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NFL Star Held After Pedestrian is Killed

3/14/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donte StallworthNFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth is being questioned by Miami Beach police after allegedly hitting a pedestrian as he was driving his Bentley earlier this morning. The unidentified victim died shortly thereafter.

Police tell TMZ they have taken blood samples from Stallworth to see if he has any drugs or alcohol in his system. It's unclear what circumstances caused the accident.

Stallworth is currently on a seven-year, $35 mil contract with the Cleveland Browns.

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Anthony a    

Garbage can man..GUILTY..Probly drunk and high NO Doubt..Bentely..Funny..From the Projects to a bentley..He aint worth it

2015 days ago


I feel very badly for Donte. He seemed likable when he played for NE a couple of years ago. I sincerely hope that this was a tragic mistake and that his tests are clean. Otherwise at least two lives will be ruined.

2014 days ago

Gregory Hubbard    


“LIBERAL MEDIA?” You've got to be joking. Independent University studies exploded that myth of the "Liberal Media" long ago! They compared photos and coverage of Republicans and Democrats. Members of the Democratic Party were filmed and positioned at a disadvantage most of the time, Republicans rarely ever. Democrats were filmed from above, weakening their image, or were filmed without sound, with the newscaster quoting them, leaving the filmed Democrat looking like a fish gulping air – in fact, that’s what the shot is called. Republicans were filmed like that far less often. Most often, they were filmed from below, or filmed with sound, or both, positions of power in any coverage.

The comparisons were pure numbers. No “liberal Bias” involved or even possible. Simple assessment of media coverage. The university studies and books are out there, if you want to read them. But Wait, that robs you Republicans of your “Underdog Maverick” persona. Poor victimized Republicans!!!!!

Notice that whenever the Media slam a Republican, it's always the "Liberal Media." When they slam Democrats, Rush the Lush and other crazed pundits never complain about bias. NEVER!!!

Why even snipe "…politically incorrect to use a photo of an African-American whenever an alleged crime is committed..." ? What a nasty and unnecessary thing to say. NASTY!! What did you hope to accomplish?

Your comments certainly didn’t advance any discussion of someone driving drunk, taking a life, while simultaneously destroying their own. Nor did you grant the NFL player the constitutional right of innocence until his trial and conviction to presume guilt. But perhaps that’s a luxury only us Whities have? How long have you been waiting to say that about a Black player? Please, get a life! Or at least read the news without letting your bigotry hang out to sicken the rest of us.

Gregory Hubbard, Sanford, Maine

1997 days ago


He was NOT under the influence!!!

1988 days ago
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