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OctoMom -- Howdy Neighbors!

3/13/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bad omen: OctoMom Nadya Suleman hasn't even moved in yet and someone TP'd her new house. But hey, with 14 kids, she could probably use some free toilet paper -- just not like this.



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Wow thats impressive, TP the house and make the kids suffer that live there. All the hate is going to do is force the local police dept to provide a cop sit in front of her house, again more "tax payer" money that everyone is complaining about and then you will complain about that. I hope he neighbors open their hearts and welcome her and her family into the neighbor hood and make the kids feel safe.

1986 days ago


Sure, I hope the neighbors welcome the kids and that the kids don't suffer. But Nadya can go to HELL!!!

1986 days ago


Perhaps there should be some legislation outlawing these fertility clinics, considering world over-population and unscrupulous actions such as practiced by this doctor and other doctors. As as far as I can determine, America is the only country where anyone can get away with something like this. China allows only one child per married couple.

1986 days ago


Suleman are a huge disappointed. Hope it was worth it you SELLOUTS!!

Posted at 1:00PM on Mar 13th 2009 by mad taxpayer
Wow, that post touched a really special place in my heart. I just needed to get that out.

1986 days ago

Gram 23    

This shows how much DANGER the babies and other 6 will be in. She needs a 6 foot wall and body guards to protect the children. Peaople rather hate then act humen. This is so sick. No matter how the babies came into this world they need PROTECTION from the freaks who will harm them. Why dont these same freaks who did this go overver to the millions of illegals who cost this country billions . PROTECT THE CHILDREN this home is not SAFE for them and this shows it.

1986 days ago


Feel bad for the older children and the babies - they didn't do anything to deserve this and nobody should deface their home.

1986 days ago


Oh, just think of the fun OctoMom will have with her litter of 14. She be pimping her litter any way she can -- like auctioning cctopoop on ebay. Also items with with a "miracle image" of OctoGoddess mysteriously appearing in a piece of toast, or in a urine soaked diaper. In a week or so the older kids will have crayoned all over the walls and she can do rubbings of their drawings and sell them on ebay. Oh the possibilities are endless. You know, I think all the negative comments coming in are from jealous people like me who just can't figure out a way to pimp our lives so we don't have to worry about jobs in this sucko economy.

1986 days ago


Oh please, cut the crap sympathy for this fruitcake! She asked for this & more with her easy money scams, then & now. Her greed & selfishness, along with serious mental issues, caused these things to happen. It is unfortunate that the children are & will continue to pay the high price for her stupidity. And now she's moved her chaos, her 14 kids, all the drama, filth, media & shameless behavior into a perfectly normal, quite, neighborhood with normal people who work hard & enjoy what their neighborhood once offered. Now, all that's gone & for what? To make room for a crazy welfare queen with no common sense & a U-Haul trailer full, complete with 14 kids & trailer trash mentality! I'd be outraged too!!!! Nobody wants these types of people disrupting their lives, bringing the property value down & destroying their neighborhood!!!! Why didn't they find her a house outside the city in a rural area? SHE'S STILL USING HER KIDS & HARDWORKING TAXPAYERS, FOR HER OWN SELFISH PURPOSES, THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE ARE SO PISSED ABOUT!!!

Hell, she should be grateful for the donation, there are 14 bottoms & 1 BIG AZZ to be wiped in that doomed dungeon! Seriously, that's a whole lotta b.s. to be cleaned up...

1986 days ago


The only ones I feel sorry for are the kids.
After seeing her try to lay a guilt trip on the diaper and formula companies yesterday, I loathe her even more.
TPed' her house? I love it!
That's what happens when you scam decent, hard-working people!

1986 days ago


No matter how the babies came into this world they need PROTECTION from the freaks who will harm them. Why dont these same freaks who did this go overver to the millions of illegals who cost this country billions . PROTECT THE CHILDREN this home is not SAFE for them and this shows it.

Posted at 2:00PM on Mar 13th 2009 by Gram 23
Nadya invited all of this publicity into her life, and the lives of those innocent kids. She believes herself to be a star, and as long as those kids are with her, I guarantee she's going to pimp them out as often as possible for her own selfish gain. Look at that house, she thought nothing of the kids. What kind of lunatic would buy a 2 story house, with 6 kids 7 and under, then 8 more in a year or so, with the kids bedrooms upstairs, so the kids can be running up and down them all day, just asking to take a tumble and get hurt. She said it herself, she liked the house because of the master bedroom. Those kids are in danger, but it's from a mother who sure seems to me to have Baron Munchausen Syndrome. She's LOVING all this attention. And if a kid gets hurt, hey, hurt & sick kids = more sympathy, more $$$, & more publicity. Just what Nadya always wanted...more attention.

1986 days ago


Excuse me, that should have been Münchausen syndrome by proxy.

1986 days ago


I don't get why ppl are saying, "as much as I despise this woman..." and like comments.... Yeah, she made a huge erro in judgement that will have far reaching consequences. But my gosh, I dont hate her, despise and I don't advocate what she did. But give it a rest already. She's got 14 mouths to feed and everyone is just rooting for her to fail. She will or will not with or without your rooting. But what does it say about YOU who are basically rooting for this woman to fail by your comments.

1986 days ago


I don't like vandalism. However, I also believe that Nadya's children should be taken away from her. All fourteen of them, not just the newborns.

If pranks like this facilitate the authorities stepping in, then in a roundabout way, it might be a good thing.

However, I am also concerned that the pranks could escalate to violence.

I don't feel sorry for this woman because she promoted herself. She thinks she is a "Star" and a "Child Care Expert." She is delusional and dangerous.

1986 days ago


116, that is the best name here.
Fits Octo-rilla to a T.

1986 days ago


grow up!whoever did this ''what goes around comes around''!you dont do this to anyone/karma is going to come and bite you vandals in the @ss! how would you like it if someone t'pd your house? DISRESPECTFUL! didnt your parents teach you any better?

1986 days ago
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