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Brooke Hogan -- Pole Position

3/16/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Despite attempts at music and television careers, Brooke Hogan has finally discovered the job she was innately cut out for ... pole dancer.

The 20-year-old spread her limber lady shanks while at Miami's Calle Ocho festival this weekend.

No doubt she's making her daddy proud -- he was there with his Brooke-alike GF to cheer her on.


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She's kind of a joke.

1984 days ago


. Skank? What skank? She's not good enough to be a skank. That was the saddest pole dance I have ever seen.

Posted at 1:07PM on Mar 16th 2009 by Anna

Good point, Anna. Calling this person a skank is an insult to the skanks of the world!

1984 days ago

Wanda W.    

Trash.nothing but white trash with a little money. Hopefully a lot less money, after the family of the boy her brother nearly killed and definitely alterated his life gets through with ! Karma will get them all any time now !

1984 days ago


Wow. I feel empowered as a woman. I am so glad that generations of women suffered in the past so that we could one day allow Brooke Hogan to do this.

TMZ should take up a collection. The "Send Brooke Hogan to school so that she can finally achieve an eigth grade literacy level, and buy her some pants" fund.

1984 days ago


What is going on with her Father? That is just so wrong. They kiss like they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Not Father and daughter. This is sad and extremely disturbing. I don't want to see this amazon women spreading eagle anymore. Stop showing this. It is disturbing and extremely creepy with her Dad.

1984 days ago


She looks dang good to me and she does have talent.I think most on here are just jealous you cn't do this.

1984 days ago

grow up    

worst dancer ever clumsy and unsexy to everyone except her father.

1984 days ago


#118 just wanted to say something bad.That is is girlfriend dildo.Jealousy hurts doesn't it?

1984 days ago


OK REALLy? did i need to see that when i.m eating? she is such a man in woman's clothing.
she looks more like her tranny mother every day -- and i know Brooke is reading this --
cause she has NOTHING ELSE TO DO -- so yes Brookey darling -- a nasty scanky
man --woman -- and i hope this ruins your day --

boo hoo ---- poor brooke --
i only hope you grow up to loko like your mother...


1984 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Welcome to my world - won't you all come in? Uh, yah... I mean ALL of you.

1984 days ago


I don't know what is more despicable, that she is considered some kind of media worthy celebrity or that anyone would watch it. This is so tasteless. This girl was ever brought up with any manners or social graces of any kind. She has clearly been taught to overcome her homely features by trying to use her bully-ish figure than to get out in the world and use her brain. Look at Ivanka Trump. She's so much better looking but educated and intelligent enough not to act like a slut in public. Brooke pull it together and overcome your trailer trash heredity!

1984 days ago


Al of the sudden Nicks accident is the second worst in that family.

1984 days ago

Michael Madsen    

God: Jonah! Jonah! Can you hear us? Hold on! We'll get you outta there, don't worry. I'm comin' in!
Jeez: Are you serious? You're goin' in there?
God: Nah. Just a little false hope. Let's grab a Taco.

1984 days ago


That is disgusting. She looks like the kind of dancer who old work the Day shift.. You know the type... Stretch Marks.. Kind of beefy.. Well atleast she can have a career if this whole singing thing doesn't work out..oh wait???

1984 days ago


Brooke's cooking up tuna skewers!

1984 days ago
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