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Lindsay Lohan Arrest Warrant:

Paparazzi Defense

3/16/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanWe know exactly why Lindsay Lohan is being hauled into court Monday and it's no big deal -- probably.

Here's why an arrest warrant was issued. Lindsay was in an alcohol ed program for more than a year and was in full compliance with her probation. Sources say not too long ago she decided to switch programs. She either was late or missed one of the classes at the new program -- she says because the paparazzi made it impossible for her to show up on schedule. So the program director sounded the alarm last week to the court. And that's why the judge issued a warrant.

Based on what we know this is not a big deal and Lindsay's new lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, should be able to have the warrant 86'd -- no problemo. The only wild card: There's a new judge on the case and she's really tough.

We're told Lindsay will not show for the appearance unless the judge decides she wants her there.

Stay tuned.


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I do not understand how a "program director" of an alcohol education and treatment program can create a warrant for anyone's arrest.

If this judge is as fair as she is rumored to be tough then the process that was used to get the warrant should be looked at. Given the penchant for publicity that the District Attorney's office has and their flair for making cases larger than life (Britney) the prosecuitor might find themselves sanctioned or jailed for a few hours for contempt.

1993 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Is Lohan in jail really doing "research" for a remake of "CHAINED HEAT"??? Im sure she loves being locked up with women. Will she be doing the broom handle scene that Linda Blair so artfully pulled off back in 1974 ?

1993 days ago


FUNNY that you're reporting that Lindsay won't be appearing in court, when CNN had a story last night speaking to her lawyer that said Lezho WILL be appearing in court this morning. Either way, run down and set up a camera!

1993 days ago


Who cares about your AFrican crapp, fool.

1993 days ago


I woke up to my alarm clock radio this morning where it was stated that Lindsay had done it again, was arrested for yet another DUI incident. And that's why I tuned into TMZ. HOWEVER, ok, while TMZ gives another version as to the warrant for her arrest, I still feel that this girl has gone downhill in a very big way, and it's only a matter of time before she will eventually wind up seriously hurting someone (or herself) one day on the road. And then what, a slap on the wrist, perhaps 45 minutes in a jail cell?? These supposedly hollier-than-thous get away with murder. Actually one of them did!!And you guys know who I am talking about. I used to love Lindsay, but I can't stand her now!! She's lost her "role model" status to the younger generation a long time ago.

1993 days ago


Please, TMZ, no more on Lindsey Lohan. She is a snooze fest..

1993 days ago


FOR THE COURTS AND LAWYERS: If this excuse is true, there would be proof that the PAPS hindered her effort! TMZ, prove this bitch wrong! She is such a dope addict liar!

1993 days ago


Who really gives a crap?

1993 days ago


Lindsay broke probation by driving to Las Vegas to check up on Sam at a DJ gig. She arrived at 1:00 AM Tuesday morning, much to Sam's surprise.

After two hours of heavy drinking, Lindsay threw a hysterical temper tantrum. She got in her Mercedes and drove herself back to Los Angeles. She was in such a hurry and so upset, she left her bodyguard standing on the curb in Las Vegas.

The terms of her probation specifically forbid her from driving except to and from work. And of course she hasn't worked in over two years.

So she violated her probation and now has to explain herself to the Court. And of course, the judge wants her present at the probation hearing on Monday.

This is a little more serious than missing or being late to an AA meeting.

1993 days ago

Rule of four "practice that permits four of the nine justices to grant a writ of certiorari."    

California Penal Code Section 646.9

"Stalkerazzi tactics range from jumping out of trees and bushes to sideswiping cars, Saunders said. In some cases, they may have gone even further: In May, police arrested a man and said he used his van to ram the car of teenage actress Lindsay Lohan near a shopping mall here. Several photographers were on the scene snapping pictures and shooting video before Lohan could even get out of her car.", accessed 3/16/09 at 10:15am

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1993 days ago


CHRIS BROWN IS VERY THANKFUL THAT THIS WASHED UP HAS BEEN MADE AN APPEARENCE AND SCREWED UP ROYALLY AGAIN! NOW BETWEEN HER AND THAT OLD COMMEDIAN DUDE... TMZ IS TOO BUSY TO PESTER HIM.............TMZ BREAKING NEWS ON CHRIS BROWN...Today R&B artist Chris Brown went poty and he used CHARMIN toiletpaper and wiped his own ass! Tonight at 6 p.m tune in for all the coverage!!! Honestly thats just how TMZ actually IS!!!

1993 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

She has no problem going to the club on time but cant make it to court,just amazing what the excuse that the California courts will except

1993 days ago

Rule of four "practice that permits four of the nine justices to grant a writ of certiorari."    

WONDERTWIN POWERS activated FORM of THE PARENT TRAP. Chief Complaint: Community relations when the record of decision is signed. § 300.435 Remedial design/remedial action, operation and maintenance.

1980 days ago
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