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Miley Cyrus: I've Created A Monster

3/15/2009 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This sort of thing happens to every girl: You date someone, he follows you around for publicity, and then eventually he steals all of your fans. True love ... mixed in with a little Miley Cyrus vs. Justin Gaston smack down.

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You know you're a well-respected person when some girl pushes you aside to get with your boyfriend.


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YA YA    

he is too old for you

2013 days ago


Will Miley have to remove her PURITY ring in order to keep Justin in check? Will Justin dump Miley for a reality show ala Flav-a-Flav? Is Justin truly GAY as we all suspect? Stay tuned to TMZ for all the breaking news.

2013 days ago


Play what? there's no video!

2013 days ago


Ha Ha Ha Jealous much???!!!

2013 days ago


I have a two things to say:

1. Miley needs to get over the fact that there will be girls who want to take a picture with her boyfriend. That is something you accept when you decide to date a "famous" person. He may just be a model but he obviously has fans. If she was dating an actor or singer the same thing would be happening and it would be rude for the guy to turn down a fan who wants a picture just because he has a jealous girlfriend.

2. He is too old for Miley anyways, I don't know why a good looking MAN his age would want to date a young teen.....the age difference won't matter when is she is 18,19 or 20 but now it is a big deal. I personally think he chose to date her to raise his fame and have his name known.

2013 days ago


Poor girl, I wish she realizes what are his intentions before it's too late (he wants fame and stuff...), some may disagree but if a man dates a younger girl that looks beautiful as her and is famous and rich, HE is no looking for love and hang around, he wants to have her STUFF, in every meaning you can think about. Sad but as a man that knows men it's true, girls don't know anything about men.

2013 days ago


I think that she is a star but is she dumb enough to know he only wants her money and fame to be his he is 20 years old and she is 16 years old there is a huge diffference there

2013 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Miley And Justin Are Sweet And Innocent.

Baby Gorilla

2013 days ago

Online Scammer in Training    

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2013 days ago


It's still a felony!

hahahahahaha! I love Joel on The Soup!

floon, i say, flooooooon the party....gasp....god.

2013 days ago


hes the one with the problem not her. hes old enough to know better and hes gonna break her heARt . he wants the attention. a 20 yr old man is not gonna stay with one girl . i just hope her parents told the spoiled brat that. chris brown is 19 and he wont be committed to R. these young men dont stay with one girl . well actually no men do . they all suck at that. they dont care if they bring home STD's to their girlfriends/wives. or get another girl pregnant and cry child support. women do the same but its the men who cheat more. men are making women turn gay because women are getting to the point where they cant take the cheating and lying anymore. and if your girl/wife goes gay on you i would be so embarrassed for the man .
but as for miley , this girl is gonna get hurt by a man who wants his name out in the world . but she has been warned! shes gonna do what she wants. she wont listen to her parents but they could get him in trouble but im sure the parents dont wanna waste the time on the GIVE ME ATTENTION GUY!

2013 days ago


i think that guy that miley cyrus is dating is a pedophile too. and what does her parents truely think about this situation. miley is only 16 years old. she's still a baby. how could they let this happen and in the public eye? i think its embarrassing and miley parents should be ashamed of themselves. there's a lot of kids that look up to miley. how are their parents going to explain this situation to them. people should boycott miley living situation. isnt this against the law? i think charges should be filed against him and miley's parents. (unless miley emancipated)

2013 days ago

to little    

The only story worth being told about this twit is why is she dating a adult when she is only 15. Shame on the media,law and Disney for allowing this to happen. She isn't a role model she is a 16 year old whore!!! I wonder if lapd is at all looking in to this.

This is only proof that so called stars live in a different world then we do and the law looks the other way specially in Hollywood. They might as well have their own laws, court house with their own appointed judges, and build a 5 star in and out booking and release facility supplied with professional Photographer and makeup artist on hand for their booking photo.

2013 days ago

alan brickman    

he's only 20 and not exactly a Morman marrying 14 year olds....

2013 days ago


people leave her / them alone - they are "pretty, attractive, whatever" - but they are just people - 4 YEARS is nothing - @ 16, 20, 40 or 108 - it's just AGE people......leave them to be happy....

2013 days ago
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