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TMZ's Wastey Face Contest -- The Finalists!

3/15/2009 8:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These trashed treasures are going to wake-up with one hell of a hangover ... but the pay off could be well worth it!

Wastey Face : Launch Photos

The winner of the $250 Wastey Face Contest will be announced on Monday, hopefully the ca$h will be spent wisely -- HAPPY HOUR!

BTW -- If you think these pictures are bad, think about the ones we couldn't show you!


No Avatar


Makes me glad Ive outgrown that stage of my life

2019 days ago


The guy on the broken toiliet = the best one. Classic.

2019 days ago


Ya know when you look at these sad & pitiful people, and you post their pictures TMZ, it encourages the rest of the "youth of america" & our future "leaders" to top them. Cant say i am shocked or surprised, just disgusted, because its obvious that there are just NO Limits anymore on anything. These are the people for whom obama was born. How sad.

Bet they all made their parents proud.

2019 days ago


Looks llike Carrot Top without makeup.


2019 days ago


Cindy, you are pathetic. So, we all have to be squares to vote and support Obama? You are very mundane just like the rest of the conservatives I know. My picture is on here. I RARELY drink. My husband was deployed, I was at my sisters house and had a few drinks. It amazes me people such as yourself can sit and bad mouth everybody else, but can come to this site pretending you aren't the least bit entertained, when in reality you obviously get a kick out of it. If you so disgusted, take your pompous ass and go to, and continue being "perfect".

2019 days ago


I'm glad I don't drink or take drugs. Apparently, from all these photos, alcohol and dope are for idiots.

2019 days ago


the pic with the blonde falling out of the car is nightmarish. this woman could very well have driven while so drunk, its not funny when you think about the potential victims on the road. anyone this irresponsible should be jailed. its obvious she had driven and or was attempting to again.
when someone that drunk drives and kills somebody, they should receive the death penalty, no trial, just straight to the death chamber.

2019 days ago

YA YA    

white trailer trash .

2019 days ago


is that girl getting out of the drivers seat? if she's that wasted she shouldn't be driving. but i guess some people don't give a crap about the safety of others.

2019 days ago


TMZ! PLEASE do not let the picture that you're showing on the teaser win. The girl is falling out of the DRIVER'S SEAT OF A CAR with her KEYS BESIDE HER! It's obvious that this woman was driving drunk, and honestly this picture scares me. To think that someone was dumb enough to drive in that state, not to mention post in on a website and expect money for it!!!!!! I'm begging you, take that picture down immediately. You wouldn't give $250 to someone who sent in a picture of themselves holding a loaded gun to an innocent person's head. Same concept.

2019 days ago


I gave up Drinking $ smoking in 1992 but when i was drinking a lot of my Dates ended up looking like the girl in the Photo the girl #38 Liv, i think i went out with you when i was in the Navy.

2019 days ago

ex lax    

that chick is just blind an trying to snifff out her car keys she dropped! they right there beside her, but I thought the dude in the broken crapper was the funniest

2019 days ago


#28 by wow,
i agree, it is a horrendous pic and the fact that this woman got behind the wheel of a car is sickening. wouldn't be funny if she wiped out a mom and kids or a best friend or anyone for that matter (only octo-mom being an exception to the rule, not the kids)

seriously, tmz should remove it, better yet, don't have stupid contest like this particular one in the first place!!! wonder how many folks will get totally drunk and out of their minds this weekend, just to enter a picture. tmz better hope and pray nobody gets injured or killed. if it was traced back to this contest, i wonder if you'd have your ass in a sling legally for staging such a ridiculous contest.

2019 days ago


I have always wondered what TMZ posters look like, the ones who say mean ass stuff about others? Well, now we know and it ain't pretty! Now to put names to the faces.......

2019 days ago


It's a toss-up between drunk #1 and drunk #2.

I'm betting on drunk #2--his big ass broke the toilet!!

2019 days ago
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