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Anna Nicole's Shrink Checks Into Jail

3/16/2009 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

anna nicole smith, khristine eroshevichTMZ has learned Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, the psychiatrist accused of conspiring to fuel Anna Nicole Smith with illegal prescription drugs, is officially behind bars.

The doc was booked at Van Nuys Jail at 11:11 AM PT. Her bail was set at the same price as Howard K. Stern's -- $20,000.

UPDATE -- She was released at 1:58 PM PT.

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Yeaaaaaaaaaahh ! its about time. maybe she wont have that smug smirk on her face anymore. she is realllly sick in the head. I hope anna has haunted you KE every night since you helped her into her grave.

2026 days ago

Prince of Bel Air    

She is a forensic psychiatrist based out of Encino. Not a psychologist.

And for you idiots that think Psychologists cannot prescribe meds, you are WRONG! They can prescribe meds currently in New Mexico and Louisiana. Stay informed!

2026 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I really believe that Dr. Eroshevich has been unfairly tied to ...
(Comment developing. Please stay tuned)

2026 days ago


Dr Perper did a horrible job ! He chose the word "accidental " overdose based on lies and from Stern and Dr. E. AND NEVER TESTED ANNA'S HAIR

I still say howard planned her death and i wonder how many of her deeds are now in his name.

2026 days ago


Howard and Dr. Kris had no buisness keeping Anna all doped up and
sedated after Daniel's death. How dare they cup up and administer
pills and injections into a grieving mother.She had a new baby to
care for- Anna needed to be clear headed and focus on caring for
Dannylyn.Anna trusted her live-in friends-how scary! Why didn't she
get grief counseling from a outside souce? Their planned out-
medicine scheme didn't have Anna's best interest at heart...she
didn't get better- she ended up dead in their care!

2026 days ago


Howard and Dr Kris kept Anna knocked out on a daily basis ---why was the evil
Dr. Kris pill pusher really there at the Horizon's for so long? Months and months.. hmmm.... what were they planning?

Dr.Kris left her at the HRC-- she begged her not to leave her alone! Anna was terribly sick and dying---nobody saved her! Howard didn't call 911-he went to see about a boat! They didn't want to be at the scene! Some well caring friends .uh?!!!

2026 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Pleassseee. If Howard were your boyfriend, you'd be all doped up to. It's called survival.

2026 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I'm using the new "TMZ" grammatical form of "to" for emphasis. Who needs that extra oh.

2026 days ago


Not to be cold-hearted, but I seriously doubt that any of these people took a pair of pliers, pried her mouth open and forced drugs down her throat.

If any of these people perscribed or obtained perscription drugs illegally, then I think that is what they souldd be charged with. She is responsible for taking them reclessly. She was not a child, but an adult who made very poor decisions and paid for them with her life.

2026 days ago


Damn Funny,

If even had to see Stern naked, I'd have to be doped up and start the day with a bottle of burbon for breakfast.

2026 days ago


Hey I know- let's force-feed her the same dosages of the same drugs she, HK$ and Lounge Lizard Larry force-fed ANS and we'll see what kind of shape she's in this time next week.

I wonder about the physical, mental and developmental health Dannilyn is in since all those drugs passed through the placenta to her while her idiot mommy dearest was pregnant with her.

...and not one person around her had the balls, nor strength of character to want to help her. All they wanted was her money and property.

Virgie's warning was accurate. Too bad ANS allowed herself to listen to that POS HK$.

That 'clown' video is disturbing. KH$ said he had lots more videos of ANS. The DA needs to see them. And that POS shrink needs to go to jail but alas money talks, and BS walks.

2026 days ago


Oh goody, when do we get to see her mug shot? I hope she doesn't look as mean as Howard K. Stern.

2026 days ago



That was all part of the rouse to keep Dannilynn in the Bahamas and away from her father - Larry Birkhead

Anna made it very clear - on more than one occasion - that she was NOT interested or involved with Howard romantically. Howard's response was, "I wish".

Posted at 3:07PM on Mar 16th 2009 by Anne'


Interesting observation - so then I wonder if that's what triggered HK$ to overdose ANS because she rejected him as a lover. Mind you that fairy only had eyes for Larry Dorkhead. Wow. Those two finally had a baby together using ANS as surrogate. I wonder which idiot was the female of the relationship: HK$ or Leisure Suit Larry. Regardless... winner takes all including the prize Dannilyn.

That's probably why Larry Dorkhead lives in the Bahamas: the money and the property are untouchable by the Feds, and the US has no jurisdiction.

Wouldn't it be nice if that baby were actually cared for instead of being looked at as living chattel?

Hey now that HK$ has been arrested, will he be using ANS's money to defend himself, will he hire Ron Rale and that odious Krystal Barf?

Stay tuned folks, the soap opera is still continuing.

With any luck, the shrink will be found complicit in Daniel's death. Remember ANS screaming to HK$ in her hospital room? She said "YOU DID THIS TO HIM'.

2026 days ago


I thought L. Birkhead was living in Anna's studio home in California? Didn't he move to Kentucky? Did Howard and Larry switch places? They must be living off Anna's money still!?! Money may be running out--paying all those attorney fees!
That old hag-over-medicated Anna--and Daniel fell victim to Howard's duffle bag!

2026 days ago


Dr. Khris E. deserved to stay in jail.

2026 days ago
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