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OctoMom -- Howdy Neighbors!

3/13/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bad omen: OctoMom Nadya Suleman hasn't even moved in yet and someone TP'd her new house. But hey, with 14 kids, she could probably use some free toilet paper -- just not like this.



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Thing is, it's Nadya's kids who will suffer the most from all the backlash -- unless they are as deluded as she is. Seems cruel to keep up the anger against this babies4money greedy moron. She'll use her kids as an excuse and buffer from now on because it works for her demented plan. Dr. Phil should get his greedy a$$ over there to clean up the mess.

1987 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Give it a year and the house will look exactly like this, but with used toilet paper!

1987 days ago


This woman should be careful. There are a lot of angry taxpayers in California that see her living better than they do and still collecting benefits and sticking them with multimillion dollar medical bills, and they want a piece of her.

1987 days ago


12. As much as I despise this woman it is sad that her kids that are at home have to see their new home TeePeed and the older children most likely understand why.

Posted at 10:49AM on Mar 13th 2009 by angel

Don't worry angel, I'll betcha all her kids will be out running the neighborhood doing the same thing with spray paint on walls in a few years...It'll come back around

1987 days ago


Hope it was two-ply! Jobless OctoMom has expensive taste!

1987 days ago


I hope she gets run out of the country.

1987 days ago


The reality is these pranks and acts of hatred will only get more deliberate and dangerous. I was thinking about how she could make her life even more hated...try this one on for size...Octomom meets new boyfriend and....wait for it...he gets her PREGNANT! Can't wait for that show on Dr. Phil. I want to send a big shout out to the morons who are actually financing this train wreck - sup my man Dr. Phil, dumb celebrities, and the state of CA!

1987 days ago


Alright now people. Yes, she totally screwed up! But come on, her kids have to live with all of this also. What their mom has done is not their fault.. They have to live in that house too. Whoever did this, did it the the house where all of those small children will live, their home. How would you feel if everywhere you went people were being mean to your mom? They most likely don't understand the craziness going on. And What about the grandmother. She has made it very clear that she is not happy about he daughters decisions, but that is her daughter and she is doing what a mom should do, help her daughter. All of the bad stuff being done to her daughter effects her too. Leave then alone already. Think about those kids and do to help them and be there for them. They all should not be punished for their mom's mistakes. Can you imagine what would happen if our kids had to pay for all of our mistakes?

1987 days ago

Cool Do Brit!    

This is just STUPID. How are those kids going to be able to fit into the neighbourhood with the other kids with all this asinine goings on? She clearly needs help in the worst way- and I don't mean just having nannies come care for her brood. Social Services need to evaluate her situation and take action.
These folks getting a charge out of attacking an obviously mentally unstable person are like a pack of wolves.
In each pack there's always one that gets the living daylights beat out of it-- one at the bottom called the 'scapegoat'. It would seem Nadia has become that. Only, humans aren't wolves, and should know better. Yes she's made some really disturbing choices that affect many many children- however, those children shouldn't be punished.
How long before someone physically assaults her- and worse yet, in front of her children? That's where this is headed- and it's Horrid! Grow Up People!

1987 days ago


that is so awesome, but whey didn't they salt her lawn too? get used to it, nadya, everybody is disgusted with your revolting sense of entitlement. hope there is more to come.

1987 days ago


I don't know what Nadya was thinking when she had all these kids, but hope that somewhere in her new neighborhood there are people with compassion. Just because you don't agree with her choices, doesn't give you the right to victimize her and her family.

1987 days ago


ahahahaaaaa classssssssic.

1987 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

For all the pleading Phil and Oprah put out for her you've got to wonder how it'll all go down when OctoHo comes begging THEM for scratch when her funds and donations run out. Oh yeah, they'll go quiet quick.

1987 days ago


I have come to realize something about this country and that is there are hateful and vindictive people out there who think they are better than others or think they have been given the right to call others names, hurt others and threaten others, all because they are tax payers. In Nadya's case, these tax payers do not care that there are children involved and that is sad. they cannot see past the mother otherwise the buffoon that teepeed that house wouldn't have done so. Whoever you are, you think you've done a noble act but all you've done is just make yourself look like a damn fool who is probably jobless with nothing better to do.
Move past Nadya and let her and her children be for crying out loud. She should be the least of our worries with the economy crashing around us and a major recession heading our way.

1987 days ago


Octo gave birth to a bunch of premature babies, many of which will have disabilities, because she is stupid and unattractive and that was her only way to get rich famous. Well, she's famous, but I cringe when I think what the cost will be to her fourteen children.

The best thing for her children will be if everyone ignores her. She will get tired of them when they don't get her on TV, and maybe people who actually care about babies will raise them.

1987 days ago
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