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Anna Nicole's Shrink Checks Into Jail

3/16/2009 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

anna nicole smith, khristine eroshevichTMZ has learned Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, the psychiatrist accused of conspiring to fuel Anna Nicole Smith with illegal prescription drugs, is officially behind bars.

The doc was booked at Van Nuys Jail at 11:11 AM PT. Her bail was set at the same price as Howard K. Stern's -- $20,000.

UPDATE -- She was released at 1:58 PM PT.

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God bless Virgie! A strong woman who keeps the fight for justice alive for her family! Stay strong and keep the faith!!

2047 days ago

Now Hiring    

50. God bless Virgie! A strong woman who keeps the fight for justice alive for her family! Stay strong and keep the faith!!

Posted at 7:50PM on Mar 16th 2009 by Peggy


If this is the same Peggy from before.........Hello.
I am so happy with the arrest and I hope we can finally get answers to where Daniel got that methadone.
I also hope that Daniel gets the justice he did not get from the Bahama's/
Good to see you!

2047 days ago


STFU, paid flunkie.

2047 days ago


Hi Kerry, Yes it is the same! I have missed everyone!

2047 days ago

Now Hiring    

52. Hi Kerry, Yes it is the same! I have missed everyone!

Posted at 9:13PM on Mar 16th 2009 by Peggy


I missed you too Peggy! I am going to watch Greta, I think she is covering it.
I will talk to you tomorrow. Good to see you back!

2047 days ago


She was a drug one forced her to take drugs...she was a drug addict before she met Howard and had gone to rehab if anything he tried to maintain her on Methadone which is for addicts. Now Geraldo the sleeze reporter is trying to get ratings at this poor womans expense and so does that governor Brown...they are going to spend taxpayers money to bring these people to court and they will not win this case these people will walk..what a crock...and a waste of time..anything foe ratings..she loved drugs and Howard was her slave..he did everything for her and worked with her for years on that case what is wrong with everyone leave well enough her own words she defends Howard...

2047 days ago

Maqui of Missouri    

This dumb broad was SOOOO Pimped out, by everyone around her, EVERYONE. Especially Stern, the epidomy of the attorney species. Then again, Anna did the same to that old man for his money. I wonder how many of his family members pissed on her grave.
Someone somewhere just introduced a bill to allow psychologists to prescribe medications, in Missouri maybe?

2047 days ago


Howard knew to take Anna to Hard Rock Hotel in Seminole, FL which is on a reservation with poor law enforcement. The law there was so star struck the Doctor that studied Anna's body asked this doctor for advice and help. He was not studying Anna. He was getting all dressed up to be on CNN Nancy Grace, and Fox with Greta every day he was suppose to be studying her body. The judge at the bench seems to have ADD and could not even stay on subject regarding the body. Howard wanted that dumb county in Florida to be in charge and get Anna out of the US asap. He won that battle and convinced Larry that HE was the only one that could handle the Marshall suit. Howard masterminded Anna (by keeping her drugged),and seemed to be in control until now. I hope he and the doctors go down. There are too many so-called managers doing the same thing to uneducated stars that come into fortune. The star becomes valuable PROPERTY.

2047 days ago


Am I banned? Or am I doing something wrong? I'm just glad that the case has been re-opened to find the truth where ever it may lead.

2047 days ago


Mark Steines (ET) was on TV last weekend and I wondered why he wasn't asked about his production company's private plane flying Dr. Erosovich and Howard Stern and Anna Nicole into and out of California, Florida and the Bahamas more than a few times and whether he or his company knew there were prescription drugs on the plane and whether customs in the Bahamas or the US looked at or asked about the drugs on board. Question I've been hoping would be answered eventually. Now may be it will be. Narcotics cannot be flown into or out of Bahamas and/or US without clearances. Other drugs can, but not narcotics. Question I've always wondered about.....

2047 days ago


I just loved Howard's "attorney" saying "the Attorney General talks too much" (or something similar), like Ms. Barth didn't get the name "Barf" for nuthing. We all wanted to throw up every time she opened her pretty mouth the past 2 years - is it any wonder she lost her try at Crime TV and they said "no way, Krista". Anyway,

Sound-bite, sound-bite, Ms. Krista Barth ("Howard IS the Father"), loving or hating being back on TV even if her practice might go into bankruptcy over this case. I just don't get why she would want to spend even a minute on this case. I know she has a loving husband and family and I just don't get her giving that all up or risking it for this client. Oh well!

I really like Krista from what I've seen of her on TV; I just dont' understand her tenacity with this particular case over all her other cases. She seems to be a really sweet, nice, caring woman - so I'm confused why a woman would represent a man who might be responsible for hurting a woman, the way her client is charged with hurting Anna.

Oh, well, I do digress,k again - anyway, I do like Krista - I just don't understand her infatuation with this case on HKS
side. I would have pegged her as being an attorney for ANS's side - either Anna's daughter or Larry -

She seems like a caring person so I would have thought she would have signed on with larry or with Larry and Anna's daughter.

2047 days ago

Neil Entwistle    


2047 days ago


Anna Nicole was a horribly mean and selfish person--and attracted codependants with low self esteem like HK$.
She lived her whole life using other people and flaunting herself and her cheezy take on the Marilyn look--like attracts like and she got what she deserved. She ruined many people's lives--and it just keeps going.

2047 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Just because I sat on your mom's face doesn't mean I farted.

2046 days ago

Go to hell Rita and Vergie    

It's amazing to me that so many people blame Howard for everything that ever went wrong in Anna'sr life. He's the only one that ever cared about her.How can people defend Vergie how could you with the way she acted. She's still fighting Larry for his own child. She's doesn't care a thing about her. If she did she would be like any normal grandmother and stay the weekend with her or visit her. Larry said he's invited her over many times to have a normal relationship with her granddaughter but no she doesn't want that she wants custody. As for her saying that Howard kept her out of Anna's life is ridiculous. Does she not realize the interviews that Anna did way before Howard came into her life? It's well known Anna and her had a troubled relationship from way back.

2046 days ago
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