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Sheryl Crow Couldn't "Give a S**t" about TMZ

3/16/2009 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow ... still bitter over TMZ's story about Northern Trust -- you know, the bank that hired her to play at a fancy corporate event a few weeks back. It's the same bank that got $1.6 billion in bailout money. Sheryl's point: "Nobody really gives a s**t about TMZ."

P.S. The bank was shamed into agreeing to return the $1.6 bil.


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Whatever Sheryl...TMZ is the best and better than you will ever be! I LOVE TMZ! Keep up the good job!

2016 days ago


F-you Cheryl. You should have known better.

I love TMZ.

2016 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Oops, sorry. I used more than one square of toilet paper to wipe my azz. I guess my azz isn't as self-righteous as Sheryl's.

2016 days ago


Why hasnt Earth Wind and Fire, and Chicago been hounded for their involvement with the Northern gig? Freaking Chicago should have known better since Northern Trust is a Chicago bank.

So if you're Black like Earth Wind and Fire you get a free pass, or White and Male like Chicago you get a free pass...but if you're a single female you get it good?

They all should be getting nailed for this----even if Earth Wind and Fire played for obama at the White House, which they did.

Double standard here folks---Crow sucks and is guilty---but so are the other greedy grubby bands that pimped themselves for that Bank.

Fact is if you check any major artist, including the Jay Lenos of the world, they are all usually playing a corporate gig every single weekend...look it up than do a cross check of companies played for and if they got a govt bail out.

They would all be guilty

2016 days ago


I never gave a "sh*@" about Sheryl. She loves to continue to rip the American people off with such ridiculous ditties that are better suited for commericals. She should be thankful she has made so much money on so little talent.

2016 days ago


It's interesting that Liberals only apply their views when others are concerned yet embrace the lifestyles of conservative viewpoints when concerning themselves. As if I need her and the likes of Gwyneth Paltro to tell me to Make Go Get Do Be See to add value to my life. Sure those are easy concepts when you live the life of extravagance.

2016 days ago


I think she meant to say "no one gives a sh.. about Sheryl Crowe:" because no one does

2016 days ago


Hey, Tony #5- yes, (unless she's been living under a rock for 6 months) she should know where the money came from. And she should feel damn guilty about it too.

2016 days ago


Didn't Northern Trust know that this scrubber gives it away for free?

2016 days ago


I can't stand her. I used to really like her music...until she bragged about how she had to find someone willing to make her leather confederate flag pants! WTH? OK then, pig, see why you're a nobody know?

2016 days ago


Oh.... this woman is so out of touch with real people and real issues! Give me 10 seconds in a room with her and I will let her know how "REAL" people live ... day to day! Screw her and her attitude. Thats everyday hard honest laboring american peoples money she has in her bank account. I WILL NEVER BUY OR LISTEN TO ANYTHING SHE WRITES OR SINGS AGAIN!

2016 days ago

Triple Play    

She is so done I wish that TMZ would stop giving her pub.She is a self rightoeus bitzh and no one cares. I give Lance a Big Up for dumping this bony ass skank BTW her chest is a sflat as her voice

2016 days ago

Zen Grouch    

I love it when the people at TMZ start believing they're relevant...

When you think about it, TMZ is basically a parasitic organization, not unlike Rush Limbaugh or Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker in their hey-day!

Sure, different audiences, but fun as hell to watch as they attach themselves, like a flea to a dog, to some other irrelevant sob story, hoping they crash their car or use the 'N' word while being filmed, for that super exclusive!

I really love it when someone with a bit of star power *doesn't* treat the TMZ personnel like gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe, so that they can be given a big fat 'thumb up the ass' and declared to be 'alright'!

Keep up the good work...

...but whenever any of you feels like taking yourself or job seriously, carry around a little oyster fork and stab yourself in the temple with it, to basically hit your 'reset' button and get back to reality.

Seriously, look at Sheryl Crow and her body of work, artistic and other...

...then take a look in a mirror.

BFD... she played a gig, that was probably scheduled months ago and didn't do a background check on where her check came from.

While you got that mirror up, take a look at some of YOUR advertisers.

Lighten the heck up, and stick to being funny...

...because ya' all aren't in a position to be all that judgmental.

2016 days ago


Thank god Lance Armstrong dumped your sorry liberal ass ! #HIT!!! You're a whore!!!!!

2016 days ago


TMZ is relevant. By shedding light on the Northern Trust fiasco, TMZ provided eactly what free media in a democracy is supposed to provide: a glaring light and transparency on cheaters. Norhtern Trust cheated and got caught, thanks to TMZ.

2016 days ago
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