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Brooke Hogan -- Pole Position

3/16/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Despite attempts at music and television careers, Brooke Hogan has finally discovered the job she was innately cut out for ... pole dancer.

The 20-year-old spread her limber lady shanks while at Miami's Calle Ocho festival this weekend.

No doubt she's making her daddy proud -- he was there with his Brooke-alike GF to cheer her on.


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Brooke Hogan is a fat pig on a pole. To see her nasty fat stinking croch stinking up the audience makes me want to lose my lunch.

2054 days ago


at least its not her mother in a thong on Clearwater Beach partying it up with my 22 year old friends and bending over shakin her ass like I had to witness yesterday....

2054 days ago


wow! am i the only one that seen that kiss??? you shouldn't be kissing your daddy like that!!!!! puke!!!!

2054 days ago

Mrs. Canna    

I watched the video, did she even take "pole dancing" lessons? It was horrible! Her ladyparts were hanging out too - you can see it in the picture that TMZ posted! Yikes! She's a big girl, around 6 feet tall I think. Wow, this was just really, really horrible to watch. LMAO!

2054 days ago

Shirl ~~ t.g.    

WTF?? Is Brooke a stripper now?? What a JOKE!! Her daddy was there too!! PERV!! LOL Maybe Brooke needs to go to college and get a real career!!

2054 days ago


Her performance was fine. Her dancers were good. Why was the camera there? Were they making a video?

I have a HUGE problem with the hogan family. No, not the old tv show, the hogan knows best family. He didn't know squat and it shows. TV broke this family apart which wasn't very stable to begin with.

The mom is nown dating a boy from Nicks and Brookes highschool class. The dad is dating someone who looks just like the mom but younger. Isn't the dads girlfriend someone who used to babysit or something for the children? I think I heard this. Brooke is has been quiet about who she is dating, but she has spoken out about her mom dating someone younger. Nick had some dates in jail (joke) but mostly needs to cowboy up for his car problems. Nick has had some girlfriends I think since he got out of jail. I mean what the heck. They only got a divorce so they wouldn't have to pay for the car accident. Now its all crazy. They have all kinds of problems now.

I don't mean to be mean, but people in Florida are like this sometimes. Bleached, lacking in judgement and decision making skills and horny. It must be the heat and humidity. It makes people crazy. No plausible explanation for the entire clans errors in wardrobe and costume choice though.

Its also cool that we can't tell any of the women in the family apart.
Now Nick needs to have a baby with the marine guys he put in a comas sister, aunt, cousin or something. That would be the best icing on this dairy queen disturbed cake.
Brooke will probably turn out all right, she certainly has had to grow up considering she is surrounded by juveniles.

2054 days ago


WTF!!!!! What the hell kind of performance is that! You call that talent????I call that STRIPPER MATERIAL!
No wait, even strippers have more talent than this! OMG somebody get her off the stage!!
And, as far as Hulks GF...............WHAT A SKANK! What is she highschool?/ Giving a show for the cameras or was it for the exwife to see !JENNIFER................GIVE IT UP ALREADY! AND TAKE THOSE GLASSES OFF.WE ALREADY KNOW HOW UGLY YOU ARE WITHOUT THEM!

2054 days ago


this picture makes me want to PUKE!
her nastey arse needs to stay out of view forever!

2054 days ago


Complete lack of class

2054 days ago


That shots way past pervy and goes straight to creepy. Daddy must be so proud

2054 days ago


She is fat...and ugly. She is as gross as the rest of her family. Who is actually paid to see her "perform"????

2054 days ago


WOW. That's gotta make a DAD.. ummmm... proud?? In a dysfunctional kinda way...

2054 days ago


most fathers andor mothers would be horrified if their child got up there and acted like that. all they are teaching her is that to use her body to get whatever she can but one day that will not work.

2054 days ago


white trash whore like the rest of the family, let me give a crotch shot out to my dad watching, Is this Jerry Springer

2054 days ago

Triple Play    

THat is so sick. Having her father in the audience watching her act like the pig that she is is very disturbing. That whole family is dysfunctional.

2054 days ago
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