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Jonas Bros. Binge on Coke and Fast Food

3/12/2009 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hold on to your purity rings, because members of America's favorite evangelical Christian dandy boy band, Nick and Joe Jonas, were caught putting bad stuff into their bodies: Fast food!

For their penance, the Jonai will have to listen to their music and go one day without skinny jeans.


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Fonzworth V. Brightly    

Perhaps shoving fast food down they're gullets will improve the terrible singing voices that they all have!!!...jeez give us all a major break Jo' bros' and fade away, quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2020 days ago


TMZ- you comments were funny! lol

i just think jonas bros are just cheesy but hey theyre making the money and playing game smart. its working for them.

2020 days ago


Oh to be young, skinny and the envy of all of the apparent 30 somethings who are so jealous of the fact that these teen's have garnered such admiration and attention from so many and are getting paid wicked amounts of cash to boot. So in a few years, they will have moved on to other careers, most likely behind the scenes in the film or movie business, and will always have the memories of a great youth and all that cash to fall back on. GOOD FOR THEM . . . SO SORRY FOR YOU.

2020 days ago

We love blonde hottie dude!    

yeah, I agree, purity rings my azz....more like expert handlers that know how to market them and their crappy music to keep the cash coming in. In about 5 yrs. we will be reading how they all lost their virginity before they were even famous or while they were out on the road somewhere...spare me the angelic act.

2020 days ago


So what's wrong with their purity rings. If more young people wore them and adhered to what they stand for there would be fewer 14 and 15 year old kids becoming parents. And to you smart azzes who say they can't sing, where is your new CD and tour lineup?

2020 days ago


I really dislike your title on this photo "binge on coke and fast food". Binge?? he's holding a coke and a small bag of mcdonalds, and the other guy doesnt have anything, that's NOT binge eating. Binge implies that they have an eating disorder which i doubt. I like your TV show, its smart and tasteful, but dont put misleading titles on photos please.

2020 days ago


#21 You are so right
These guys had careers before Disney and also chose to be gentlemen before Disney. Disney didnt make these guys-they are just riding the wave with them. I wish more kids grew up like them, with respect and ingegrity.

2020 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Tim is a slut.

2020 days ago

Sin D    

Good 4 them ! This is a band that writes their own material, sings the songs and records them. More power to them, I predict we will be hearing music ( teeny and other more adult stuff) for many years.

2020 days ago


TMZ, how come every time you post a story about the Jonas Brothers you feel the need to mention their purity ring. Just because some people choose to behave and not hit the club scene every night and sleep around like an idiot doesn’t mean they don't deserve respect. The Jonas Brothers work hard at what they do writing there own music and lyrics. I thought that was what mattered how talented someone was I guess I was wrong. Another thing why dose it matter that they eat fast food? How is that news worthy? I Just because I know that all of you reading this probably think that I am a twelve year old girl I’m not I'm way over twelve.

2020 days ago


Thanks, #26 at least someone sees my point.

2020 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Slow day TMZ?

2020 days ago


Your prejudice towards Christianity is appalling. Find real villians.

2020 days ago


Ummm...Binge? TMZ...You are idiots!

2020 days ago

stephanie s.    

They look homeless and hungry.....

2020 days ago
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