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Sheryl Crow Couldn't "Give a S**t" about TMZ

3/16/2009 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow ... still bitter over TMZ's story about Northern Trust -- you know, the bank that hired her to play at a fancy corporate event a few weeks back. It's the same bank that got $1.6 billion in bailout money. Sheryl's point: "Nobody really gives a s**t about TMZ."

P.S. The bank was shamed into agreeing to return the $1.6 bil.


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ACTUALLY I like to read TMZ. It's better than buying magazines. HOWEVER, I can't stand Cheryl Crow!!! She deserved the questions.

I too am tired of hearing about our tax money going to waste on bonuses and used up has been stars and terrible song writers and singers. Of one of them that I utterly can't stand.

Actually I have never thought Crow had any talent at all. Her music has mostly sucked!


2012 days ago


she's about to pop a cheek implant!

2012 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

Skank Tosser @ 86,

Tell that to the other members of the Tuesday Night Music Club. Sheryl Crow is the Madonna of the 90's. And I cannot think of a decent Crow tune from this decade. Oh, yeah, many people view Madonna the same way you view Crow, don't they? Nuff Said.

2012 days ago

I Remove Heads From Asses    

funny how TMZ acts like they are a moral news source when you are being shown on FOX. anyone every hear of the Rupert Murdoch and the FOX news channel. I'm surprised he even lets you guys run anything bad on Ann Coulter. And lets be serious if you were a musician and given money to play this show you would take it so shut the F UP all you fake righteous stone throwers

2012 days ago


Decent talent,
but more hair than class.

2012 days ago


stop singing and talking... also, put a bag on that mug!

2012 days ago

fans of President Obama    

She sure has a pretty mouth.

2012 days ago


i hope she reads these comments and sees that most people hate her ugly, hypocritical horse face

2012 days ago


Sheryl must be mad because she is feeling guilty about the ill-gotten money. That is her conscience lashing out as she knows she did wrong. What a rude chick though. I wouldn't have thought she would act like that. I just have one thing to say to her, CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012 days ago


Oh dear, she is unattractive. I've noticed that the white-trash brand of celebrities tend to get a bit overwrought when confronted by cameras. Apparently we can categorize her under "unattractive white-trash." Furthermore, since I suspect she lives in a home large enough for 25 people, she can stop hypocritically preaching to the rest of us about "living green."

2012 days ago


If she had any class, she would give that money back to the tax payers or at least put a bar of soap in her mouth. Good job TMZ!

2012 days ago


What I would like to know is this. How much money did Sheryl Crow make off the backs of the American Tax Payers?
If it hadn't been for TMZ, we probably wouldn't have found out for awhile. And then, she wants the radio stations to pay to listen to her music...If the radio stations have to pay to play, then they are going to become very selective. And just maybe Crow's music will no longer cut it. The american people are getting the shaft, BIG TIME. I say all taxpayers refuse to pay the taxes next year, and then see what happens. I figure if the politicians and some celebrities can not pay and get by with should we.....
Miss Crow will lose a lot of fans now. Her loss, however.

2012 days ago


Has anyone ever spent a minute watching TMZ on television? I had the sorry experience last week and now I wonder how they find any income. Who is that toilet-paper--challenged twerp who thinks he's important, the boss there making all the brain-dead faces? Does he do pantomime on Sunset Boulevard after hours as his main gig? If that is their night shift guru, the videographers are going to need a review of the plot from some professionals. SOON!

2012 days ago


What a humorless c***.

2012 days ago


Hey PolarBear, show some class. I watch TMZ. It's entertainment while providing the public with some news about celebrities. If you don't like it, why waste your time complaining? Oh I know you, are one of those cronic complainers that needs something to be negative about. The man's name is Harvey Levin by the way, and he is an attorney. He seems like a good guy too.

2012 days ago
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