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Jackie Mason -- How Dare You Say I'm Racist

3/16/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Jackie Mason was pissed Sunday as he left a gig in New Jersey, in the wake of criticism that he was wrong to have called President Barack Obama a "schwartza."

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TMZ posted a story yesterday about Mason's performance Thursday at Feinstein's at the Loews Regency in NYC. He referred to the Prez as a "schwartza" -- the literal translation in Yiddish is "Black" -- but some say it's a disparaging reference to African Americans, akin to the "N" word.

Mason repeated his frustration -- he believes "White people have no freedom of speech." He also says there's a complete double standard -- that Chris Rock can trash whites without apology or criticism.


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I see the uneducated hypocritical Al NotsoSharpton and Jesse Jackass blind followers are still at it. Rather than doing your own research and educating yourself you choose to believe what these agitators insist on shoving down your throats.....because that's the EASY, LAZY way of doing things.

2044 days ago

She is hot    

The way that I see it is that too many black people let their "blackness" define who they are as individuals. Especially considering some of the comments here which are steeped in an old mindset of the past. Obama is president and he is a black man by his own description. I however believe he is a fraud because he sold the American media and public on a bunch of "hope" and "change" crap. Guess what all people of different colors, if he does what he said he will then all the excuses of race should be out the window but Obama will not do that because he would then lose his voting base. Obama will continue to say that he is for the poor but he will continue to give them handouts and not expect them to do for themselves carefully constructing a voting base and leaving them with the crumbs. People if you all out there continue to look to the government for help then you will continue to stay in your same pedicament!! Which is exactly where Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, and Wright to name a few want you to be!

2044 days ago


JACKI MASON IS 100% RIGHT.More people both in and out of the public eye should get back to being honest and truthful about these issues like Jackie did.Show me someone who is politically correct and I'll show you a phony and a liar.It's way past time to get rid of this politcially correct nonsense.The US media(now the laughing stock of the free world)loves to push this junk.Hey they(US media) have got to talk about something--in between-- commercials for drug and insurance companies.---I don't view it anymore,why should you.

2044 days ago


I wasn't bothered by his use of the word "schwartza" as much as I was bothered by his misguided justification for it. It seems lately that people are willing to justify their words or actions by invoking the name of someone else who they think have gotten away with it. In other words their defense is the abdication of responsibility for their own words or actions by means of diverting blame to someone else.

The idea that it's a "one way street" is short sighted ...and mistaken. You need only look into the comedy of Lenny Bruce, Sarah Silverman, Lisa Lamponelli and others.

... Thus ends that tired old argument.

I'm not a fan of racial humor though I know it's common practice for comedians to use racially self abasing jokes, Blacks joke about Blacks, Jews about Jews, Rednecks about Rednecks. And many of them add other races into their stand up. Like I said I'm not a fan, but it all remains in the context of a joke. So it's really no big deal other than the idea that it may perpetuate racial stereotypes in the most simple minded of us.

2044 days ago


I grew up with grandparents spoke yiddish in the community they used the word schvartze in reference to black people however this is not a racist term to us. It is a discriptive term that literally means the color black. in english we do call black people, black don't we? negro in English is considered in bad taste but in spanish un negro literally means black man. I really think people are waaay too uptight about these little things. and with regards to what he was saying in the interveiw above i kinda agree with him. I find that all races including whites seem to hold white people(especially white americans) to a different accountability then everyone else. I don't really understand why yes there was black slavery but why are 1st and second generation white americans supposed to feel guilty about it? our ancestors had no part. now I think it's one thing to understand peoples history and learn from it. it's another to not let it go. we really need to concentrate on the genocide, slavery and real problems we have going on right now in the world and not keep reliving the past.

2044 days ago


Kyllydkelly Jackie Mason did not voice a racial slur. The fault lies with the illiterate black man , with poor language & reading skills in reference to a first language., never mind a second language......who interprets , incorrectly, based upon his oown perception. Should we change the language & words of th entire world, to assuage the oversensitivity of the American blackman, negro person of color , African American { African....? now that is a stretch......American is the reality}.........or whatever new name that you create, that makes you feel respected. I personally cannot kep up, so i will wait for your permanent...........Title.........don't want to offend this thin skinned, oversensitive black, brown skinned human that comes in avariety of shading. You have called Jackie Mason a racist jew............. you call him "this jew". You are the racist. African Americans , do they really hate everyother race.? Apparently so, You bitter, self absorbed narrow minded, moaning articles. African Americans, black, people of color, negroes, whateer, ou are calling youself today........................Take a serious look at the Jewish people , their history, their contributions to the world.......... the adversity that they have overcome. .their successes. They are an admirable people, that were almost annhililated..................against all odds, they survived. to be world contributors, interms of every thing important in this it as basic as Medicine or the finer contributions: architecture art music. Let us not forget that the Israeli Army is the best in the world. As for slavery.stop have not experienced jwish people were not wlcomed anywhere in the world..the world turned a blind eye to the Holocaust. ^ million Jewa of every nationality, in Europe. stripped to the bare bones.:poor, middleclass & rich..........young babies, children , adults.the aged..i=& put into concentration be worked to death. , Used as "live" medical& surgical experiments,, Gassed to death, shot tortured butchered....made into soap, lampshades.etc etc. Those that survived, left with nothing..Nothing..but their skin a& bones........emaciated, Walking skeletons. I will point out the difference between the African Americans.& the Jewish people. The Jewish people are a proud, intelligent motivated, high I.Q race. They are acheivers & overachievers. They do not sit back waiting for the world to carry their weight. They carry their own weight, They do not play the victim role... & attemp to utilize that as a bargain tool for " favors'. Please do not tell me about black success.the hip-hop,rap artists,sports players, movie "stars' ...........& Oprah.....................I am not Jewish....................but to me, they are the world's most admiral People.Against aaaaall adversity...............throughot history, from .Ancient times......... slavery, predjudice, atrocities, near annihilation...............they have survived, achieved & contributed to society , with brilliance. Your people, make me ashamed. You shame yourselves. Why don't you just, " grow a pair" as a previous poster said. All you do is whine...........

2044 days ago


That's because you are stupid Jack.

Hellova rant though. :) Need a hug?

2044 days ago


Jackie Mason should APOLOGIZE...AND QUICKLY! the term IS RACIST!!!

2044 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@ 211. My use of the word klansmen was not towards whites and I think you know that. It was towards the blanatantly racists folk making comments on this board - sounding like klansmen. I am very impressed that you are 50 years old living in Georgia and have never seen the KKK.

I, on the other hand, am 31 years old and I saw the KKK in FULL DRESS on Tara Blvd in Clayton County when I was 10. And here are a few more recent experiences (I don't have time to go into them all) A white frat at my college performed a minstrel show in full black face in the late 90s. 5 short years ago, I saw someone dressed in black face going down I-75. You may not find it offensive and you are entitled to your opinion, but I found it offensive and I am entitled to my opinion too. Am I trying to sue? Did I call Jesse Jackson? No, but if I had that would also be MY RIGHT.

So, you see, everyone's experience is different. Yours is no less valud than mine, but just because YOU never eperienced it, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

And save the "get over it" comments, because I am over it. I recognize those types of people as what they truly are - cowards.

Those of you so desperate to use the N-Word - I hope that you say it in front of me so that I can give my usual response -


I have yet to be slapped.

2044 days ago


I agree with Jack. He has a right to make a comment and everytime someone says the littlest thing about Obama all of sudden there racist and attacked. Get over yourselves and Jack. Obama, yes we get it he is president, but honestly let us speak speak how we feel, don't forget not everyone has to like Obama.

2044 days ago

To the Idiots    

**125. And yet, white immigrants even then were still treated better than the Negro who had been here since the oldest Anglo-Saxon families set foot in the New World. And note that the Irish came here of their own free will for opportunity, not locked in chains and after a tortuous journey killing millions of their brethren. White they were considered low-class, white trash here in America they were still considered a member of the human species, quite unlike the Negroes.

Posted at 12:20PM on Mar 16th 2009 by Dwayne Mayor**

You are a complete utter moron, you know that? The IRISH WERE SLAVES. They were slaves in England, Ireland, American and various Caribbean islands(Montserrat being one of them). My god..would it really hurt you to open up a history book for once in your idiotic life? The Irish were called the "New N*****" when they came over. They were PAID LESS than the newly freed blacks in factories. They were beaten, raped, lynched, tortured along side blacks. They weren't hired, they were kicked out of stores, and refused service from public places due to who they were. "Paddy wagon"=derogatory term used against the Irish. "Luck of the Irish"=derogatory term coined for the Irish. And those are STILL used today. Seriously...READ A BOOK! And guess what? Guess how long the prosecution of the Irish people in the WORLD lasted? Since the 9th Century. Again...stop getting your "knowledge" from the back of Honey Combs boxes and actually read a damn book.

2044 days ago


You've got to be kidding...

Why do you care so much....write a book?!! You come back like a pitbull anytime someone calls you out yet you have been offensive in some of your (many) comments! You call out everyone else and then play the "well, I didn't mean it like that" game..."I wasn't calling white people klansmen", did you mean it when you called someone ignorant? Maybe the "klansman" posters that offended you so much, didn't mean to insinuate that every black person is worthless, just a lot...ever think of that? Stfu already! I feel so sorry for your significant have mastered the art of "spin"!

2043 days ago


sounds like someone woke up on the racist side of the bed this morning....for shame!

2043 days ago


Exactly what is it that "they" want to be called. Black people seem to keep changing their mind as to how to reference them.
According to the urban dictionary Schwartza is:
Yiddish or German term meaning "black person". It is not a hateful term.

2043 days ago


I wonder how whether he would also say that someone is not racist for telling him that he belongs in Auschwitz and that what Hitler did was very rational and they should stop persecuting his name and get over it; the same thing they tell blacks about getting over slavery and being black. Would that person too be allowed to say "I'm not racist"? I really wonder.

2043 days ago
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