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OctoMom -- Howdy Neighbors!

3/13/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bad omen: OctoMom Nadya Suleman hasn't even moved in yet and someone TP'd her new house. But hey, with 14 kids, she could probably use some free toilet paper -- just not like this.



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Chuck D of Valpo    

Call it a hunch, but perhaps someone was just donating toilet paper to the cause. Strange days indeed. A most peculiar mama.

2059 days ago


This Dr. Phil , Angels in Waiting and Allred are a huge enablers and of
a sick situation. First of
all where does this Dr. Phil get off Begging his nation wide audience to donate money to this system scammer. Seems to me that allowing Octo-scammer in the Privacy of your own home, for the sake
of future show ratings
doesn’t say much for you McGraw!! Also it looks to me like your the dummy in the end game, Tremendous TV exposure and setting up Web begging site for her. So lets look at the big picture. Suleman gets in the long run a New home, six plus months of 24/7
childcare and windfall
profits from tabloids.
We all get it Dr. Airbag
"it's for the kids" is your justification of giving her access to free everything so the
the kids don't suffer. Thanks to greedy TV show hosts, famous lawyers, and so-called
non profit agencies Angels in Begging, again the taxpayer is picking up this tab. People would be more impressed Dr.Begger if
you reached in your own pocket and paid for this insanity. With a multi- million dollar salary ,I am sure a couple hundred thousand out
of your savings won't
put you in the soup lines. Instead You and Allred go right back to the average middle class person and tell us to reach in our pockets. You so biz overpaid talking heads are a disgrace. In closing seems to me like Octomom is considerably smarter then most of you TV personalities. Everything you and Allred are crying about
Suleman doing, your worse. Do you want to tell us all how You (Dr. McGraw, Allred and Angels in Waiting are not using US. You big name celebes helping
Suleman are huge disappointment. Hope it was worth it you SELLOUTS!!

2059 days ago


That is SOOOO funny! I am positive that the taxpayers of California would rather pay for toilet paper rather than food, clothing and shelter(also designer clothes, hand bags and accessories) for this self serving, conning of the AMERICAN people woman... I would LOVE to see this woman fail and to see these poor children be adopted out EARLIER rather than later... PLEASE don't prop this woman up and give her anymore donations because she's nothing but a BIG scab and she should be in jail!!! I will NEVER watch DR. Phil again unless he stops condoning bad behavior... His rational is unconsistent on one hand he's saying " I don't condone a man hitting a woman(Rihanna & Chris Brown)" and on the other hand he's rewarding a scamming woman who is using her children for financial gain!!! What's up Dr. Phil? How's that working for you?

2059 days ago


she has made her self so hated by so many people, i can't understand why they would let those babies come home to her. i don't know what i would do to keep that person from being around my block and my kids thinking her way of life was ok with our goverment . she is not only messing up her children but she is also interfering in us trying to raise our children the right way. so who is protecting our kids from her. she is more dangerous to those kids then anyone outside her house. i don't feel anyone would hurt those children but she just has a way of making people so angry. just look at her record her own mom and dad don't like her . all dr phill and the poor no money angels in waiting keep saying is, it's for the kids. i guess the kids new names must be dr. phill and angels in waiting.

2059 days ago


I would have used it first.
I hate this bi*ch.
And every one of her smelly, snot nosed, greasy little offspring. That's right, I went there, them too. And ALL of you people out there on welfare with your litters whining about being poor. Two words, STOP BREEDING. The pill is only $20 a month if you feel you can't keep your legs closed.

2059 days ago


C'mon guys. While she is an opportunist and is squirting the kids out for money, the kids are innocent in all of this. To toilet paper the yard is going to scare those children and it could get worse, so stop and remember that there are children living there. Hopefully, they will be taken away from her.

2059 days ago


That is pathetic and I feel terrible for her children. And, for the neighbors who did NOTHING to warrant this type of nonsense in their neighborhood. At the very least, the people who did this have no class, and probably alot of skeletons in their closet that make them no one to judge other people. But hey, trash is trash.

2059 days ago


boo f'n hoo.

2059 days ago


PLEASE NO MORE OCTOMOM!!! I can't stand it anymore

2059 days ago


hey look at the bright side... her 14 kids can help her clean up super fast!

2059 days ago


Not a fan of her or what she did, but this is just so not cool, its not funny and its not ok. Its plain mean spirited.

2059 days ago


Idaho Potato: You are ILL informed....Please know this....My mother was unable to care for me the same way that OCTOMOM can't care for her litter of 14 and she did what she thought was responsible and DID put me into the Foster Care system in California and I was adopted rather quickly and THANK GOD... I see now, that she did the right thing for her and myself... I came out PERFECTLY, I'm married, I have a beautiful child,own my own home and have a job!!! Recently, I met my birth mother, and I am grateful for being an adoptee... Stop speaking of things you know nothing of.....

2059 days ago


It's about time American taxpayers get fed up with welfare abuse like this. We are supporting millions of non-deserving, lazy, non-working, no-good people on welfare. We are supporting millions of unwed mothers like this. They get a certain amount from the government for each child. We are also supporting millions of illegal aliens in this exact manner, and we are about to get approximately 40 million more illegals added to welfare, supported by us. It's about time American taxpayers do something to put a stop to all this horrible abuse.

2059 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

That is so childish we have no problem with other people doing what she did the only difference is she is single people are mean just leave her alone.

2059 days ago


As much as you or we all can not stand this woman please do not torment the kids and make them feel bad in their own hoe. The kids do not seserve this. They have and will be put threw enough mental stress.

2059 days ago
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