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Details of Natasha Richardson's Ski Accident

3/17/2009 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

natasha richardsonWe now know what happened to Natasha Richardson on the ski slope when she was critically hurt yesterday, suffering a brain injury.

We're told she was having a private lesson on a green slope (beginner) at a ski resort in Quebec, Canada. She fell -- we're not sure why. There was no blood and no sign of impact. Two ski patrollers came to her rescue. When they got there she was conscious -- smiling and making jokes.

An hour later, Natasha started to complain of a headache and said she didn't feel well. Someone from the resort called 911, and she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Natasha was conscious when she left the resort.


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Natasha Richardson Accident    

Natasha Richardson condition was quickly elevated to critical, and her husband, actor Liam Nesson, left the set of the film he was working on in Toronto to be with his wife.

2044 days ago

Buck Coxmeyer    

Well, at least you all have class. I've never laughed at your retarded sister... but for sure... take it out on Natasha. Most of you are too young to even remember how charming she was; and it's very easy to talk crap about her when you didn't know her. She was a really sweet woman and just being inconsiderate doesn't pass for charm anymore. She was a fine actress and better than you youtube crush.

2044 days ago

Point Resident    

My prayers are with her family and for her miraculous recovery. For those of you who don't understand... aneurysms act like this. She may have had an aneurysm and by hitting her heard it bled. This could kill a person but also can sometimes be worked with.

2044 days ago


She has been declared brain dead! She's been transferred to another hospital near home, where they are unplugging life support..... I just cannot believe it---What a terrible shock to her familiy and fans.

2044 days ago


These comments make me ill...what a bunch of ghouls.
I hope for her recovery...

2044 days ago


Too Sad!

2044 days ago


To "Eeegor" - I won't try and diagnose what sort of freak you are, but I do feel the need to interject a harsh rebuke in response to your absurd and infantile comments. I'm going to plant a thought in your head and hope that it grows into a series of humanizing reactions inside your head.
When you lie in bed at night, just ask yourself - "What kind of person am I trying to impress or attract with the things I say" ? Then, if you come up with the obvious answer of "the lowest of the assinine and selfish", just remember - "Water seeks it's own level". In case it needs to be spelled out (and I suspect it does), you are full of self loathing. I wish you no ill will for your callous and sickening remarks because you will already have a hell of a battle beating on your own insides every day of your life - unless you get some help.

2044 days ago


This is extremely tragic, but in all honesty I suspect she may have suffered a brain aneurism and falling down was merely a symptom of the major underlining problem. An aneurism is a ticking time bomb and this wreaks of one. May prayers are with her family ,what a tragic loss.

2044 days ago


...sounds suspicious to me just on the press details,,,, on a beginner's hill, a student is supposed to fall down but for the instructor to call the ski patrol to take her down, I think that the instructor "knew" that something "bad" happened or that the fall was abnormal for a normal student on a beginner's hill! I mean, if you call the ski patrol for every fall, it won't be a beginner's hill, right? A beginner's hill is supposed to have a very light pitch and toddlers learn on it! Maybe one should look at the temperature because with the sunny weekend on March 13 and 14, it could have made the slopes very icy and dangerous and falls inconsistent to regular falls! ...very inconsistent in my mind!

2044 days ago


Sounds like she had and EPIDURAL Hematoma:

In the hallmark of epidural hematoma, patients may regain consciousness during what is called a lucid interval, only to descend suddenly and rapidly into unconsciousness later. The lucid interval, which depends on the extent of the injury, is a key to diagnosing epidural hemorrhage. If the patient is not treated with prompt surgical intervention, death is likely to follow.

2044 days ago


This is certainly a sad story and my heart goes out to her family. What amazes me is some of the comments on this. Some are just plain mean. I see eeegor loves green cheese hehe must have evaded his caretakers long enough to get to a computer.

2044 days ago


Im a little boggled by her lack of treatment in Canada. If she had any of the above suspected diagnoses she should have had immediate neurosurgery to correct the problem. Some problems are easier to fix then others, she may have had a massive event that they knew was not fixable and she was flown to NYC to be with her family until the inevitable occurs.

2044 days ago


Could someone that runs this site please moderate the horrible comments about her? For godsake, I don't care if you like a person or not, but when they might be dying, shut your friggin' mouth and keep your opinions to yourself. Her children might be reading this.

I don't know who are the bigger idiots, the people posting such things or the people at this site who fail to moderate said comments or even have a "report" button.

2044 days ago


I've had 4 concussions -- 3 on the back of my head and 1 on the front. And have not always had problems -- but I've been told I probably can't live through another. If you've never had a head injury, you don't realize there might be complications later. So some of y'all need to chill. I've just always been CLUMSY and my knees show it, too!! Some of us just FALL DOWN!! I never tried to do downhill skiing because of that!

2044 days ago


You guys with the funny comments are so damned stupid. if this were your mother or sister or you i don't think it'd be so f*(&()& funny would it. have a heart and learn to be a little more compassionate idiots!!!

2044 days ago
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