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Neverland Was Filled with Sculpted Boys

3/12/2009 9:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson has fired off another legal attack in the hopes of keeping his personal creepy stuff from Neverland off of the auction block -- but these legal papers come fully equipped with an item-by-item breakdown of every bizarre, disturbing item on his property. Warning: It gets weird...

Michael Jackson -- launch docs
Here's a sample of some of the various works of art on the 2,952 item list: "boy with accordion," "boy sitting on bricks," "boy w/ baton and hat w/ feathers," "two boys on swing bar," "two boys with ladder," "boys sleeping on bench," " boys milking goat," "boy on a toy car with girl," "boy pulling, 2 boys on a bike," "boy lifting girl," "2 boys sitting on a sunflower," "little boy with turquoise overalls on a stand," "bronze boy and girl hugging," "bronze boy carrying a fruit basket," "boys catching fish." And it goes on and on and on and on ....

Jacko also has an item described as "child's upper body mannequin." In fact, he has two of those.

Check out the documents. Discuss among yourselves...


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You gotta be kidding me...    

Can you say PEDOPHILE? Good, I knew you could...

2029 days ago

The Dude shows MJ is a penis princess.

2028 days ago

Womb for one    

No WONDER he's broke, who needs all that sht?! Yes, Michael Jackson is weird. Yes, his house is filled with weird things. There were a lot of awards in there, are they going to take away his awards too?
Giant fiberoptic Mickey Mouse rug framed..
Life sized Yoda figure...
Rubber life-sized Darth Vader figuring..
Life sized Harry Potter maniquin?!?!... Look out Dan!

2028 days ago


There's a lot of girl stuff too. But its not like he had a garden or these in the rooms in his estate. These items were in an AMUSEMENT PARK.

The sculptures too are also innocent and mostly bronze like. Nothing perverted. The perverted ARE YOU who read into or point out BOY this BOY that.

This shows what goes on IN YOUR MIND with these assumptions. Same thing goes to the investigators zooming in on that to make a case or something.

2028 days ago


Shame on you TMZ.

2028 days ago


crazy ignorant..just made me laugh at this article. what should Michael supposed to be collecting? A girls stuff??? .. girl w/ baton and hat w/ feathers," "two girls on swing bar," "two girls with ladder," "girls sleeping on bench," " girls milking goat," "girl pulling, 2 girls on a bike," "boy lifting girl," "2 girls sitting on a sunflower," "little girl with turquoise overalls on a stand," "bronze boy and girl hugging," "bronze girl carrying a fruit basket," "girls catching fish." And it goes on and on and on and on ....- HOWS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN THEN IF HE COLLECTS GIRL STUFF???

2028 days ago

fortune cookie    

I wish I had those MJ jackets...

There's a lot of collectibles I would love to own, sheesh TMZ....who wouldn't want those items????????

I want all the stuff in the game room!!!!!!

2028 days ago


TMZ is bidding on all those items to complete their collection.

2028 days ago

Ike and Tina - Reunited and it feels so good!!!    

First of all there is no proof that Michael is a pedophile. Secondly, this story is highly misleading. The list includes many girl items as well. But people can say what they want because the man can still sell out stadiums in no time flat. I for one am praying he will have an American leg of his final tour. I'll be first in line.

2028 days ago


hey at least he's got a marble and bronze bust of woman(4784)!!!!!

2028 days ago


Is it weird? Yes. But it's bloody Michael Jackson!!! Remember the cops have gone through his house and computers, videos, dvds etc and haven't found any evidence of foul play. Give the guy a break. No wonder he's so effed up when the attack on his life is 24/7.

2028 days ago

David Thomas    

There are also many girls-statues on the list. What's the problem. Maybe some Items belongs to one of his kids. Best regards from germany.

2028 days ago


TMZ, did your people actually READ the entire list? Your looking like dramatic idiots. A lot of theses items are decos for miniture train sets, etc.....and lets not forget the guy has kids. Seriously, you're insulting us as your readers.

2028 days ago


Did you ever stop to think maybe the "boy" statues represent the boy he never got to be!?! Put yourself in that man's shoes, he never got the chance to normal. I'm sorry I don't believe he did any harm to a child ever. Yeah he paid out a settlement, that was to keep it from being more of a circus then it was. What kind of parent's would take money and not want the person that victimized their son to be prosecuted. Leave the man alone!!!

2028 days ago


@'ve been to his ranch "a few times"...hmmm did you take your kids or just you lol you people are pathetic. Michael Jackson is a PEDOPHILE and the only reason he has not been convicted is because he pays great money to parents who crazy enough to let the little boys stay (and sleep in the bed???????) with MJ. But lets not kill the person who preys on little kids and worthless parents. Yes he has made history but that says nothing about his character or did I miss the Noble Peace Prize

2028 days ago
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