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Jackie Mason -- How Dare You Say I'm Racist

3/16/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Jackie Mason was pissed Sunday as he left a gig in New Jersey, in the wake of criticism that he was wrong to have called President Barack Obama a "schwartza."

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TMZ posted a story yesterday about Mason's performance Thursday at Feinstein's at the Loews Regency in NYC. He referred to the Prez as a "schwartza" -- the literal translation in Yiddish is "Black" -- but some say it's a disparaging reference to African Americans, akin to the "N" word.

Mason repeated his frustration -- he believes "White people have no freedom of speech." He also says there's a complete double standard -- that Chris Rock can trash whites without apology or criticism.


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I have to agree with jackie.

I've seen black people get offended if you call them black, I see them get offended if you call them african american.

I guarantee you if you call someone african american they'll yell at you and say "I'm BLACK" and if you call them black they'll yell at you and say "I'm an African AMERICAN... not a color."

Yet they can trash talk other races all they want. I've been called a chink (even though I'm japanese, not chinese) and my white friends have been called trailor trash, honkies and white trash...

yet that's not racist... it's freedom of speech.

Call a black person the "N" word, even though it is deplorable... it's a hate crime and can get someone sent to jail.

Major double standard.

2013 days ago


Oh, an FWIW, I'm Irish...when my family emmigrated here they were indentured servants (aka SLAVES) as were many other people of many nationalities who were simply looking for something better. African's, Jamaican's, Bahamian's etc...were NOT the only people enslaved, MANY, MAAAAAANY white people were....but do you hear us bitching and moaning about it? Do you hear us screaming for reparations from years ago?!! No...because those people who enslaved others in the past are long since dead. My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great grandparents were slaves...all the way up through my Great Great grandmother until she earned enough money to pay for her own freedom....WHITE SLAVES!!! People, get over the past already, move forward and stop holding yourselves back!

2013 days ago


Chill everybody. Tomorrow we are all Irish.

2013 days ago

"If you had been a black in Germany during the late 1930's and early 40's.... you would have been worked to death far worse than in a cotton field, then marched to a concentration camp to a certain death!"

Well, I guess that no one can ever complain about anything then!

2013 days ago


@ # 62. Rick, it sounds like you think it's okay for black people to abuse white people because in the past blacks were discriminated against. Well it isn't okay. I have never done anything racist to anyone, and I shouldn't have to tolerate being put down by blacks because they're ancestors were enslaved. Too bad. Lots of bad things have happened to large groups of people. Jews here murdered in the Holocaust by Germans, but you don't see them belittling Germans and calling them racists all over TV. It's just wrong. Women as a group are terribly abused all over the world at this very moment. A woman is raped every few minutes in America, for example, and yet women don't run around yelling sexism everywhere and demanding special treatment. You're argument is crazy.

Jews were given a state that was never theirs before they came in 1948 for the atrocities of the holocaust. What have black people been given? If you come out with anything SOMEWHAT, SEEMINGLY anti-jewish you get hanged by the media regardless of your skin color. Ask Mel Gibson. And to everyone crying the whole freedom of speech argument, my freedom of speech is to criticize people that I think are racist making in appropriate comments. I also have the right to bring up slavery and whatever else I want. Freedom of speech.

2013 days ago


We should all celebrate that we can even turn our President Irish.

Barry O'Bama

Let's just all love each other and drink together...
Tomorrow we are all green.

2013 days ago


Where was the press back in the 90"s when Jackies brothers house in New Jersey was attacked and painted with all kinds of racial slurs i lived across the street from his brother he was a rabbi and one of the best people I have ever had the honor of knowing. His brother Joseph has since passed away. Jackie is no racist and him and his family no what it's like to be on the receiving end of racial hatred he did nothing wrong but the person who attacked rabbi masa's house in the cover of darkness in a cowardly act of hatred toward jew's did do plenty wrong.Go back and check than Govenor Florio signed a racial bill into law in front of the Rabbi's house.. Give me a break.... Jacki you are right.. God Bless Rabbi Joseph Masa and I'm glad I had the honor of knowing him..

2013 days ago


I completely agree with him about Chris Rock, He's made more demeaning remarks about Whites than any comedan I've heard, yet he gets away with it. So Jackie says the word Black in yiddish and he's getting slapped with racism remarks and charges?

I'm sorry but WTF?

2013 days ago


@ # 67. He is right and I am really sick of it!
People make fun of whitey non stop, hahah it's funny but any other race it is racist!
I also wonder what would happen if there were things like Miss white america, or the white college kids fund, or the white tv channel, white poker tourny, because other races seem have these racist things, only they are not considerered racist.

That comment was just plain silly & ignorant. Its not just making fun of race, he essentially called the President a n****", and people here are acting like I can't excercise my freedom of speech to criticize him. Talk about hypocrisy. There is a need for BET, and other ethnic stations because white people being the majority in this country are on all of the other stations. We have a couple outlets and you have hundreds. Why would you cry about that? The UNCF and affirmative action is necessary because blacks are often looked at as an afterthought when it comes to college funding. And affirmative action actually helps all races, as it helps white women the most by the numbers.

2013 days ago


President Obama isn't black! He's bi-racial. I love how African-Americans don't want to be judged by their skin color, yet they keep referring to President Obama as black (his skin color). Martin Luther King would be apalled by the behavior of the very people whom he was fighting for. Racism isn't acceptable regardless of what race it is coming from.

2013 days ago

green eyed jo    

You go Jackie!!!!! Jackie is absolutly right. Black people never get called out on the things they call white people. If the word is yiddisn for black, then what's the problem? Is Obama not black? He seemed to keep reminding us of that fact when he was running for president because it was to his benefit. In recent years, blacks are the first to yell racist at every turn and this will continue until the word means absolutly nothing due to its misuse. Jackie is also right when he says racism is more directed at whites than blacks today. I just love his honesty and saying things most people believe.

2013 days ago


While living in Germany during the 70's, this term (Yiddish or not) was used derogatorily by ignorant racist Germans when espousing racial slurs and perpetuating the myth that black men grew tails at night. Jackie Mason is aware of this and, historically, it amazes me that he would not now be aware of the pain this word connotates, aligning himself (he is not white) with ignorant Germans and ignorant whites. (acknowledging ignorant people grace all races) Did he forget where he came from and no longer know who he is? These same ignorant people, whom he defends, feel no more love for him than they do for blacks. Keep it real!

2013 days ago


HURRAY for Jackie.......he rocks! Keep saying the 'S' word - it IS yiddish for the word 'black' what's 'their' problem?
The majority of US agree with everything you've said....'THEY' are the racists - it's about time someone in the media gave it back to 'them'. Thanks for speaking for the rest of us....God Bless.

2013 days ago

Exactly Right    

He is exactly right. He wasnt being "RACIST"!! Its just like ignorant people to say that stupid crap. And he makes a good point.. when Chris Rock, Carlos Mencia or any OTHER comedian (white, black, purple, orange) make fun of WHITE people....its "ALLLLLL GOOD"!!! GET OVER IT!!! Their COMEDIANS. Its what they do! Grow the hell up!

2013 days ago


Al Sharpten is lame and so is every one who thinks they can say cracker all day long but have heart attack when they hear the N word last time I checked white people don't walk around or sing calling themselves crackers. Obama in the white house made the black community extra sensitive. WOW he said black lets EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUR LIVES lol

2013 days ago
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