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Is Rihanna

A Flawed Covergirl?

3/14/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312_rihanna_covergirl_ex-1Revlon has secretly hired a huge polling company to find out if Rihanna is hurting its competitor, Covergirl.

An online survey is circulating by the folks over at Harris Interactive. The survey -- which we've learned was commissioned by Revlon -- features a Covergirl commercial for mascara. It then questions people if they are aware of the person in the commercial (without saying Rihanna's name), if they've heard about her in the news lately, if they have an opinion about the person and if they feel the person is "an appropriate spokesperson" for the product.

The obvious implication here -- are women pissed off that Rihanna got back with Chris Brown and therefore would be less likely to buy Covergirl products? That's what we're thinking.

We confirmed with Harris Interactive that the poll is a "proprietary study by Revlon" -- translation: no one was supposed to know Revlon was doing recon on its competitor.

We spoke with someone at Revlon who said she'd get back to us. We're still waiting.


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If your man beats you the night before...Don't worry just put on alot of Revlon Foundation and tons of lip...It's easy breezy Covergirl...

2048 days ago


What the hell are we teaching our kids these days? It is NEVER ok to hit a woman - EVER. Get that thru their heads. What the hell is going on in this world?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! And yes Cover Girl should relpace her with someone that women/girls could look up to not someone that got her a** kicked by her boyfriend and is back together with him. What message does that send to women/girls everywhere??? That its ok to get beat. ITS NOT!!! Didn't her parents teach her better? What about him? Didn't his parents teach him better? Good Lord what a stupid girl!

2048 days ago


Yup, Cover up dem Bruises with CoverGirl!!!!

2048 days ago


Role models? Hell, she's what, 21? MOTHERS AND FATHERS SHOULD BE ROLE MODELS, PERIOD. This is what's wrong with this freaking country today, we depend on others to raise our children. Leave the poor girl alone, after all, she is the victim. And if she can forgive, why can't we? ( If it were me, I'd quietly step aside and find me a filthy rich, old, old, old single white fart, period--Rihanna go to South Beach, Miami, you'll surely find one there!!!!) Let them be, and if they want to hurt each other, so be it. It's their lives, their careers and it shouldn't have anything to do with selling products. Besides, we need to concentrate on getting this great country back on track before we all go down the toilet. I'm just saying, for what it's worth. Peace.

2048 days ago

hate her    

By the same token, are we teaching our girls to hit boys? Is that not battering also? Any person who is battered will one day get enough, and that's what happened with Chris. Rihanna has been battering him for over a year now, and you hypocrrites who only speak about one side of battering really need to do some soul searching. Rihanna started a fight that she lost. She's the batterer, not him.

2048 days ago


everyone should drop her like she's hot,cause with the message she is sending is is NOT!

2048 days ago


So then, Kate, (#42) if it's just about the make-up and nothing else, would you be okay with Chris Brown JOINING Rihanna on one of these Cover Girl commercials?! And later, when he goes to prison for having beaten her bloody, he can do the next commercial from his jail cell and still look forward to your patronage? Or how about this: He can team up with OJ, and together---from prison---they can talk about how much they love females who wear Cover Girl! (Nicole Simpson won't be able to do a commercial, though.)

See how it's NOT just about the make-up? It's about not helping to pay for the perpetuation of messed-up lives.

2048 days ago


Covergirl is supposed to be about fun. "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Covergirl." When I see Rhiannah now I think hurt, lonely, abused, misguided and damaged. Therefore she's failed as a covergirl.

2048 days ago

Triple Play    

Why would Revlon want aCover Girl whose face looks like a smashed pumpkin. Whatever happens she will get what she deserves dfrom Chris A Hole Brown. He is a woman beater and a punk for hitting her. If he raised a hand to me I would kick his AZZ

2048 days ago

Haviah Mighty    

WTF DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH COVER GIRL? omgg this is hilarious. why should she lose this endorsement deal simply because she went back to her apologetic abuser? wtf? who cares, honestly? if you USE cover girl, what difference does it make if rihanna uses it to? she probably won't even stop using it. a product is a product. i know i use wet slicks and rihanna advertised those and i'm not going to stop just because she is "in love" with chris brown. okay, soooo? and this means WHAT to me? like, in the long run, really ... this is being blown out of proportion. suuure they're both abusers and both need help, but since this whole thing is about sending the wrong message to kids, i don't see how it concerns cover girl. kids shouldn't be using cover girl any damn way

2048 days ago

Proud American    

I am sorry but she is giving a bad message to young girls and woman that is okay to hit and be hit. And for the men and boys it is okay to blame her for what is bothering you. Well, it is not okay. There should be more spoke persons out there that should speak up. Celebrity are just people that imitate what we want our lives to be, This is Ike and Tina Turner, ReRe learn your lesson and leave the abuse.

2048 days ago


Ya know, maybe CoverGirl can use Rihanna to advertise their concealer cream. It works wonders covering any bruises or cuts left from the last beating you got from your man. The tag line could be: "CoverGirl has got you covered, girl."

2048 days ago


"Easy. breezy, beautiful..." doesn't seem to fit with the news surrounding Rihanna. If she knows whats good for her, she'll realize that she's the catch (not CB). Her career will suffer greatly if she remains with him, although she allegedly hit him first.

2048 days ago


To: Haviah Mighty
When you buy Wet Slicks, you are giving $$$ to Cover Girl, who then, in turn, gives it to Rihanna for her contribution to their ad campaign that enticed you to buy their product. Rihanna is their spokesperson because she's hip and popular, and so people who identify with her and like her will buy what she thinks is a great product. They pay her to lure you in, you bite that bait. If they keep her, they are, in essence saying, "We believe that a girl who gets beaten by her boyfriend is a fine representation of our product." See why parents and people with common sense find that appalling?

2048 days ago


New slogan: "Cover up, Cover Girl!"

2048 days ago
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