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DJ AM Wants a Cool $20 Mil in Jet Crash

3/16/2009 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMWe've just obtained new documents in DJ AM's lawsuit against the company that booked the jet that crashed. The surviving passenger wants $20 million -- minimum.

The way it breaks down, DJ AM wants at least $10 mil in damages for medical bills, lost earnings and profits and other economic damages. And he wants another $10 mil for mental and physical pain and suffering and other "non-economic losses."


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Wow. I'm really embarrassed for him. Although not surprised since "celebrities" are rarely more than penny-pinching money-grubbers to begin with. This is a perfect example of a result of poor breeding.

2011 days ago

DJ Pagudpod    

DJ AM's a good DJ, but not that good to justify $20 million for a few months out of work. It's outrageous lawsuits like this make America the land of insurance companies and attorneys - these costs are passed on to the hard working citizens as a tax. Shame on you DJ AM. You should be grateful to have survived (unlike many of the passengers).

2011 days ago


He shouldn't be suing. He survivied the plane crash with no permanent injuries. He is already rich and can keep on working. I thought after going through something like this he would have his priorities straight. Instead he's looking to exploit this for all he can. Let's see....His last name is Goldstein. Golddigger is more like it.

2011 days ago


oh please!! ANYBODY who was in that horrific of a plane crash and survived....with the fact that there was negligence on the part of the company that provided the plane...would be suing for as much as they could get....the man can't get on a plane again and that is where his lost wages are coming from...he used to spin all around the country, now he can't.....and for those who don't know who he is or didn;t until this...don't hate just cuz you're out of touch!!

2010 days ago


This idiot should not get anything. Why should he sue the company that booked the flight? It's not their fault. It doesn't mention the family members that lost THEIR families going after the company that booked the flights. He's ugly and a loser!

2010 days ago


He should get it. Just look at his horrible disfigured face.

2010 days ago

Michael Madsen    

And I want forty million in damages after listening to his music.

2010 days ago

Freak of the Week    

I wonder how much Barker will get for his burnt peen?

2010 days ago



2010 days ago


Come on people he was nearly killed, and two of his friends WERE!. It's the least they could do.

2010 days ago


Now I actually wish he had died. People like this deserve to not be given a second chance. Fine, get some money to help out with the medical bills but not a cent over that. What a jack A$$. I hope he dies now.

2010 days ago

Jay D    

#85 you say he is the highest paid DJ here in California, I am a DJ from California and my buddies that are actually more well known than DJ AM get paid a couple of grand for a 4 hour club gig. How do you figure he was well on his way to making that kind of money? He would never make that kind of money in this biz in a life time, much less a month. This is the only way he can even try and make a million or two is by doing this, that is why he is doing it. He doens't want to spin records the rest of his life for a couple of grand a night, but he wants to live the hollywood life style and be rich enough to hang with the stars.

2010 days ago


Goldstein - Can you say "GOLD" digger..... Doesn't he make enough money??? What a LEECH - he should be ashamed!!!! He should be happy he's still ALIVE and pray more for life than being GREEDY.

2010 days ago


PLEASE someone provide his email address! I'd LOVE to write to him!

2010 days ago


Boooo. With all due respect to the man for surviving such a traumatic experience, I find it reprehensible that DJ AM is filing a lawsuit against the aircraft manufacturer, the least likely to be negligent in this accident. Such a lawsuit will not likely prevent accidents in the future and the excessive amount only makes it more difficult for general aviation to survive as an alternative to airline travel. It comes down to greed, plain and simple.

2010 days ago
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