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Bob Dylan -- Tangled Up in Poo

3/17/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Malibu residents are in a funk over a portable toilet on Bob Dylan's property -- saying the moveable crapper is releasing toxic fumes that are seriously hot boxing the community.

Bob Dylan
Residents say their complaints to Dylan about his dumper -- which is said to be mainly used by his security guards -- have gone unheard for about six months, and one couple has even installed five industrial-sized fans on their property to keep the stink away, according to the L.A. Times.

The stench is so potent, people say it's making them sick -- but it appears that Bob just doesn't give a crap.


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Wish the sleaze media would check things out before they put out CRAP like this story.

2043 days ago


Those whiney Malibu brats!! Like putting fans in your yard would really do any good. They should be so lucky to live near Dylan. They'd complain about Jesus Christ himself if he owned a property there.

2043 days ago


Bob Dylan has probably not been on his property to smell since the dudes been on tour for the last twenty years. He may stop in here and there but he also has a home in New York and lives in hotels all over the world. Good to know that he doesnt give a SH*t what those jerks think!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2043 days ago


Eric Cartman said it best....."GOD DAMN HIPPIES!"

2043 days ago


bob dylan is one of the greats... and one of my personal faves! but this story makes me sad...

2043 days ago


I'll bet that Joan Baez lets the help use the potty. He's a putz.

2043 days ago


TMZ, get your act together.- you didn't even look into who this family is. The woman is an activist, she's paranoid. I did a Google search on her, and she's a rabid activist of all sorts.

She's AGAINST fluoride in drinking water:

And her main issue isn't the 'smell' but as she says in an MSNBC article: 'The Emmingers accused Dylan of "renting a toxic, hazardous, carcinogenic chemical toilet" and "plopping it down" next to their home, in a rural section of the city overlooking the ocean.'

So she's against Bob Dylan putting a perceived 'cancer-causing' Port-a-Potty anywhere near her house. Not because of the smell (which she dramatically plays up), but because of the chemicals. You can read her original Letter to the Editor here, on pg. 15:

It can't smell that bad, because in that letter she says it is emptied once a week:' Unfortunately, the toilet is nowhere near his house, but the hazardous chemical vapors out-gassing from it infiltrate my living space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
(worse on foggy nights), and every Friday morning a truck refills it with more poison.'

Come on now. I'm not even a journalist and I found all this with 15 minutes of Googling.

2043 days ago

Malibu OG    

This complete non-sense! i walk by there every day. there is NO smell!!!! its not malibu residents, its one crazy lady! i expect tmz to cover this, but la times loses credibility in my eyes for doing so... the irony, the same lady had a porter potty on her property when they redid her house.... guess her blank dont smell....

2043 days ago

Mexicans Aren't Human    

Bob Dylan doesn't think his hired servants should be allowed to step into his house to use the bathroom. Another hypocritical liberal. I guess Mexicans and rich Jews shouldn't mix. This guy is the over rated musician of all time.

2043 days ago



2043 days ago


To all the s***heads in Malibu...what is Malibu spelled backwards? U-BI-LAM (prounounced U - BE - LAME) !

Ha the snobs

2043 days ago


there is nothing wrong with having security on your property................. i dont understand why he does not allow them to use the bathroom in the house..............i dont think he lives in a shack??????????? he should simply schedule a daily replacement for the portable bathroom..............or spend the extra money to rent the more expensive portable bathrooms........

2043 days ago


Another aging ex-hippie sellout.

2043 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

You Malibu Barbies should feel HONORED to be near his peep's poop , he is a genius and can make people cry with his songs so get real, like you don't stink ? sssshhhhheeeesssshhhhh

2043 days ago


unless the entire 3rd fleet of the us navy is using the port a john - the neighbors are full of crap

2043 days ago
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