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Reverend Al -- Jackie Mason's Just Old

3/16/2009 8:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Sharpton still respects his elders -- even the ones who call him a "professional racist." In fact, he blames Jackie Mason's age for the entire racially charged mess the comedian got himself into.

Al Sharpton: Click to watch
Even though Mason chose to attack The Rev hours after calling Obama a "Schwartza" this weekend, Sharpton was cool at LAX, clasping his hands together and saying, "At this stage in Jackie's life, we should pray for him."



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She is hot    

Spoke to soon I guess!! Hey, I guess I am just a "white devil", "cracke", "honkey", Any term I missed that is supposed to hurt my feelings? Reason most white people are not bothered by WORDS is that the WORDS do NOT DEFINE THEM!!!

2055 days ago


When is Thug Thizzle going to hold a press conference to apologize to the Duke Lacrosse team??

2055 days ago

She is hot    

WOW!! Do you have just a little bit of anger there dont you? And I am the racist? Have you read what you just posted? I guess the Coast of Ms, the Coast of Ala,, and Louisiana is all poor and black????? LMAO!! You seriously need some education but that is ok you will always be hateful and spiteful. I am from the areas effected and guess what the areas are not all poor and black!!! You should be really happy these days because Mr. Obama was elected president and all the problems in the world will be answered because he is just so AWESOME!! Lmao,,,,,You can call Bush a cracker but I will just call Obama a fraud!! I do not need to and want to bring in race with him! He will do this country extreme harm but that is ok,,,,, because he is Barack Hussein Obama ( FRAUD FAILURE)

2055 days ago


Al Sharpton needs to shut his ignorant mouth--if its not Jesse Jackson making a racist comment then Al Sharpton is.--I dont get how its ok for them to very open racial commetns about white people all the time and then he turns around and points the finger at someone that wasnt even making a racial comment--Im so tired of the double standards that society allows.

2055 days ago


VictorPark Said: "When is Thug Thizzle going to hold a press conference to apologize to the Duke Lacrosse team??"

If Thug Thizzle is as smart and unpologetic as I think he is - NEVER - LOL! BUT YOU JUST KEEP HOLDING YOUR BREATH CRAKER.

The Duke Lacrosse team was "accused" of a crime and received DUE PROCESS - unlike thousands of falsely accused black and poor white men who have SERVED long prison sentences in jail and if it wasnt for things like DNA would still be in jail.

And furthemore - there are many people - black and white - who still aren't too sure that NOTHING happened and that these "preppy boys" are completely innocent. Where is that PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY you white folks are always talking about? Maybe that's what they get for getting drunk and having strippers at their party.

Ain't nobody feeling sorry for those "preppy" white boys. Some of you all are just mad that an investigation was conducted period.

2055 days ago


Stand your ground Jackie! The world needs to get over it!

2055 days ago


If you were offended by the comments on someone who happens to be black, and didn't speak up, that's YOUR problem...maybe what they said didn't bother you. people were offended by what Mason said, spoke up, and not only do you condemn them, you bring in some stupid tit-for-tat argument about what soemone else said, who isn't even in the discussion. Jackie mason has been making comments like this about President Obama since las June, so this didn't come out of the blue. When I was growing up on the southside of Chicago, they was an area called "jewtown" where fake or shabby merchandise was sold to unwary buyers at discount prices. No one (except maybe Jessie Jackson) uses that word anymore, When Michel jackson used the term jew in one of his songs (at one time, it meant to cheat or bargain down) the outrage was so palpable, he had to change the lyrics to the song. Ice T had to change the lyrics to the song "Cop Killer, and ironically enough, he's portraying a cop now on TV.
Bottom line...if someone says something, and you're offended by it, SPEAK UP...don't slither away complaining about all the other people who got away with doing the same thing...its cowardly and immature. By the way Jackie...FUG YOU!

2055 days ago

She is hot    

LOL,,,,, Then what areas of comprehension skills pre tell were you referring to when you said " they were mostly poor and black"? I do not give a dang if Mr. Obama is black, purple, yellow, orange, period! I am not angry that he is black in fact I am excited that a black president was elected because all the excuses are over for reverse racism from blacks. Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, and Farakhan have fed black people for years on how "the man" is keeping them down. Well, guess what that excuse is no longer viable!! In this great country of ours, ANYONE can succeed no matter race or creed! It just takes effort but guess what Obama is going to do? He will keep giving handouts and say what a horrible country we live in and the people that live off the government will stay in the same place because it is easier that way. My bad I am using logical sense!! Answer me one simple question, have you ever seen a poor person give another poor person a job? NO But when you tax the people with most money then jobs are taken away but that may be above your head to understand!

2055 days ago


Jackie is in his early 70's and Al is in his early to mid 50's

2055 days ago


OHHH BlueClues2 you must come from an Uneducated racist home---thats soo sad for you---I am sure you are one of the many on welfare that educated white people have to support--Keep having your babies and living off the system---Hey be like your hero Jesse Jackson and have 15 illegitamite children--If you like Al Sharpton I have one word to describe you IGNORANT!! Hey you got your black president--WHAT ELSE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT!!! By the way be greatful to us Porch Monkeys if it wasnt for us you would all still be living in AFRICA!!!

2055 days ago

She is hot    

Hey Pott54
Do you really think calling me a honkey is going to hurt my feelings? LOL,,, You and DonnaT are really educating me about how sensitive people can be about words and terms and making me laugh on this monday. One thing I do not understand is the fact that a lot of blacks and I am not saying all still blame whitey for their misfortunes. Hey, it is 2009!!! Call me a honkey, white devil, the man, or whatever you want to to demonize me but guess who is really holding people like yourselves back? Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Democrats in general want people to stay in poverty and anguish!!! Why you might ask!! For them to keep promising things to you and NOT DELIVERING and then two years from now people like yourself vote them in again and guess what, NOTHING CHANGES NOTHING BUT THE IDEA OF HOPE. But hey keep believing their promises and their race baiting. Makes people with some sense( black, white, yellow, orange) laugh at just how GULLABLE people are.

2055 days ago


Tawanna Brawley, who's the old racist?

2055 days ago


Pott54...tell me where in Africa your lineage is from. Tell me what tribe you hail from. You are not an 'African American'. You're black. Deal with it. Al Sharpton is black. Barack Hussein Obama is African American, with Kenyan lineage. Because you have dark skin doesn't make you African American. You're black. Deal with it. As for the Duke Lacrosse team, you're missing a big word: "wrongly" accused. To the tune of $10 million. Each player. The coach railroaded out of Duke, but got a nice payment from the university. DA went to prison and was disbarred. The 'victim'? Another Tawana Brawley. Yeah, yeah, thug it up. Again, when is that press conference scheduled for? It should be held everyday of the month of February every year from here on out. Douchebag.

2055 days ago


At this stage in Al's life, he should think about becoming a greeter at a Walmart.

2055 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

Wow. You people are so ignorant. Stop letting Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity explain race relations to you. Do some research on government programs in this country and read a history book.

@#49 what difference does it make whether or not someone can identify their tribe? In fact, it is BECAUSE of our history in this country that leaves the trail cold. Not really our fault. So, would you say that those of puerto rican descent who don't speak Spanish and never been to puerto rico are any less puerto rican? It really doesn't matter what you think because it is not your call.

The bottomw line is, you don't get to decide what we call ourselves. Look at how many names you've gotten wrong - Native Americans were once Indians. Asians were once Orientals. Latinos were once hispanic. Black people don't have the monopoly on name changes and it is no less valid than any other group.

2055 days ago
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