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Kelly Clarkson

Singing for Two?

3/12/2009 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After Kelly Clarkson performed on "American Idol" last night, our mailbox was flooded with peeps saying she looked pregnant.

Either way, she rocked her performance.


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Kelly has always been an AVERAGE size gal. I say average, not fat, becuase she is not. WTF is wrong with people!! She looks normal!! I would like TMZ to comment on Megan Fox when her ass gets knocked up! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

2049 days ago


She isn't pregnant. She's just overweight and always has been. She obviously doesn't care about her weight. She needs to learn how to dress appropriately for being overweight.

2049 days ago


If anyone has even read one story recently about Kelly she stated she does not want children and does not date, cuz she has not time. Everytime a woman gains 5 ozs or wears someting comfortable she is pregnant..guess if you are not small enough to let it all hang out then you must be pregnant or just "FAT" God leave women alone and leth them be who they are..does evryone have to be anorexic so that the press and audience do not think she is huge or pregnant.

2049 days ago


awww....I am happy to see a celebrity who isn't psychologically tortured to be a size negative 1.....Kelly is real world!!!!! Rock on girl!!!!!

2049 days ago


I think she looks great. I have basically been 125 bls at 5'8 my whole adult life and I HATE it. Its painful anoying, and just plain gross. I eat like a horse but cant seem to gain weight if my life depended on it. I love seeing people full figured. They look so much more healthy and happy. I wish that was the industry standard not the tweaker thin model look.

2049 days ago


She just gained more wait again. Too bad she probably has trouble keeping slim. Who cares I still like her.

2049 days ago


I think she's beautiful! She's probably not pregnant, people are just used to seeing stick thin, unhealthy women parade around and she looks like a normal person. BTW, she sounds great!

2049 days ago


WTF...she doesn't look pregnant. Not everybody is a size 0, like that should even be a size. I say kudos to Kelly for not apologizing for her body, I think she looks great. Also, the girl has an awesome voice, would it be more acceptable if she were skinny but sounded like s**t. I get so sick of the media!

2049 days ago


She's just Fat. but its ok, there are a lot of fatties out there. We should just accept it, but don't.

2049 days ago


she didn't look preggars.. she looked hungry.. or more like she just came from a year at teh Golden Arches

2049 days ago


shes just a tad chunky

2049 days ago


Damn her ass is HUGE!!!!!! She was a little chunky durring idol then lost weight and looked great but now looks like she has 30-50 pounds on her. Damn her ass is HUGE. What the hell happened to her?

2049 days ago


Someones belly should never be bigger than their chest. and her belly is atleast 2 inches more than her chest, which makes her disportionate, hence the prego-look, my advice, tone up the stomach, dont have to lose weight just tone it up because really i saw her lastnite and i know they say, black is slimming but it did nothing for her lastnite.

2049 days ago


Wow....So I wasn't the only one who thought the same thing lastnight. I told my family she looked pregnant. She has that pregnant oval from stomach to behind. I know, I had the exact same look when I was pregnant, and this would explain the weight gain. Anyhow is she is pregnant....congratulations to you kelly!

2049 days ago


Fat Heffer....And to think I use to whack off to her a couple of years ago....Man how time changes everyone & everything....

2048 days ago
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