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Hunter Tylo Forgives and Forgets

3/12/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hunter TyloHunter Tylo filed legal papers last year claiming her boyfriend abused her children -- but all is well now, at least according to her.

In the legal papers, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Tylo claims her daughter told the family doctor that Corey Cofield was "yelling at her and her sister and hitting them with a belt." The daughter also says Corey made them do "excessive push ups," making them stay in push up position for 20 minutes.

Hunter also claims Corey once trapped her in her bedroom and grabbed her by the throat, "hard."

Corey denied all the allegations, but the judge granted the restraining order in May. In October Hunter had the order terminated, claiming he "has actively been taking parenting classes and has attended family and couple's therapy."


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Hunter Tylo sure has alot of drama in her life, much of it quite sad as far as her daughter with the blindness and her son who passed away. However I can't help but think that she does bring certain drama on herself by getting in, and staying in, bad relationships. And for the person who said she's a serial litigant, you are right! She's totally sue happy.

2059 days ago

knows the truth    

#15 Spell Champ you are the idiot. Her boyfriend IS black and he is a musician. You obviously do not follow the celebrity gossip circuit so just butt out if you do not know what you are talking about.

2059 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

Who the hell is Hunter Tylo?

2059 days ago

Misplaced Texan    

Michael Tylo: Get in there and get your kids. If your ex-wife or estranged wife or whatever she is to you, wants to subject herself to abuse - abuse that sounds like it's been long term - then let her be the idiot. Let her be stupid enough to believe her jerk boyfriend can change. But you, Michael Tylo, owe it to YOUR children to remove them from a deadly situation. NOW!

2059 days ago


These "judges" grant restraining orders for actresses, but screw over non-famous women in jeopardy.

2059 days ago


This women certainly has a lot of drama in her life. She was truly one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood until she had plastic surgery.

2059 days ago


Okay, "knows the truth", I'll admit I don't follow the celebrity gossip circuit nearly as often as most posters on here. I have a life!

I'll further admit I'm an idiot and should have tried Google after IMDB. But, I guarantee you I'm not an idiot very often!

As for Mr. Cofield, he's a lowlife for abusing ANY children, much less his girlfriend's.

And Ms. Tylo also shares some blame for letting him back into her life.

And by the way...for the record, I'm African American and I think kids are the most precious beings on Earth; from Hollywood celebrity kids to those over in Africa and elsewhere, who are not as fortunate.

2059 days ago


drama? try karma.
she IS a serial suit filer. she was hired by Aaron Spelling to play a vixen back in the 90's. dream job. before filming began on her role she got knocked up, and when she was fired -- because a pregnant vixen wasn't quite going to work -- she had the audacity to sue. and for whatever reason she F'n won! partial proceeds went to her plastic surgeon, of course. pathetic.

2059 days ago


Another stupid female, what does it take for these idiots to get it? Do they have to be in intensive care? Have their abuser kill one of their kids? Michael Sr. and his new wife need to get custody of these kids and raise them properly in a loving home. It's not this Tylo woman hasn't dumped them before when she ran off to India, had an affair and did drugs. Now she's letting them be abused.

2059 days ago


Hunter Tylo is nuts! Once a man hits, he will continue to abuse. Michael Tylo(her ex) needs to sue her for full custody of those kids Let her go back to be hit on since she thinks it's OK. Leave her kids out of her drama filled life. Maybe TMZ can check to see what happened to the last law suit she filed(which she files many) ended up. I oftened wondered why the popular Bold & Beautiful keeps this woman hired. She's a walking disaster and drama Queen whose acting skills are horrible.She once was a beauty, now she's scary to look at since she's had so much plastic surgery.

2059 days ago


I'm sure that the loss of her son last year has clouded her judgement. She's a devout Christian and overall, from what I can see, a very nice person, outside of her love of plastic surgery.'s not my life.

2059 days ago


#47--she sued because she was terminated because she was pregnant. That's illegal. But the child from that pregnancy was born with a serious eye condition, so I'm sure that much of that money went to care for her daughter.

She hasn't had a charmed life...stop bashing about the use of the legal system, because unlike Octomom, she uses the system correctly.

2059 days ago


Unbelievable that this woman is coat-tailing on the Rhianna/Brown story - what a publicity whore. Michael Tylo needs to get his little girls away from their plastic psycho Mama ASAP. Any woman who would pimp out her kids and let some nutcase abuse them should lose custody and be sterilized.

2059 days ago


The courts need step in to sue this nut case and take her kids away from her. She's known as a drama Queen.She's placing them in danger, for what, a cheap affair?

2059 days ago

tuna marie    

i thought she was still married to that guy who used to be in the young and the restless?

2059 days ago
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