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Sheryl Crow Couldn't "Give a S**t" about TMZ

3/16/2009 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow ... still bitter over TMZ's story about Northern Trust -- you know, the bank that hired her to play at a fancy corporate event a few weeks back. It's the same bank that got $1.6 billion in bailout money. Sheryl's point: "Nobody really gives a s**t about TMZ."

P.S. The bank was shamed into agreeing to return the $1.6 bil.


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Little does Horseface know, her 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

2055 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I'm still bitter after her last album.

2055 days ago


I may not give a *)(#* about TMZ but i care plenty about 1.6 Billion Dollars of TAXPAYER MONEY!!!

2055 days ago


Why do you guys keep acting like she did something wrong? She was hired to play a corporate gig--musicians do it all the time? Do you really expect her to know the financial status of the companies that pay her to perform?

This reeks of guilt-by-association. Why don't you leave her alone? The culprits here are the execs that bank, not Sheryl Crow. Don't forget that. And I don't see you following them around with video cameras.

2055 days ago


What a joke. First she wants everyone in the US to use only 1 sheet of TP to "Save the Environment" then cashes in at tax payers expense and has the nerve to chastize TMZ for calling her out. What a waste of a life. Even "one ball" Armstrong knew when to dump her ass.

2055 days ago


Crow T. Robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a better career than this flake. She is about 6 months away from begging outside of a bank instead of playing her god-awful music for their employees.

2055 days ago


Here piggy, piggy, piggy! Get a father for that kid, for cripes sake. Douchebag.

2055 days ago


I give a S#%T. Sheryl Crow should have done the right thing and given the money to charity and claimed she was unaware of the situation.

2055 days ago


Yes she is responsible to know, or at least take responsibility when she does find out. These days banks are a headline issue, it's not obscure. She really looked bad saying that - clearly TMZ is relevant enough for her to stop and insult them, and for them to get the money back. Also why is she riding in an SUV, isn't she the environmental person. Hope she used the money as toilet paper

2055 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

True is nobody get a Sh!+ about her or her crappy music. She wants radio station to pay her to play her sh!+ly music.

2055 days ago


I don't feel like it is her fault at all... calling her out on it once ok.. Glad you could use her to bring this to light what Corporate America is doing with our money.. I agree with the comment above... I think TMZ should start a new campaign! Send the cameras out and confront the Big Bosses coming out of lavish dinners and off private jets after their extravagant vacations! THAT WOULD BE ENTERTAINING! Some one needs to put a face to the greed and make them feel some shame!

2055 days ago


All I want to do is have some fun...and enjoy TMZ.

2055 days ago

Triple Play    

She is one nasty Bitzh. Quite frankly no one gives a $hit about her either. Now I can see why Lance dumped her skinny sorry ass.
Double D Bag

2055 days ago

dont know    

She's an old blister and a dumb Whore who's done it with everyone!! YUK.

2055 days ago


according to these comments (except mine), your readers are even dumber than you, tmz.

2055 days ago
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