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OctoMom: Confessions of a Babyaholic

3/12/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attention Target shoppers: There's a special on OctoMoms in aisle fourteen.

Nadya Suleman took time out from being on "Dr. Phil" to buy some diapers for her 47 children on Wednesday.

A mutha's work is never done.


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I wonder if Dr.Phil is funding her shopping ? I am so sick of seeing this woman,I feel so sorry for her kids.She thinks people owe her something because she has 14 kids.Other people have huge families and they dont ask for help.I think we are feeding into this whole situation..She needs to figure out how to care for these kids by herself..I dont have 14 kids I only have 1 kid..My husband was KIA in 2007 and I have taken car of my child without ANY help...

2019 days ago


Wait- does this mean she IS doing the porn movie after all?!

2019 days ago


Mommyof1 - Wow. You sure punctuated the insanity of it all.

I am so sorry for your loss and wish you well.

I am guessing you will be fine with the realistic, focussed attitude you have. You will make your child proud.

Thank you for your post.........

2019 days ago

Kelly R.    

To the people defending her I would like to say this:
First of all, yes there are innocent kids involved, and they DO need help. Well guess what, so do my kids... I have a 13 and 15 year old, and just got my work hours cut from 40 a week to 16 a week. With two jobs, and minimal child support I struggle to make ends meet every month. And I have been struggling for a long time. So do you know what I did? I got my tubes tied. I knew I couldn't afford to have any more children (well I couldn't afford to take care of them properly), so I stopped having them. Sure I could've kept on popping them out and made you guys pay for them LOL But I have enough love, and common sense, to know when enough is enough.
She is selfish and I really hopes Social Services steps in. Are we ALL supposed to help her because she didn't have the common sense to put the needs of her first 6 before her own ego? Give me a break... She isn't a victim of anything, and I sincerely hope those kids go to people who deserve them and can take care of them, not just use them to fill her inner void... If Nadya is trying to fill a void, I'd like to suggest she switch to drugs, they're cheaper than kids LOL

2019 days ago


Why does she look like she's on crack? GOSH! She must be SO tired from taking all those pictures and NOT taking care of her kids.

2019 days ago


Why is she always on the phone???? Every picture shows it stuck to her head! Guess cell phone charges in the states are cheaper than up here in Canada.

2019 days ago


Crisa - Your comments are disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I agree with Idaho Potato. You people spewing all your hate need to check yourselves. What exactly is your problem? Quit saying YOU are personally paying for Nadya Shuleman's kids because you aren't. If you are so worried about where your tax dollars are going than petition congress, instead of whining on TMZ. You all have no idea what Nadya is thinking or what she is going through. Maybe she has friends watching her kids. Maybe it's faster for her to go buy diapers without the kids. Maybe they are sick. Maybe Target is closer than Costco. Who knows? Why do you care? Stop being so judgmental. Leave her alone. Show some goodness. Yes, her judgment is poor and she does have problems but that doesn't mean she is a horrible person.

2019 days ago


see, she has to appear to be talking on the cell, to make herself look important, probably booking more interviews bet there is nothing but a dial tone, second ,she stated she earned her house, doing what,? she also stated she is looking into other options, yea we know what they are, no one in their right mind would do what she has done and then turn around and ask the public and companies to support her, well thats not real like nadya, real life is hard work and taking care of what we create, not depending on everyone eles. she is now in her mind QUEEN of the neighorhood, well i am for the poor neighbors, that are about to have their whole lives disrupted, their peace and quite is over and had she moved in my area i would do exactly what they are doing. she has brought all this on herself for attention and money, and now she stated again she is looking for even more donations. . sad part of it all is she is getting away with all this and noone has come forward to say the game is over ,i say leave her in the house 14 hours all by her self with all 14 kids, then you will see the real real nadya, she will be begging the state to come take all of them . why not give her a big dose of her own bitter medicine.

2019 days ago


Her plan worked exactly the way she wanted it and now she is laughing at us while she waltz's to the bank! She has a new house, unpaid nannies 24/7, money, probably a reality show and a new modified van to tote her tribe around. She won!

2019 days ago


Kelly R - While I respect what you did, not everyone has to be like you in order to be correct. People are different and they make different decisions for their own personal reasons. You did what you needed to do and Nadya is doing what she needs to do. Think beyond your own sphere of life.

2019 days ago


Did her hair suddenly get much longer? Last I saw it was just past her shoulders. Is this long pony-tail a weave?

2019 days ago



2019 days ago


Isn't it sad that Ms. Suleman has so much trouble with the truth! She gives so many different answers and none of them make any sense. Her poor neighbors. Probably what they should do is make videos of her comings and goings to see how she conducts herself with the kids. In this economy, it could come in handy. They could take this opportunity to make some money for themselves and sell the tapes (like octo-mom). Then, invite the Dept. of Child Protective Services to view it. Maybe that smug smirk on octo-mom's face would fall off when they find her in violation of their guidelines/regulations. This saga is so disgusting and no one should have to put up with all the drama that surrounds her, especially her neighbors..

2019 days ago


As long as the world keeps talking about her she is happy. It has happened before just not all at once like her that women has had 10+ children. She is shopping at Target. Target is not the place you want to shop at if you don't have money. She should be shopping at some food outlet type store. Hell even Walmart is cheaper than Target. She is a BIG FRAUD and is using her children to gain fame. She needs her ass whooped. DUMBASS!!!!

2019 days ago


Fargo Flash - you are wicked. I don't get where you people come up with this crap. If her neighbors do that than they are horrible. ALL MOMS have problems and ALL MOMS make mistakes. You people are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

2019 days ago
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