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Corey Feldman: Pretty Young Thing

3/13/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's former child star Corey Feldman (left) at some event in Hollywood on Wednesday -- and the remnants of former King of Pop Michael Jackson (right) in London last week.

Corey and Michael

At the age of 12, Corey became good friends with Jacko.

We're just sayin'.


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I trust the white guy.

2052 days ago

London not England    

Well Greta,
MJ''s misplaced sexuality is clearly the result of him not being able to have a "normal" sexual doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out....
The average "would-Be" homosexual has the "luxury" of "coming out" usually without the entire world seeing it...maybe just the persons in his/her own family, or home town. I say "home town" because if you're a "budding homosexual" in a larger city such as New York, Los Angeles, or the like, chances are no one would care or bat an eye lash....
MJ had to repress homo-erotic feelings, and still function as an active "adult" sexually when he could...
his psyhcological need to stay a child is part of his persona that has developed in the unique world of the "child-star-prodigy" that affects many in his unique position.
Does this help?!?!?
it still doesn't make the fact the fact that his legacy with be that he will be considered an oddity forever....and that is sad....

2052 days ago


What is with TMZ and the unrelenting Jacko comments lately? Rediculous. Anywho, Corey Feldman was NOT molested by Michael Jackson. He did publically clarify that he had been molested as a child by some older men who worked with him, but not by Jackson who had been a good friend.

2052 days ago

I love lame MJ jokes    

Oh yes, now that Michael has launched a comeback and just sold out 50 dates at London's O2 Arena, it's time for the claws to come out again.

Ain't it werid? A man can sell millions of records and sell out an unprecedented 50 shows and he's still a "has been"? People love Michael Jackson. They will support him. He will continue to sell millions of records and entertain the world. It kills you, doesn't it?

2052 days ago


No one is ever happy with themselves. Micheal wanted to look like Diana Ross, Corey wants to look like Micheal Jackson and I want to look like Anna Nicole Smith, *sigh* I wonder who wants to look like me?

2052 days ago


I would like to thank Kevin for clearing up for everyone that he is clearly

2052 days ago


Bravo Kevin! #21. I think you got it pretty much right on both your posts. I can't recall EVER seeing a human being transform so much in their life time. While it is sad, if what is said is true and there are guys walking around today with the memory of "things" being done to them by MJ when they were young is even sadder. It's all very creepy, sad and disturbing! And I believe only a fragment of his life has been told. SOOOO much more no one will ever know.

2052 days ago


mike aitn molest nobody...prove it and then it's so. but as i recall he was found not guilty. are we still in america? or does that not even matter....why have the damn trial then. just my honest and humble opinion

2052 days ago


Ya know, sheila is right.

2052 days ago

chris t    

nah MJ did not force CF.....CF volunteered to give MJ a BJ

2052 days ago


I hope Feldman is gearing up for another RocknRoll High School!!

2052 days ago


Is Corey Feldman a PERVERT as well? Maybe he picked up a few pointers from Jack-O at an early age. The similarities are astonishing...

2052 days ago

hoppin mama    

Corey was always a creepy lookin dude

2052 days ago



MJ will NOT do 50 concerts.

He'd be lucky to make it through one.

If 50 concerts did sell out it's probably mostly to his own people, the Media, Reporters, curiousty seekers, ticket sellers to other countries, scalper wannabes, Sideshow Freak Watchers, etc.

The guy can barely stand on his own two feet for very long. Who's going to be holding him up?
There is NO WAY he can PERFORM

2052 days ago


Corey seems to be cool as hell. I think is he very talented and I was happy to see in his reality show that he has not turned into the typical child actor and he actually made something of himself. He works hard and seems like a realy down to earth guy. So to all the haters... get a life b/c you would have loved to have 1% of his success.

2051 days ago
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