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'Next Top Model' Audition:

What A Riot!

3/15/2009 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The next potential winner of "America's Next Top Model" may have almost been crushed to death ... and not because of crippling body image issues.

Three people were arrested and four were treated by medics after a riot broke out in Manhattan yesterday during an audition for the show.

The streets erupted when a mob of almost 10,000 model wannabes overwhelmed security and were thrown into a frenzy after a man allegedly yelled that a smoking car on the street was about to blow up.

In the end, everyone went home and threw up ... you know, because they were so shaken from the incident.


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This show is a joke. Another reality show, with little basis in reality! A model under 5'7" will never be a competitive model. Tyra is a whackjob!

2026 days ago


I was there, and it wasn't the crowd's fault OR the cops fault but CW's!!! They didn't even alert NYPD that there was going to be a casting, so no barricades had been set up until all 10thou of us were there already! They had no designated bathrooms, no one knew where the line started or ending, and CW had set up NO form of crowd control.

I had been there for 8 hours but left about an hour before the full out riot because some crazy bitch punched me in the stomach.

Yes, some of the women were crazy but honestly it was the people who (didn't) organize the casting who are at fault.

2026 days ago


see if you dumb asses had been waiting in line to get into college instead of trying to get 15 minutes of fame on TV for doing absolutely nothing on a retarded reality show, then this wouldn't have happened. Shame there wasn't a smoking car that exploded, that would have been Darwinism at it's best with a large payout.

2026 days ago

Sin D    

think of all the "windmill" punching going on.....HEHEHE ....funny how this is actually very unimportant ain't it? I bet the word "bitch" was said 70,000 times....heheheheh

2026 days ago


Perfect example of a growing community filled with mental illness and a generation out of touch. Just because some ladies are 5'7 and under, it doesn't make them model material. This is what the media has created out of reality T.V. Not everybody is a star, no matter how deluded.

2026 days ago

blah blah    

all this for what??????...even if one of them do win....youll become a nobody just like those other "winners"

2026 days ago


The reason behind all of this chaos is from the lack of organization. This could've turned out so much better if everyone knew where the line started and ended. Also, there should've been people watching out for the girls who showed up after the auditions already started and were cutting in line. There were a lot of girls in the line that are SMART and are currently enrolled in COLLEGE so it is not fair to bash on every last girl that was there trying to follow their dreams. Everyone is different and has the right to dream of anything and everything they please even if it sounds stupid to other people. I also don't think that it's necessary for people to be bashing Tyra for any reasons other than this unorganized audition. If people have to put her down just to make themselves feel better it's pretty damn pathetic!

2026 days ago

Janet W    

Comments like this are redic & so uncalled for. I was one of the girls there & its funny how people that werent are sitting there saying stuff when they dont even know the full story. Comments like we need to lined up to get an education is uncalled for its not like we just sit all day & do nothing. Im a full time student & take care of my neice so really people need not to tell us what we need to do. The problem wasnt the girls the problems were with the staff & cops. So all these people with such strong comments should take it up with them instead of talking all that mess looking stupid.

2025 days ago
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