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Is Rihanna

A Flawed Covergirl?

3/14/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312_rihanna_covergirl_ex-1Revlon has secretly hired a huge polling company to find out if Rihanna is hurting its competitor, Covergirl.

An online survey is circulating by the folks over at Harris Interactive. The survey -- which we've learned was commissioned by Revlon -- features a Covergirl commercial for mascara. It then questions people if they are aware of the person in the commercial (without saying Rihanna's name), if they've heard about her in the news lately, if they have an opinion about the person and if they feel the person is "an appropriate spokesperson" for the product.

The obvious implication here -- are women pissed off that Rihanna got back with Chris Brown and therefore would be less likely to buy Covergirl products? That's what we're thinking.

We confirmed with Harris Interactive that the poll is a "proprietary study by Revlon" -- translation: no one was supposed to know Revlon was doing recon on its competitor.

We spoke with someone at Revlon who said she'd get back to us. We're still waiting.


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"CoverGirl has got you covered, girl." LOVE IT!! Turn lemons into lemon flavored schnappes

1995 days ago


i like covergirl but seeing rihanna gives me the creeps she's a total turnoff. I was a fan of hers but not anymore she's toxic. I voted that she should be dumped

1995 days ago


RiRi is a disgrace to women and a very poor role model for young women. Support her return to Brown ONLY if you would also support your daughter making the same choice. really do we think this is ok? really?

1995 days ago


Yes, they should drop her like a hot potato. She should not be representing the face of beautiful, strong women who love themselves and care about themselves. She represents weak, insecure women, who don't love themselves, who don't care about themselves enough to GET OUT of an abusive and toxic relationship. She sickens me for taking him back and trying to profit off her beatings by recording a duet with the many who nearly killed her. SICKENING.

1995 days ago


Covergirl is stupid for using her for marketing. She is a dumbass loser for takiong back an abuser and no woman will want to support her!

1995 days ago


Revlon doesn't own Cover Girl, P&G does. How much research went into this article anyway???

1995 days ago


when i think about the Covergirl ad with Rihanna ... easy, BREZZY, beautiful covergirl i can't help but think of Chris Brown cause his nickname is Chris Breezy that what his fans the media call him. I whole thing is just so sick.

1995 days ago


I don't know how anyone can have any respect for her. If she wants to back to her abuser, that's her choice, but there should be consequences for someone who is no longer a role model for her fans. She has a professional life that she is asking young people to support; while she feeds them the bull crap that it's ok to let someone beat you and then go right back into that relationship with him DAYS later. Neither of them have gotten to the core reason behind their behavior. They should do that through therapy (separately) before even considering being around each other let alone hooking back up. All she will do is suppress her emotions so that she doesn't make him angry. Forget the statistics that say abused women usually take 3 years to free themselves from their abusers. In the meantime, her melodrama is sending the wrong message to those who look up to her.

1995 days ago


It's not the initial beating that hurt Rhianna - it's going back to him - AND singing a duet. It makes her look weak and clingy. That is not the image Cover Girl wants to send. They want beautiful, powerful women who look like they are in control of their life. Rhianna is not portraying that right now. She is listening to Chris Brown's people. She needs someone in there who will give her advise to save HER image- not Chris Brown's.

1995 days ago


Cover Girl is cheap and crappy make up anyway.

1995 days ago


Stop the Cover Girl Ad and any other endorsements Rihanna has. Please do not sugar coat this situation. She is doing eveything to avoid pressing charges and testifying against Chris Brown. This is a disgrace and is sending a terrible message that it is okay to be abused. She doesn't deserve to have this fame and neither does Chris Brown. They need to stay out of the public for a year and be required by the Courts to seek weekly Counseling. I feel for her but at the same time it makes me sick looking at her Cover Girl Ad.

1995 days ago


She is so hurting Cover Girl. She is setting a huge horrible example to young girls and women everywhere.
There is no reason why a man should hit a woman, None! To whore yourself out like that is insane!
She has no self comfidence, and is not a good spokes person or role model.

1995 days ago


Rihanna is stuck, there was some type of money deal between her and Chris prior to this altercation happening. As much as she wants to do the right thing she is on lock down. Her family have no clue how to reach her, this is because they want her isolated and with Chris Brown so they can make the money they invested in her and Chris. These managers and producers are vouchers and they dont care they will do everything possible to make their money. Rihanna being as young as she is does not understand and she probably would if she had her friends and family around but they are not because management is keeping it that way. She will soon figure out that they dont care for her and only want her around because of money she can bring in and when she does she will value her life more than the money they are paying her. She will go on Oprah and talk about all that went down and some other producer who are just not in it for the money will pick her up and her career will be bigger than ever. As for Chris Brown his career is over, he will always be remembered as the woman beater

1995 days ago

Roni in Downey    

32. Either way, this is a GREAT skit for SNL. "MAKEUP SO EFFECTIVE YOU CAN DATE CHRIS BROWN."

Posted at 2:00PM on Mar 13th 2009 by cheftastica

OMG, I'm LMAO! You've got to be in advertising!!!! If not, you need a career change!!! LOLOLOL

1995 days ago

Truth teller    

Have women learned nothing from O.J? The world is full of talented, kind men who will not hit or beat you. Don't just walk away from Chris Brown, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before Robin ends up being another stastic and the world mourns her tragic loss. Someone close to her explain that she is risking her very life. Women think they can change men. they can not.

1995 days ago
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