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Sheryl Crow Couldn't "Give a S**t" about TMZ

3/16/2009 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow ... still bitter over TMZ's story about Northern Trust -- you know, the bank that hired her to play at a fancy corporate event a few weeks back. It's the same bank that got $1.6 billion in bailout money. Sheryl's point: "Nobody really gives a s**t about TMZ."

P.S. The bank was shamed into agreeing to return the $1.6 bil.


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I dont blame her. TMZ, you got the story WRONG ! TMZ, you should do real reporting cause you are NOT CORRECT in your story. Norther Trust was FORCED to take the money. Do some REAL reporting for a change ! Dumb Ass.

2015 days ago


#91, please please please read a newspaper or news paper's website- don't rely on TMZ for your news. Northern Trust does not have blood on it's hands. Northern Trust was forced to take the bailout money, because the gov't didn't want to "embarass" or cause more panic with the banks that actually needed it. So Northern Trust and a couple of other banks put the money aside and went about business as usual, under the agreement that they would pay it back as soon as possible. So TMZ "breaks" this story, and NT says that they'll pay the original money back.... and the Treasury had NO WAY to accept the money and made them hold it longer until they had a procedure in place to take it back. More banks are coming forth saying, "Thanks but we don't need this money (or the strings attached)"

Throwing that party was economic stimulus. It employed caterers, waiters, event planners, event rental companies.... you know... put money on Main Street.

And Earth Wind and Fire aren't catching any heat because they performed for the Obamas at the White House a few weeks ago.

2015 days ago


Sheryl Crow needs to give that money back to the tax payers now she knows where it came from. Her image would look a lot cleaner had she done that. But what does she do instead? She curses at a camera. Not very smart and classless. It just shows the true Sheryl Crow and how anyone could defend her cursing and classlessness is beyond me. Good job TMZ!

2015 days ago


WOW! 2500 a ticket! Now that's what I call a stimulus, because for sure anything Sheryl Crow has is not a stimulus at all! Put some makeup on Sheryl! Good job TMZ!

2015 days ago

Alan C    

I am deeply disappointed in Sheryl Crow's response to TMZ camera man confronting her with the 'truth'. For someone who was so vocal about her disdain for President Bush, by her accepting this money from a company the taxpayers bailed out - she is no better than Bush by giving his cronies money from the via the oil business pipeline. Sheryl Crow - my disdain for you and your music just grew considerably and you should be ashamed of yourself for accepting that money! You just lost a fan of your music for your own 'greed'! FOR SHAME! Time to boycott Crow and her music! Give it back or donate that money to a charity IMMEDIATELY to redeem yourself!

2015 days ago



1. Northern Trust does have blood on it's hands. All US banks do because of the sub-prime mortgage rate fiasco. Yes I do know they did not need the funding that they were given. But I bet you can find allot of average Americans who are quite angry with them right about now.

2. So after the took the money they put it aside and went on as business as usual? Well that's a dumb move. In this economy don't you think? Sure they may not of spend tax payer's money on lavish events but when the general public becomes aware that after they are given billions they spend millions on themselves, they have every right to say 'hey hold on a minute, something is not right here"

3. Northern Trust should of made public that they had no intentions of spending bailout money before they had the event. How hard is it to release a press statement saying, we have this event already planed prior to any bailout funding. We would like to inform our valued customers that this will not be paid for by bailout funds? Not too hard.

4. It's not rocket science, protect your ass just in case. They knew full well that people are angry and are going to dig to find some proof that their money is being wasted. Tie up all loose ends to make sure that nobody can go back and say "hey...wait a minute here"

5. Yes they did boost California's economy for a mirco-second when they had the event there. My point is why not have local events? Help YOUR customers in YOUR community. You have to think about your local market before you think larger.

6. Maybe you should watch some news that isn't American, BBC, CBC, CTV you might see this whole recession in a different light.

2015 days ago


She is a disappointment as a human being. She was a teacher at one time - - - Great example and great lesson you have taught

2015 days ago


Good God you old beotch, you give me the red ass and I would never buy anything associated with you.

2014 days ago


And I could CARE LESS about this TALENTLESS PIECE OF JUNK! Here's a quarter, go downtown and pay a rat to chew off that ugly mole on your face!

2014 days ago

Katharine Parker    

Sheryl Crow better start caring about TMZ; you guys did something that Obama hasn't yet: gotten corportate crooks to return ill-gotten, ill-spent gains. And for anyone who still doesn't get it why Crow is mad it's because she got caught! Weren't musicians supposed to be in the side of the little guy?? Find a picket line to cross, Crow.

2013 days ago


If the tickets were 2500 each, as reported, if there were 500 paying 2500 each, that's 1.25 mil of tax payer money just for Crow's lame concert. Nice work if you can find it. Great job TMZ!

2013 days ago


With all the money Sheryl "eat" Crow must have, she should be doing charity work not ripping off John and Jane Q. Taxpayer. Thanks for finding the facts TMZ!

2012 days ago
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