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OctoMom: Confessions of a Babyaholic

3/12/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attention Target shoppers: There's a special on OctoMoms in aisle fourteen.

Nadya Suleman took time out from being on "Dr. Phil" to buy some diapers for her 47 children on Wednesday.

A mutha's work is never done.


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She is so disgusting. Makes me sick everytime I see here. Looks like she's never bathed.

2020 days ago


who is she always on the phone with?

2020 days ago

Hoosier chick    

She needs to go to Costco to buy those diapers in bulk! Jeez! 2 cans of formula, that will last all of an hour!

2020 days ago


The way to handle this is to change the laws regarding implanation of embryos, ie. set strict guidelines. The damage has been done with regard to Octomom and the fact she gave birth to eight babies. What's done is done. The best thing now is to provide Nadya and her brood with help and support. These babies do not deserve the horror of foster care and all the repercussions.

2020 days ago

Jesus juice    

KUDOS to TMZ who post daily pics of this lazy assed bitch. TMZ at least validates what us intelligent NON DONATING people have thought about her and her actions. Personally, I still like the video of her at the gasstation getting yelled by the general public!! I'm sure the people on here that defend her aren't complaining about Dr. Phil and everyone else who are "going on and on about her" though. For someone who is a GREAT mom, she sure doesn't spend much quality time with the kids does she??? You would think since she is soooo worried about the 6 kids being jealous of the new 8, that she would be spending as much time as possible caring for them..........I thought she said that she would "stop my life for them"...looks like she isn't!!! (She could have her FREE help go out and do the shopping for her while she cared for the other ones that she has at home) And yeah, maybe she can go in to a doc and have that cellphone permanently implanted into her ear!! I don't know how you can take care of kids when you're on the phone constantly. And, to mother of sympathy to you. I don't know how old you child is.....but mine was 5 when his daddy (my ex-husband) died 2 years ago. IT'S HARD!!! My little one can remember he and his daddy doing alot of things....he still cries for his daddy at times....I have mine in counseling to try and work through it. When the anniversary date of his death comes up, that is when it seems he talks more about his daddy. Even though we were divorced, I never said a negative thing about his dad...funny thing is we got to be friends again --after the divorce. I've also got a teenager in the house....that's why I post comments about "Wait til those kids of Nadya's turn into teenagers!!!!" I hope TMZ is around them....OMG...NOW THAT WILL BE FUNNY!!! Nady HAS NO CLUE WHAT she just did by having all those kids!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

2020 days ago

idaho potato    

Regarding #32.

I never said it was a race or religion issue. She's not black and she's not Jewish. You got it wrong. My question: What's the difference in writing horrible derogatory names in a blog or yelling racial or religious insults? There is no difference. The actions are connected by hate. So much hate that people can't let it go. LET IT GO!

There are those who will help and there are those who stand to the side and yell insults. Which are you? Yell and curse away. Some haters yell "n*gg*er," others yell "dirty Jew," and yet others yell "slut" or "bitch."

The truth: Nadia had six previous children through IVF. She had six embryos left that were due to be destroyed. She did not want to destroy them for personal and religious reasons. Her doctor implanted six embryos as he and his IVF team had done before, with the history usually being multiple implants = one baby. This time the pregnancy yielded six babies and two of the eggs twinned, making for a total of eight. Yes, she could have chosen selective abortion, but did not want to because of her religious convictions.

Dumb choice? Did she decided the actions on emotion rather then common sense? Yes, she has admitted that already. But the babies are here, the situation is what it is, and it's time to put down the rocks and pick up a little understanding. Help or get out of the way.

The media drives this story. It's time to stop this media circus fueled by the media themselves, including TMZ.

2020 days ago


question, shouldnt she be affraid of being in public so much knowing how most feel about her? i wouldnt even show my face for fear i would be attacked and she flaunts herself as is she is owner of all, its only a matter of time before someone or even more walks up to her and beats the livin crap out of her. and talk about donations, whoever does it wont have to worry about legal fees most of us will gladly pay them for what ever court cost they encounter.. she is only asking for it the more she appears out in her fancy clothes, starbucks coffee etc... hey, nadya whats wrong with goodwill, i shop there so do many americans, oh, thats not good enough, i just insulted her for saying that.

2020 days ago


Huggies diapers... Enfamil formula. I've got three kids we buy off brand so we can AFFORD TO PAY FOR OUR OWN CHILDREN OURSELVES. She makes me so MAD!!!

2020 days ago


Why doesn't she stay at home and order these things online and get it delivered to her house. Must she always go out and embarrass herself? She should also buy some baby gates while she's at it....BABY-PROOF THAT HOME!!!! I smell more 911 calls coming soon. Huggies and Enfamil are damn expensive...what is she thinking?! Did Dr. Phil's money buy this purchase?

I'm a mother of 2 and don't buy anything new. I would dare not to buy shoes or outfit over $40 each!! She's a selfish bitch and probably think the money is going to keep rolling in. I want her 15 minutes of fame to end NOW!!

2020 days ago

Jesus juice    

Hey SPUD!!! (referring to Idaho potato)....if you don't like what the VAST MAJORITY of the public is writing...then leave the TMZ site. The butt-faced lazy assed BITCH is the one who went straight from the hospital to the media......and is ONLY receiving all her donations because SHE WENT to the media. Now....WHAT part of THAT don't you understand? Oh...this must be Nadya ...cuz it obviously ISN'T sinking in.

2020 days ago

Hoosier chick    

Idaho potato - Just because you have something doesn't mean you have to use it. If I have money in the bank, I don't necessarily have to spend it. The least she could have done is donate them to a couple that can't have children. I understand the situation "is what it is," but it is STUPID and irresponsible! I am sure that she had options! Catholics don't believe in birth control, but you don't see every Catholic person with 14 kids!

2020 days ago


i also agree with all of you who say the house isnt big enough, there isnt a place anywhere big enough for her EGO.

2020 days ago


Disgusting self-serving pig she is. Who's paying the cell phone bill? Is she looking for work? How is she going to pay the taxes on all these free gifts she is getting? How is she going to pay property taxes on the free "Doctor" Phil house? Hope the IRS is watching her and the fake "Doctor" Phil media deal really close.

2020 days ago


Idaho Potato - I agree with you. People just have a lot of time on their hands and a lot of hate to throw around. You are right in what you are saying - you don't have to like Octo-mom but what good are you doing by calling her names?

2020 days ago


to: idaho potato

Nadia can go on and on about not allowing her embryo's to be destroyed because they are her children thereby compelling her to giving EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM A CHANCE AT LIFE. Then doesn't the real travesty become having created no less then 40 embryo's to begin with!?!?!?!?! 5-6 embryo's implanted each time x 6 successful pregnancies + 2 unsuccessful implantations just prior to the octuplets birth = at least 40 embryo's. This is a recipe for disaster and I think a very compelling arguement that "she just wanted to give all her embryo's a chance at life" is no argument at all.

While not making house payments she's getting welfare and hoarding any money she did have for more IVF's. Irresponsible and unexcusable. I feel sorry for those children. She is selfish and spoiled and has no idea of the sacrafices required to be a good mother.

2020 days ago
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