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Rihanna Wants Right to Remain Silent ... in Court

3/14/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RihannaSources connected with Chris Brown and Rihanna tell TMZ Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, wants the judge to give Rihanna a pass from testifying because of leaks in the case.

We're told Geragos and Rihanna's lawyer, Donald Etra, believe Rihanna was compromised when her name surfaced as the alleged victim in the beating. They claim this and other leaks violate her privacy rights and therefore she should not have to further put herself out to the public by testifying against Brown in the case.

It's further proof Rihanna and Brown are back together and in lockstep.

Geragos asked to meet with the judge in chambers, along with the prosecutors, on March 23 to discuss letting Rihanna off the hook. Brown's arraignment is set for April 6.


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The majority of women that stay in these positions feel they need the man in some sort of capacity; whether it be money, taking care of children or simply for a brain. This woman is more famous than Chris, a lot better looking and much more talented than he is so what the hell does she need with him. Obviously the brain! I don't feel sorry for her one bit because that is STUPID. Love my ass, when I was young and hot I didn't have a care in the world so I can't understand... Get over it, she can find anything Chris had to offer from another man; you pratically could take your pick and he's not even talented and looks like a boy (not a man).

2017 days ago


Doormats can not talk,she is his doormat!

2017 days ago


I think all the publicity drawn to the Chris/Rihanna saga is counterproductive The Rihannas of the world r now going to be afraid to come forward fearing the scandalous repercussions Oprah should have reached out to those kids in confidence Chris can b reformed He can change Rihanna’s dad has been on drugs all her life He did not lead by example so How can she know what to look for in a man yet he’s quick to talk to the press Everyone is capitalizing on this when the only one suffering is RiRi Have some real compassion already We can help by respecting their privacy She has already heard our take She now has noone else to turn to but him THANKS She is not only a victim but a poster child for what happens when we tell Sadly the public scorn shoved them right back together Thanks

2017 days ago


First off no one really knows what took place in that car so no one should be cast any judgement on either of these two. Secondly They still are human, people put celebrities on this high horse like they cant do any wrong we are all human and we all make mistakes. Finally we just need to keep them in our prayers and stay out of their business because alot of people who are commenting on this situation really shouldn't be speaking on it.

2017 days ago


17. I was first mad when i heard she now doesn't want to testify but putting myself in her shoes, I have to agree her privacy was violated but also to testify for the whole world to see thats tough.

Posted at 2:14PM on Mar 13th 2009 by DEE

Are you stupid Dee? That's what happens when you are famous. The police didn't tell but perhaps the bruising did! Some people are just ignorant and don't belong in society; yeah you dee.

2017 days ago


TMZ can you please have a Damn Funny and Booger segment LMAO the bra and panties **priceless**but I love anyone who says wanker!!

2017 days ago


They can still get the cop to testify to what Rihanna said. Granted there will be hearsay arguments but cop will probably still get to talk. Who does Rihanna think she is asking not to testify because her identity has been compromised. Cheap excuse not to testify against Chris Beat Her Down. Rihanna has only shown the world how women who are abused don't always say goodbye to their abusers. Rihanna, you are only hurting yourself!

2017 days ago


Ok, the leaks did violate her privacy but in the end something like this could save her life. She can't unring that bell now. Not only is this woman physically abused, but the mental abuse probably has her thinking all of this is "okay". Someone needs to step in and help her, she's not going to be able to get out of this by herself. Forcing her to testify is in her best interest.

2017 days ago


Blah Blah Blah

She never intended to testify. The lawyers said she would to defer public criticism and wait for a handy excuse to blame it on. Why is the abuser's lawyer running the show regarding whether she'll testify? This whole thing is a ridiculous circus and the judge needs to lay down the law. But, judges are lawyers too, so it will continue.

Lawyers are pathetic and transparent. No one's buying it.

2017 days ago


NO!!!!!! She shouldn't have to testify. Let her stupid ass get beat again and this time land her in the hospital. Maybe then some sense will be knocked into her head.

2017 days ago

Sue Wong    

Rhianna is making a huge mistake. Not just Chris Brown but every other man after him will think it's okay to hit her. I can't
believe she's acting so stupid.

2017 days ago


I don't believe she should HAVE to testify. It should be her choice. But as with any choices, she needs to fully understand the consequence. You can see she doesn't because of how long it took her to go back to him.

They both are in damage control now in the hope of saving both their careers. And a big part of that is Chris Brown not going to jail

If the police affidavit was correct, it shows he has some very serious issues with anger that could be fatal to someone.

I'm wondering if anything can be done to make this better for Chris, Rihanna, or the public.

2017 days ago


The whole things is bizarre whether it is HER attorney coziness with Brown in the first court hearing or this new deal in which she doesn't have to testify. It was pretty clear from his interview outside the court house last time that his true position was not in what he said but what he didn't say....she was not going to testify. Someone close to her needs to question whether it is representing her and protecting her best interest or inadvertantly representing/protecting Brown's.

2017 days ago


Brown eres un Cobarde, Maricon y Drogadicto, deberia darte verguenza por haber tratado mal a una mujer. Y mas cuando esta es la polola, aunque parece que solo la usas para tus fines perversos y economico. Cobarde Batete con un Hombre si eres Capaz.

2017 days ago

Diana Lara    

If she marries him she won't have to testify against him. The law says you can't be forced to testify against your spouse.

2017 days ago
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