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Cops at Lindsay and Sam's House!

3/14/2009 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 4:22 PM ET All police units have left Sam's house, but her car is still in the driveway. We're told during their argument, Lindsay allegedly threw something and a window was broken.

Lindsay and Sam's: Click to watch!
UPDATE: 3:49 PM ET Three LAPD cops were knocking at the door, trying to get Lindsay and Sam to open it but they would not. One of the cops was pacing the property. The cops have left the front door but they're still in the area. One of the cars left the house but is parked up the street. Word is they may arrest Lindsay and take her to jail.

UPDATE 3:40 PM ET: The cops now tell us they were called for a disturbance and not there to arrest Lindsay.

Sam and Lindsay have gotten into a nuclear fight at Sam's house. The police are at their front door to talk to Lindsay and Sam but they will not open the door. The two are definitely still in the house.

We're told the police are trying to serve Lindsay her warrant.

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No Avatar


Lindsay is the new Micky Rourke....throwing here career away...what a shame!

2028 days ago


I met her in a club down in old soho where the water taste just like cherry cola , lola lalalala lola why am i para phrasing lyrics to songs this getting to weird . bad flashback wheres my meds aahhhh yyeeaaahhh

2028 days ago


I heard Lilo threw Sam's Strap on against the window! I guess she had a headache.

2028 days ago


Lilo has been partying as usual since her many arrests. There are many pictures that prove that. It is no wonder that she is not completing her meetings, etc. As far as the broken window, it could have been Sam who broke it. Hope that Lindsey turns herself in before going out tonight to party again (although the courts are waiting for Monday) on Lilo, this is your last weekend.

2028 days ago


Maybe she could also enroll in an anger management class. She is acting just like paris in away,these people are pathetic!!

2028 days ago


OR someone threw a rock at their house and broke the window, so they called the cops...

neh, just lindsay creating more drama. it's definitely offical now - the chick just THRIVES off of drama.

oh well.

2028 days ago


Can you call " girls" douche bags?

2028 days ago


Yawn. The only ones who care what this has-been is doing 24/7 are the paparazzi and these online blogs. Paying movie-goers have forgotten all about this skank by now. She's a pathetic has-been and just not relevant anymore.

Who the hell does she think she is anyway? She's a nobody now!

People don't give 2 sh!ts about her, just come here to look at the pics and videos of the psychobitch so we can LAUGH and make fun of her! LOL The general public doesn't give a crap what she's doing.

Get a f@cking CLUE Lindsay, geeze....we're just not into you anymore....(as an "actress")....But it's fun to make fun of you and laugh at you!

You threw away a genuine opportunity and replaced it with alcohol, drugs and the crazy life. Hope you're happy with your choices & hope you're enjoying yourself. Time flies by quicker than you think. Before you know it, you'll be 10 years older and wonder WTF happened to your promising career......then it'll be time for the "big comeback," huh? Well, I hoping you WON'T get any more chances to get it all back. You obviously don't deserve it.

2028 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Be bewry bewry quwyit! We hunting coked out gingahs!!!!

2028 days ago


Oh, fantastic.

Multiple LAPD cars for this? Once again, nice use of scarce taxpayer resources. Meanwhile, crimes are being committed and people all over the city dearly need police assistance. They will be told the usual LAPD mantra - we're "too busy." LAPD never seems to miss a chance to swarm around a celebrity. No wonder LAPD always says they are "too busy" Public agencies only do their job when they are watched by the media, i.e. LAPD, Medical Board, etc.

2028 days ago


Samantha seems like a quiet and even -tempered girl.

Must be Lindsay creating all the drama. I don't envy Sam with that crazy bitch on her hands.

2028 days ago


It would be great if BloHan is locked up in jail for a few months and get a taste of real hard life.

2028 days ago


It's official Linds you are your father.

2028 days ago


OK! I got my pop-corn.Is this going to be a long Movie?

2028 days ago


Would be great ot see video of BloHan trying to run from the cops, and female officer wrestles her to the ground and cuffs her azz.

2028 days ago
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