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OctoMom: Confessions of a Babyaholic

3/12/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attention Target shoppers: There's a special on OctoMoms in aisle fourteen.

Nadya Suleman took time out from being on "Dr. Phil" to buy some diapers for her 47 children on Wednesday.

A mutha's work is never done.


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idaho potato    

Leave her alone.

2054 days ago


I love you toofastforyou! I want to be you dirty Whor* forever yours

2054 days ago

The Dugger Family    

This women is unbelievable!! She's nothing but a free loading self absorbed self centered drain on the taxpayers. Someone please wise up and take away this "disabiliy" income or whatever she is getting. She looks perfectly healthy to me. I smell insurance fraud here and a lot of poopy diapers!! Call social services!!!

2054 days ago


ok you guys...........enough already . she has kids , were tired of hearing about it . those kids are precious send her to my home town and ill help her take care of them.

2054 days ago


Those babies need to be put up for adoption. An open adoption with loving parents in and around LA who cannot have children of their own. An open adoption. Period.

2054 days ago


Her father's name is on her house so she can keep collecting welfare and food stamps. The woman is a sickening leech. She may be buying diapers, but no doubt she'll expect other people to do the dirty work.

2054 days ago


Ok, now its getting kinda old...she has 14 kids...who cares!! LEAVE HER ALONE!! Let her raise her kids without you all being up in her business!!

2054 days ago


MAN!!! Look at all those different tyes of diapers in that cart. Size "N" for new born to a size fricken 14. Is there something wrong with this picture. So are we suppost to accept this? Do people really think that she is going to be able to pay for all of these kids AND if she can how will she take care of all of them. I dont understand the helpers are not going to be there forever, so when the kids get older how is she going to go grocery shopping etc.....?

2054 days ago


Is that phone glued to her head? Practically every picture shows her with a cell phone stapped to her dome. Worthless.

2054 days ago


Damn! My wife and I work and we cannot afford huggies. You're welcome F' off.

2054 days ago

idaho potato    

Leave her alone. People who care about her and her chilren are ready to help, are helping, and will continue to help. Back off this story. The children will be fine if all you bores stop throwing hate at her.

I think this is sort of over kill now, TMZ.

2054 days ago


really need to stop giving this moron media attention she is lovingevery minute of it not only did she make her self look like jolie now she is getting the attention if i were her i woul be so embarresed

2054 days ago


I have 3 kids and am getting no child support....but I had them the natural way and have a JOB!!!! Am I flaunting my kids on TV and begging the public for money??? NO!!!! She's nothing but a waste of human space. She's exploiting these kids just to get the attention and free crap for HERSELF. How many pictures do you see of her going to visit these babies in the hospital??? NONE!!!!!! When my daughter was a preemie in the hospital I was there 2 times a day and waiting outside for visitation!! SELFISH!!!!

2054 days ago


She is a frickin nut case and I don't want to pay for her stupidness as much as the next person, but those babies need to be taken care of. PERIOD. Hopefully, they will have all the love they need from her. I don't see how 1 person can care for 14 children and take adequate care of them, but I guess we will see. Hopefully, our tax paying money will support them and she will love them. If not, get SRS involved, please. The babies are the important ones here. She's just a nutcase who happens to be their mother.

2054 days ago

Bajan Woman    

Now she's looking for the attention of the baby supplies companies and I hope they do not get involved in her scam. Her behaviour, from conception, has been outrageous.

2054 days ago
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