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Lindsay Lohan Wanted by Cops

3/14/2009 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A warrant was issued yesterday for the arrest of one Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan
The Beverly Hills PD says the warrant is for $50,000 and it was issued in connection with her DUI case back in 2007, for which she is on probation. The PD would not specifically say why they want Lohan, but we think it's a good bet it has something to do with violating the terms of probation ... either failing to attend her alcohol ed courses or, perhaps, not taking or failing a drug test.

The PD ominously says, "It is our hope that Ms. Lohan will surrender herself so that this matter can be resolved in a timely manner."

We asked Lindsay about the warrant last night as she left the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Lindsay is not armed but considered dangerous.

The story was first reported by

UPDATE 3:00 PM ET: We're told the Judge in the DUI case has set a hearing for Monday Morning. We understand the topic is whether Lindsay violated her probation. She may be required to appear. Stay tuned.

: Lohan just issued a statement to "This warrant for my arrest is completely fabricated and its (sic) a horrendous lie. This will make me loose (sic) every single deal that I have right now. Its (sic) horrible."
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No Avatar

The Dude    

My bet is a failed drug test relating to methanphetamines. Clues: Suddenly skinny, rage, addiction to sex, reclusiveness, looking pale..hhmmm she seems to fit all the criteria...wait and see..

2018 days ago


Send the Lohan whore to jail - where she can eat carpet to her heart's content !

2018 days ago


Very well put, Jim (in Texas) and very true. PS: Congrats on your 20 years :)

2018 days ago

Karen Ann    

#16 - Jim, yes LIndsay is a "dry" drunk!

2018 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Hair follicle test would tell the courts what she's been doing, But she;s in California and the Judaical system in Cali are a bunch of stupid morons

2018 days ago


They've been cutting this useless waste of space way too much slack, it's time she paid up!!
She walked into a police station with drugs on her for crying out loud.

How does Lindsay get away with such crap when they came down so hard on Paris in 2007, and her charges were only for driving on a suspended licence??

Throw LOhan in the slammer !!! Damn.

2018 days ago


She isn't "dry".
There were pics of her on the web, drinking. Betcha that's not all she does either.

2018 days ago


'talented actress' my asss
she is just a crackwhore and should be treated as such
nothig special about her now

2018 days ago


I agree with #6. How is it that the pap's can find the bitch and the police can't. No wonder there are so many nuts running loose out there!

2018 days ago

gossip fan    

Do you suppose if she's sent to jail it'll be more than a whole hour? Probably not, celebrities never have to pay the same price as the rest of us common folks. I thought Paris got off easy with her less than a month sentence until I read what the other celeb drunkies got for driving under the influence. I'm sure a hearty slap on the wrist will be the punishment for Lindsay. She surely does look like crap lately.

2018 days ago


Sodomy is the least of her problems, at least that one is legal. Dumb bitch has no brains.

2018 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

This young lady has got a problem and the best thing to straighten her out is to lock her ASS behind bars.

What a frigging shame.

2018 days ago

Dr. M    

Lindsay needs 2 take care of this -
She needs to tell them (the police) if she is addicted to anything -
If she is = she can spend her time in the medical unit -
Just turn urself in -
Shalom Aleichem
Dr. M

2018 days ago


Lets see what a joke this turns out to be. She will get treated with kid gloves. Throw this skank in jail

2018 days ago


If it were any other person their asses would be sitting in jail. Just because she's a famous ugly drunken lesbian with no talent whatsoever she gets to run amuck and do whatever she pleases? Where is the justice system here? Oh well another slap on the wrist for her, and it just proves once more money talks.

2018 days ago
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