" etc... Her lips got hit with the plastic surgery ugly stick too. But y'all need to cut her a little slack. For those of you who don't know, her son died last year. So ease up on her okay?

1990 days ago


If your boyfriend (who is NOT the children's father btw) abuses the children - it's time for you as a MOTHER to never expose those children to him ever again. She is an idiot. Being a mother and protecting them trumps anything else. BTW, she is one of the most disfigured-by-plastic-surgery women out there. Clearly, this broad has self-esteem issues.

1990 days ago


Is this woman's self-esteem so low that she would reconcile with someone who ABUSED HER KIDS, just so she can have someone to sleep with at night? So sad, you would think that she could do better thans a LOSER who bullies CHILDREN and knocks her around. But, this is so old, this happened in OCTOBER!

1990 days ago


If some random man laid a single finger even ONCE on a child of mine -- heck -- on one of my dog's -- he would be lucky to still have testicles. Stupid needy bitch is sacrificing her kids for what.... a man? They're like a bus, another one will be along in a minute. Shameful woman.

1990 days ago


For sure if any man put his hands on my kids even once he would be gone. WTF!! She is suppose to be some good christian but she is really a big joke!

1990 days ago


When I need to "get in the mood", I picture the Blond homo from the TMZ Show, standing on a mountain, shirtless, and playing with his nipples. Man..there's nothing like it.

1990 days ago


Tylo is a serial suit filer.

1990 days ago


another Republican

1990 days ago


Why old grown azz celebrities who jack up their old ladies does not get as much press as young celebrities who are involved in the same type incidents. Why are we just hearing about Hunter Typo BF choking her and abusing her kids? They filed court papers and had a restraining order. TMZ you know you hog the court records like vultures. What cause you to let this one lie quietly? I guess this story was not big enough, it should have been. Abusing her is one thing but you never let a man who abused your kids back in the house to be around your kids. She has taken this guy back and he abused her kids. She is a grown azz women and should know better. Where is the backlash on Hunter? Rihanna is young and learning about relationships and you are trashing her like crazy. She only hurting herself, Hunter is harming her kids.

1990 days ago

Ya Think    

Where is her husband (she's not divorced yet...) and why isn't he doing all he can to remove his daughters from that home? Clearly, Deborah ... um ... I mean, Hunter ... isn't in her right mind and hasn't been for a long, long time. She files one lawsuit right after the other and makes one crazy claim after the other. She used to be a beautiful, intelligent person with the world at her feet but she's lost it. She needs help and until she gets it and gets her life in order, Michael needs to take those girls and run as fast as he can in the other direction! SAVE THE KIDS FROM THE MADNESS!

1990 days ago
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