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Sheryl Crow Couldn't "Give a S**t" about TMZ

3/16/2009 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow ... still bitter over TMZ's story about Northern Trust -- you know, the bank that hired her to play at a fancy corporate event a few weeks back. It's the same bank that got $1.6 billion in bailout money. Sheryl's point: "Nobody really gives a s**t about TMZ."

P.S. The bank was shamed into agreeing to return the $1.6 bil.


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she turned out to be a phoney -- she should stop with the toilet paper advice.

just another greedy hypocrite. add her to the list.
and she calls herself an artist. think not.

2012 days ago

just saying    

Isn't she the one that wants everyone to use one square of TP to save the environment ?

I can just imagine when she takes a sh-t ! Ewwwwwww, clean that thag will ya girl !

2012 days ago


She's right, no one gives a ......about TMZ. Only 30 something comments! LOL

2012 days ago



2012 days ago

Crissy Angela    

No one gives a s**t about Sheryl Crow.

2012 days ago

tax payer    

I am very glad TMZ exposed the wasted bank bail out money. Hopefully you'll do more of this type of investigating. I wouldn't have blamed Sheryl Crow for taking the gig, it's not like she organized the event. But her continually defending Northern Trust Bank is stupid on her part. She pays taxes too, and normally seems like a nice person. You'd think she would be upset that Northern Trust was so indulgent throwing a big party with federal bail out money when so many Americans are losing their jobs and homes. Seriously, I am amazed that she is slamming TMZ and siding with the bank over the public on this issue.

2012 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Remember when she wanted to invent the shirts with the extra long sleeves so people could use them instead of paper napkins? Maybe she can wipe her ass with them.

2012 days ago


For those of you who don't see the problem with Sheryl taking money to play at this event here is the reason why. She is a hypocrite. She decided a couple of years ago to jump on the righteous liberal bandwagon criticizing banks, rich people and the like for blowing money along with telling everyone they should use only one square of TP when they go to the bathroom to preserve the environment. I don't find anything wrong with this criticism as in many cases it is warranted but if you're going to criticize you'd better make damn sure that you aren't doing the same, ie. playing at a corporate event and getting paid an obscene amount of money from one of these institutions that they received from government bailouts. Because that makes you a hypocrite. I'm also willing to bet she's using more than one square when she goes to the crapper. As is the case with most of these liberal musicians and actors, who own multiple multi-million dollar homes, it's do as I say and not as I do.

2012 days ago


TMZ - you are negligent for promoting the idea that you shamed the bank into giving back the money - not all of us are kool-aid drinking sheep - the bank never wanted the money to begin with. What they did actually stimulated the econmy and give alot of people work during the event. Shame is on you -not the bank!

2012 days ago


I DO give a s**t about TMZ - but who gives a fat rat's ass about sheryl crow.....

2012 days ago


"All I wanna do,
is have some fun
(at the taxpayers expense)
Until the sun come up over
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah"

2012 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

Crow is pissed off because TMZ exposed her as 1) a money grubber, and 2) a has-been. Those are the only two types who do corporate gigs. Then when their careers really tank they go and do the Casino circuit (How long Sheryl, how long?). Having to see that story again and again, or keep hearing about it, only reminds Crow that her musical significance is fading fast. The coffee house poser types who made her famous are now corporate drones, and it is now obvious that they never did have any taste. I bet that, all the while Crow was performing she was thinking, so this is what Hell is like.

2012 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Ask Ms. Crow what kind of diapers she uses.

2012 days ago


Hey, Cheryl, f!#k you and the homely, badass bitch hangin with ya. Okay?

2012 days ago


Sheryl might be interested in what President Obama thinks about people who take the taxpayer's money the way she did. Here's his comment on the latest bailout scandal at AIG:

"We owe it to the taxpayers to take every possible action to stop unwarranted bonus payments to those who caused the AIG meltdown in the first place."

I said it before and I'll say it again. She stinks.

2012 days ago
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