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Phelps Side Strokes

Around Weed Admission

3/13/2009 3:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We all know what was in that bong -- but when flat out asked by Matt Lauer on "Today" if he smoked pot, Michael Phelps shamelessly ducked the answer 100%.

Michael Phelps: Click to watch

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You people act like pot is a big deal,Just becuse its some one that is on tv or what ever,people have to make it a big deal.

2053 days ago


This kid is not a role model. he is an athlete that did what he was supposed to do, win in the pool. Then, in his private life, out comes a picture that the most uptight people are making a big deal about; saying that everything he has accomplished is tarnished. That is complete bulls@!t!!!! Leave him alone. He is still a kid and still allowed to make mistakes. Everybody that doesn't have something that they have done that they regret can pass judgement, and that is not very many people. And everybody that is offended by Michael Phelps smoking pot, GET OVER IT!!!!!! This includes you TMZ

2053 days ago


I live a few houses away from the Bong house. Please, MichaelPhelpps, know that we all know what a pothead you are for all the time that you have spent here in town and how much you love the local Mellow Mushroom's pizza when you're toasted - so don't act like you broke your smoke cherry in this photo

2053 days ago


I am so over this. So he smoked a little weed? Who cares. There are politicians, church leaders, teachers, grandparents, etc., etc. who smoke weed. If they would just leagalize it, it wouldn't even be an issue. Leaglize and tax it. DUH! Maybe it would help a little bit to pull our economy out of the crapper. And I don't mean you can be driving and smoking a J. There should be rules set in place on the proper time and location that you are allowed to use it. And just like with alcohol, if you break the rules, you face the consequences. The end. Thank you! :)

2053 days ago


The photo of him alone is not sufficient to prosecute. But if he admits it, that might be enough to prosecute. He is smart sticking with the 5th Amendment protection. Harvey, you should know better.

2053 days ago

Wanda W.    

Oh how the mighty have fallen. It wasnt that long ago that Phelps could do no wrong. Now hes practically been vilified for being a druggy. All those Frosted Flakes boxes that have his picture on them............. what will become of them! Never understood why people thought he was all that anyway...........HE LOOKS LIKE A CROSS BETWEEN MR ED AND A KENNEDY, ANY KENNEDY, PICK ONE,THEY ALL LOOK A LIKE !!!!

2053 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Phelps wins the GOLD MEDAL for........ lying shamelessly in an
attempt to hold on to the few, if any, remaining corporate sponsors
he so desperately needs to underwrite his drug Kingdom.
Come on, Kids! Get behind your Hero. Write these Cereal Czars and
demand Phelps get back on your box of Flakes... because if anyone
should represent Flakes it's your Hero... Michael Phelps.

Wait a minute... was that a toilet I heard flushing. No. It was the
sound of Phelps pathetic celebrity career.

Pass the WEEDIES.

2053 days ago

Money Maker    

Hypocrites ... Not to long ago, he was loved by his nation. Admired by everyone... Now you people have the nerve to judge him... Most of you loser will never achieve anything in your life... His skill and determination makes him one of the GREATEST ATHLETES EVER... All this over POT ... Not to mention that the pot smoking should be a disadvantage, which shows that he is not a pot head... Pot heads don't break world records and win Gold Medals ... Morons ... Oh, if you are looking for a role model.. look towards your parents, teachers or leaders in your community... You DA MAN MIKE ... keep doing your thing.. live your life....

2053 days ago


It is sad when a sports star falls from grace. Phelps is an outstanding swimmer who made some poor choices with the pot thing. I hope he now knows that being a public figure opens the door to public scrutiny. I hope he has learned his lesson.

2053 days ago


Everyone is making way to big a deal about this. Who cares if he smokes pot he still gets his job done in the pool and that's what people need to remember here. He never asked to be a role model, the media made him into that. Just leave him be and let him train!

2052 days ago


I would be more impressed if he saw a dentist and had those ears pinned back.

2052 days ago


Well I hope he "really" learned from his mistake and goes back to what he does best, living free and swimming hard. I'm glad he has the support from his family, friends, endorsers, fans and his coach. And I'm also glad that he's going to London in 2012. Lets move from this and focus on other things.

BTW - Is he still seeing Caz?

2052 days ago


Aww, I say leave him alone already! He's still young & is going to make mistakes, that's life. I'm sure the numbers of people who smoke pot would surprise alot of people, get over it. And whoever took the picture -- I hope Michael kicked you to the curb, what a friend!

2052 days ago


aawww, TMZ....you went and put ads in before we can watch the vids man!!! I won't be watching the videos as much anymore now!!!

2052 days ago


EEE GADD Phelps, ditch those caterpillars hanging on your brow.

2052 days ago
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